Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I hope everyone had a great writing week and enjoyed the three post-Craft Post on History. This week we will return to a post a week for the Craft Post. For more on the next sub-series, will be at the end or you can just read the final post in the History post, which you can find here.

This week I had only one goal, beyond that of making sure I posted the craft posts. Can you guess what that goal was?  Yes, Revisions. My focus was on revisions for Seeing Through the Veil. Good news, I have only six more scenes or five chapters left in section 2. These scenes are mostly polishing than writing. There are few scenes that I had to rewrite this week than just polish, but at the same time, it was polishing. There was just so much to polish rewriting it was just easier.

My goal for this week is going to finish section two and get section 3 done. I only have 20 scenes in total to complete those sections.  it should be doable, as section 3 I don’t have rework any scenes like in section 1. It is more trimming and polishing. This will work well for section 4, but after those, it going to be a combination of polishing and rewriting as I will have finally reached where I left off, draft 2 before starting draft 2.1.

The only other goal I have this week is to start figuring out what project I will start to develop next. I have so many, but the plan was to work on one of the series in my World of Five Worlds, then a story outside of that and go back. This way I am constantly working on different storyworlds. While I plan to do this, I do want to give some thought to some other projects just to see if I can be tempted to work on them.

Well, that’s all for this week. Check back on Friday for the start of our next Sub-Series Civilizations. This is going to be the sub-series that will move us into next few topics like governments, armies, economy, etc. I do not know how many posts it will be, I am going to do some research on the topic and then decide. Hope everyone has a great writing week.


Welcome to this week’s third craft post. If you haven’t checked since Monday or even longer, we have started a new sub-series. It was supposed to be only two parts, now it is three. You can find the first two posts in our sub-series History here. The first was posted this past Wednesday as a treat for not posting a wrap-up to Religion sub-series last Friday. The second was posted Friday as part of our regular post. This is all part of a long several month series on Worldbuilding that is being broken down into sub-series since it is such a huge topic. You can find all the posts so far under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar.

When you are dealing with kind of information that isn’t a part of the present narration of your story, it is very tricky. Not finding that perfect balance of enough to ground the events going on, to give the sense that there is a past, versus, not enough backstory, is something that comes with writing. I will never say there is too much backstory, just too much at one time. New writers like to info-dump the whole backstory so the reader is up to speed. Luckily, that is not our problem we need to worry about, but at the same time, it is.

The Too Damn Much… Not Enough applies to worldbuilding, just like it applies to characters and every other part of writing. You can never have enough backstory for a character, or world. You just need to be aware of that most of it will never see the light of day. Well, unless you write an Almanac of your world. Let’s look at these two problems in turn.

Not Enough

Not enough, I can’t tell you how many times I have read in writing books, blogs, forums, videos from published authors who say you need to have three-dimensional characters, a living world, etc. This is something that comes with time and experienced to realize this for some. New writers are so interested in their story that they don’t ever think about fleshing out the backstory. “Oh, it will come out as I write the story.” Is a common saying. For experienced writers, like Stephen King. Absolutely it will. Newer writers, probably not. If it does, it is very little and not enough to ground the events of what is going on. Also, there isn’t enough to make us feel like this world existed before the story began.

This problem I feel is more of a problem Organic or Seat of your Pants writers face. They want to discover the story as they go, which is great if that is how you do it. However, if you write like this, you need to spend time unearthing the events leading up to your story as well.

Two Damn Much

“How is too much backstory, history a problem? You just said there is never too much.” I did. That is also, my personal opinion. When I say, too much history is a problem I referring to Worldbuilding Disease. “What is Worldbuilding Disease?”  Good question. Here are some symptoms:

  • A neglect of writing the novel in favor of writing about the world and its history.
  • Information dumping upon a reader.
  • Obsession with irrelevant facts.

I am all for, fully fleshed out storyworlds with great histories and details that go beyond a summary of events. However, there is a point when you need to stop working on the world and write your story. Why do some writers fall into this trap? We can thank Tolkien for it. Everyone loves Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth. It such so well fleshed out that, we all think we need to have a story world just like his. Not so. If that is something you want to do, then, by all means, do it. Just note, you will more than likely never write your story. You will always find something else about the world you need to work on.

Tolkien didn’t have Worldbuilding Disease. How do I know this? Simple, he wrote four books before really fleshed out his worlds. Yes, he had parts of this world well formed, and spent many years working on Middle Earth between the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. After those, he went back and continued working.

Outliners are more than likely the ones who fall into this trap. What needs to be done is pick areas of the storyworlds they like and fully develop those areas. Tolkien liked languages, cultures, and maps. What do you like about worldbuilding, pick a few focus on those areas and summarize other areas you may not be so keen about. You can always come back and continue fleshing out your world once you have written your story.


History is an essential part of worldbuilding and can be one of the hardest parts. Starting with the history of the story you plan to write is always a good starting point. It gives you a place work too. Going from the events of your story history and backtracking or working from the beginning to their is a way to flesh out the rest of the world. Just remember that there is too much or not enough when it comes to history. One makes your world seem not real while the other may, but no one will ever know since you will more than likely never write your story.

That’s all I have for history. Check back on Friday for the start of another sub-series. I think the topic will be around civilizations. Also, check in on Monday for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up.


Welcome to this week’s second craft post. If you haven’t checked since Monday or even longer, we have started a new sub-series. It was supposed to be only two parts. However, I recently came up with another important part of history. To be exact, I came up with about five seconds after I started writing this post out. I’ll get more into that post at the end. You can find the first post in our sub-series History here. It was posted this past Wednesday as a treat for not posting a wrap-up to Religion sub-series last Friday. This is all part of a long several month series on Worldbuilding that is being broken down into sub-series since it is such a huge topic. You can find all the posts so far under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar.

History has been going on since the beginning of time in this world. It doesn’t matter if you believe that beginning was seven thousand years ago, as some believe the Bible teaches or 14 Billion years that Science teaches in from the Big Bang Theory. No, I am not referring to the tv show! History of this world and your life happens every second as Time Passes on. Time is the one commodity that we can’t replenish. When your time is up, it is up. That goes for your storyworld.

chain-of-eventsThat is a little hard to follow. Below is an image of what I am talking about. What are we looking at in this image? This represents every event that leads up to the start of your novel. The red dot at the end is the start of your novel and the purple dots represent events that lead to it. Notice the size of the dots, I didn’t just dot that randomly. The size of the dot represents how big the event was. A tiny action or event can sometimes lead to a huge world-altering disaster.

The image to the left was where I told you to start in the first post. This is what happens throughout history. Something leads to something else and it is big or small and leads to another huge event. In this case, the red dot would be the next major event. After the start, another chain of dots leads to another event maybe the end of the event or just the next huge event that is part of it. Eventually, when you get to the end lets say a war, when the war ends wchain-of-events2hoever won actions effect the losing side. These actions will lead to reactions either good or bad and will eventually lead to another event. Maybe another war between the two sides like when Germany lost World War 1 and how they were treated eventually lead to World War 2. Or, it could lead to the two sides being allies in another war against someone else.

That is all history is. Sounds easy right? Well, that is only part of it. History is far more complex. I think we need another example. This new image represents what really happens in history. An event doesn’t have just one outcome, usually. While a single dot may lead to the events of your story, it could also be the start of another path to another event. If you’re doing a series, this is a good way to tie an event that may not be related at the start but then it is revealed that it is. These rabbit trails could be to events you will never tell or are never mentioned. Maybe to another book or series after the story you want to tell has been told.

History is very complicated and if you go back in time and follow all the reactions of one event you would quickly lose track of them. While many rabbit trails quickly die off, others can lead to the largest of events. Hell, maybe the events of your story is a rabbit trail of some other path that will lead to something huge.

Now that we have talked about events leading to other events, let’s get down to fleshing out the whole history of your world. Something had to have happened that lead to the first domino in your chain of reactions that lead to the events of your story. What is it? Don’t know? Okay, think about it and then when you know, come back. I’ll wait…

Okay, I have waited long enough. If you need more time just come back and start at this line when are ready. Depending on the kind of writer or how much you know about the events, write them out. In summary, form, unless you have to write out all the details. A summary will do. Did that? Good! What leads to the actions lead to the reactions that caused the events you just summarized? Take some time and think about it.

No, I am not going to wait this time. Solely, because this is going to be the same pattern you do over and over and over again. Yes, it will take you a lot of time depending on how much you have thought about it. The more you think about it the more ideas will come to you. This approach can be used in plotting your novel as well. From the climax of the novel to the beginning. If you are anything like me, I can’t work backwards, I need a starting point and an end point. From there I need to work forward to my end. Where do you begin then?

Remember that creation account we talked about in the first sub-series? If not you can find those posts here. If the creation account you came up with isn’t actually how the world came into being, then make it up now. If you don’t care about how it was created or don’t want to write it out. You can always just come up with the first known event in your history. I could be something simple or complex. Why this event is the first could be for many reasons, the events before were lost to a massive war that wiped them all out. If you do that, I think that event should be the first event. Or there were no written accounts before this time. Maybe the first event is the creation of writing?

Whatever your event is, that is your starting point. For me, it is always the creation of the world. That is because my stories I am going to be telling usually deal with something around that time. From that event add events big and small and make sure they refer to each other. When a major event, like the overthrowing of an evil lord or the end of a war, concludes the next major event should come from this. Have ideas for rabbit trails, add them in. Just make sure that those events aren’t linked to the chain that leads to the start of your story.

One last thing, before we end this post. Where do you end the chain of history? The end of your book or series is a good place. Maybe you know how the world will come to an end and the events that lead up to it. It really is up to you. Just know if you know how your world will end and map those events out and later on come up with a new idea for a book or series that comes after your first book or series. You will need to work those events in or just redo the chain. Unless you put some kind of prophecy or tell the reader how it all ends in your book, you are the only one who knows. There is the idea you have could be just the end of a rabbit trail and isn’t tied to the end of your world.

That’s all I got for this post. Since this sub-series was supposed to end today and start another sub-series next Friday. I am going to post the last post of this sub-series on Sunday. Yes, it will be the last post I promise. What is that post going to be about? I refer to it as the problems of Too-Damn-Much and Not-Nearly-Enough history. I hope everyone’s writing week is going strong and check back Sunday for the final post in the History sub-series and Monday for the Weekly Wrap-up.


Welcome to the bonus craft post two-part sub-series on History. Today, part one is posted. Friday part two will be posted wrapping it up. If you didn’t read this week’s Writing Wrap-up, I should explain why a craft post is being posted in the middle of the week. I am sick of posting wrap-ups for sub-series. They aren’t that interesting to write or read. Also, I was only writing them, mostly because I didn’t know what the next topic of the next sub-series would be. From now on, I will post a wrap-up or conclusion as part of the last post of the sub-series.

For those who are new, we are going through a massive series on Worldbuilding. You can find all the posts in the series thus far, under the Worldbuilding link, in the toolbar. We just complete a sub-series on religion, which you can find here.

Just like in the real world, your fantasy world will and should have a history. Depending on the kind of writer you are, you may only want to write the history that will cover in your story. I take a different approach. I want, to know the whole history. When I say the whole history, I mean a summary of major events.

Let’s look at our world, our history is divided up into two periods. BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era). For those of you who may still prefer BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini or in the year of our Lord). You can break those up into other areas such as the bronze age and Iron ages. You can go back even later before man, to Cenozoic Era or the Mesozoic Era that contains the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods.

When you think about the formation of a planet it takes millions to billions of years. Take earth, it is believed but scientists, to be about 4. 543 billion years old. Humans have been living on this planet for about 100,000 years. Humans have beena round for only 0.00002201188642 of earths existence. This doesn’t mean that your world has to be around for that long with many different periods with extiction level events. You could from life days after it was formed, especially if you have gods.

Depending on the story you’re telling, you should figure out where the first point in history that event started. If you need to search for a magical item that has been around for thousands of years. Start with the formation of this item, why it was formed. Was there a different purpose that it was made for, but it can also be used to help in the crisis of your story. Figure out those events first as your history, since they are important to your story. You can always backtrack to add other history and major events before it. If you think it through every event in your history is leading to that event.

What do I mean? I mean if some event in the beginning of the people who inhabit your world was different, than it is very possible that the events of your story wouldn’t happen. Something else woudl happen. Another way to think of it is like this. If you went back in time to the Jarassic era and did nothing but kill a bug, that simple action could change the entire history of the planet without realizing. Every major event in your worlds history leads to the next event.

Does the first event of your world have to be directly tied into your story? No! I mean my storyworlds I do a lot of that, because I like huge events that no one saw at their time, but as you move through time and look at it the history you can see this massive event slowly starting to shape and now is blowing up.

If you don’t know where to start, do as I suggested before. Start with a major part of your story plot, the birth of the villain, creation of the pendant of power, the end of the world war, etc. Flesh that out and the events leading up to your story. This gives you a starting point for your history, and fleshes out all the events leading to your story. You may learn more about your characters or event the conflict than you originally thought.

That’s all I got for this post. Friday, we will look at how to take your starting point and flesh out a whole time line for your storyworld. Make sure to check back on Friday.


Welcome to this week’s Writing Wrap-up. Sorry for no craft post this week, being behind on so many things I couldn’t find the motivation to write a wrap-up. Honest, writing wrap-ups on sub-series isn’t really that exciting. Most of the time I do the solely to give me another week to figure out what the next sub-series will be. Thinking it through this weekend, I have decided to do a small wrap-up for sub-series on the last post of the series instead of separate post. Good news, I know where I am going to be going for the next few sub-series. More on those at the end of this post.

This past week was productive. First, I completed my scene list for book one Forbidden Realm. Two hundred and nineteen scenes. That is twenty-two more scene than book two. Of course book two scene list will change after I write book one. Also, there are several scenes I have that will more than likely get cut or merge into another scene in later drafts. I have no timetable at the moment of when I will start writing it. Draft 2.1 of Seeing Through the Viel is my top priority right now. I said back in July, I would give the title of book 1 of Forbidden Realm when I finished the scene list. Well, I don’t have one. I have two working titles, Source, and Chrono’s War. I am leaning toward Chrono’s War but I will wait until I finish the first draft and see what I think then.

I have finished the edits and polish of section one of Seeing Through the Veil and have moved on to section two. Currently, I am four scenes in and it is going well. I am editing as I go. In other words, I edit the stuff I wrote the day before. Then I write the new scene. I have a good feeling about this run through, doing my best to truly capture the characters voices and personalities. Because of this, I am pretty sure I will be going through the whole manuscript and not jump back to where I left off.

My goal is to complete a chapter each day until it is done. Some chapters have only a scene in it and depending how long it takes me to write it, I may move onto another chapter. Those chapters with more than one scene I need to get done in a day, if I can. I have a deadline to complete draft 2.1 by the end of October. Not sure if that will happen, but if I keep up with my pace of a chapter a day I should be able to get it done or close to it.

I finally cracked the creation of my multiverse. For those who don’t know, all my storyworlds will eventually lead to a much larger story. I have been trying to figure out the creation of this multiverse for a while now. I have had different takes, but now I have it worked out. I am still writing it out the events, but I know it and not pieces or ideas for it.

Speaking of developing series, I will begin working on another storyworld soon. With book 1 of Forbidden Realm ready to be written, it is time to move onto another project. I haven’t decided which project yet. I am not going to until I am done with draft 2.1 of Seeing Through the Veil. I have some ideas of which project, but I am going to let my mind wander on those candidates and see which one comes to the forefront.

That’s all I got for this week. Check back next week for another Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Before I go, I want to reveal the new sub-series. I am going to do a two part on History. Because I didn’t post craft post this past Friday. I am going to post History part one on Wednesday and Friday part two. From there we will move onto a sub-series on Civilizations. The goal is to slowly work our way into Governments and Societies. Hope everyone had a strong writing week and that this week it continues.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Not much to talk about today. While I got some work done, but I was so damn tired from my work schedule that I was only able to do some stuff on Saturday and Sunday, so this week I have to play catch up. Let’s take each part in time.

First, I set up Section 2 with the new layout of scenes and remove any that are no longer needed. I think the flow will be better and allows for more interest in what is going on and slowly build to the send of the section. I will be starting to write section two this week. Other than that, I got nothing else done on Seeing Through the Veil. I got two scenes left to edit in section one and my hope was to get that done today. It is my only day off and it is busy and just doesn’t look like I will. It will get done this week for sure.

The other thing I got done, is working on the scene list for Forbidden Realm Book 1. I am almost done with the list, which is good because this is way overdue just like draft two of Seeing Through the Veil. I think my goal is to finish the list tomorrow so it is done. Time will tell, but something is getting completed tomorrow.

That’s all for today. Check back on Friday for the wrap-up to our sub-series on Religion. Still no idea of what the next sub-series will be, but ideas are starting to form. I hope everyone has a good writing week.


Welcome to this week’s craft post. Today is our last post in the sub-series on religions. Next weeks will be a wrap-up post. For those who are new or haven’t been here in a while, we have been going through a massive series on Worldbuilding. You can catch up on all the posts thus far in the series, by clicking on the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar. For those just not up to date on the sub-series of religion, you can find all the posts here. For warning, I will be referring back to the post on Doctrine of Religions for this post. If you haven’t read it, you can find it here.

What is a ritual? According to Dictionary.com a Ritual is:

1. an established or prescribed procedure for a religious or other rites.
2. a system or collection of religious or other rites.
While Dictionary.com is linking the word to religious use, you do not need to be religious to have rituals. You can have a morning ritual, where you get up and  go to the bathroom first thing, or have your coffee. You can have a night ritual, where you have a beer before going to bed or check on the kids before turning in. Ritual is something you do a specific way every time you do it. It doesn’t have to be daily, it can be weekly, monthly, annually, etc. When we hear ritual we link it to some kind of religious act because religion and rituals are so intertwined. Let’s look at some common rituals from the top three religions.
Christianity Islam Judaism
  • Holy Communion
  • Baptism
  • Tithe
  • (salat) Ritual Prayer
  • (zakat) Alms tax
  • (hajj) Pilgrimage to Mecca
  • Circumcision
  • Adulthood: Bat-mitzvah
  • Dietary laws (Kosher foods)


Each of the three rituals that are listed is only a few of those religions common rituals. Each one comes from a teaching from their holy scriptures. This is where Doctrine of Religions post will come in. I mentioned in that post that once you know the doctrines of your religions on your world will help with this. In case you don’t know all of or any of the religions in your worlds doctrine, that’s fine. You can come up with rituals and tie them to the doctrine later.

There is another post that may come in handy as well, the post on the Purposes of Religion. In this case, the bad purposes. If you have a villain who is religious, you can have him require the followers of the religion he is a part of tithe 50% of their weekly, monthly, or annual income to his position. This priest or monk could use obscure texts to back this up. In other words, not all rituals and practices have to be tied to doctrine. They can be tied by corrupt or mistranslation of the scriptures.

An example of this is, Christian Churches preach tithing, but nowhere in the New Testament does it say you must tithe. It only says tithe only if you want to. A good church will tell you this, a bad church will preach you must tithe, and it is usually the 10%, which is found in the Old Testament and the old Covenant that no longer applies. Please note this is not me trying to bash Christianity, just pointing something that I didn’t even really know until I heard some talk about it, back when I was more religious.

How do I come up with a Ritual? This is easy, it can be anything you want it to be. Your limit is that of your imagination. If you want a ritual to be drinking the blood of a virgin, you can do that. I would probably make that a ritual something fanatics follow, or have that religion be looked down upon. The key is, to tie it into the doctrine of the religion. Almost every ritual in a religion comes from their doctrine. Rituals are seen as an act of worship, by the followers and leadership, not necessarily by the gods, if the gods are real in your world.

If you need some help, you can look up different religious rituals, Wikipedia has a massive list, which you can find here. I found a cool, worksheet that asks you questions about your ritual, and it can be found here. If you want to add some conflict between two characters who are apart of the same religion is give them each or only one of them a ritual that one believes is a must and have the other not only refuse, but say it isn’t a ritual that is part of the religion. This ritual could be something that developed in a specific region of your world or it is a ritual from that character’s family has created, but it isn’t known as that character’s family has practiced it for centuries.

There is so much fun stuff you can do with this part of your religion. They don’t have to be bad or good. Whatever act you want to have who follow the religion do. Just know, that if you have a very silly or way out there ritual, you need to sell it as being serious to those who perform it. Unless you want the reader to think it is as silly as it sounds.

That’s all I got this week. I hope this post was is helpful for anyone who is working on religions for their world. Next week, we will do a wrap-up post. I don’t know what the next sub-series will be. I have two weeks to think it through. Remember, to check back on Monday’s for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up post. Follow me on Twitter @timrgreenebooks.





Welcome to my weekly writing wrap-up. Hope everyone is had a great writing week. My week was an interesting week. I never got around to completing everything I wanted to. One reason is my new work schedule, the other it was a little pity party I had. Not proud of it, but we all have the at times. Not to get into it much, part of it was reading the new first chapter of Seeing Through the Veil at a writing group and realized how bad it was, reading out loud.

The chapter isn’t bad, but I forgot to read through the chapter and polish and edit it for such things like missing words and long confusion descriptions. That was only part of the pity party, the other is my current living situation. In the end, I didn’t get much done that wanted. Leading me into this week’s work schedule where I am going to be extremely tired and get little done as well. Hopefully, I will find the strengthen and energy to get some stuff done.

One thing I accomplished this week was the rewrite of section one of Seeing Through the Veil. Thanks to my reading the first chapter, I finished the week off going through it reading it out loud and polishing it. I don’t like to read it loud, so I am not. I am not even reading it. Thanks to Scriveners and my iMac interval voice, it reads the scene to me and I listen. It has helped a lot and I am half way through the section making corrections.

My goal is to post a few chapters online to get some feedback on them. The last time I did this, it helped greatly, but also lead to me not writing the rest of the book for a nearly two months. Of course, this was when I was starting to write the book the first time. Now it is to make the book better. Not that I will agree with all the feedback, but I need to know what others thing needs to be fixed.

With editing the first section, I will start making corrections to section two that need to be made. I still haven’t decided if I am going to go through every section and re-write it again. It may be a good idea, but I need to think through it more before I decide if I will. Right now, I need to get some work down on my short story and finish Forbidden Realm book 1 scene list. Those are my goals this week. Even if I only do a little of each, do to my work schedule then I will be more than happy with myself.

That’s all I got this week. Check back for the last post in the sub-series of Religion on Friday, focus on Religious Rituals. I still haven’t figured out what will be our next sub-series but I have some ideas. Don’t worry, the post will be posted on Friday. I am going to write it today so it auto posts at midnight. Hope everyone has wonderful writing week. Enjoy.


Welcome to this week’s craft post. Sorry for a late entry, I am trying to get used to my working schedule. Boy does time fly when you start doing something new. Before I knew it was Friday and Saturday and I was sitting at work yesterday realizing, damn I still haven’t posted this week’s craft post. Sorry, again for the late entry and I know this coming week is going to be hell. More on that at the end.

For any new readers or old readers who haven’t read in a while, we have been going through a massive Worldbuilding series. All the entries thus far can be found under the link in the toolbar called Worldbuilding. We currently are going through a sub-series on religion, all those posts can be found here. This week is the second to the last entry in this sub-series. Next weeks will be the last before the wrap-up. Today’s post is on Religious Structure and how you can structure the religions in your world. Let’s dive in.

You may be asking yourself what do I mean when I say religious structure? Good question, because that could mean different things. What I mean, is Religious Leadership Structure, and how the leaders of your created religions work. Another way to look at this is how does the government of your religion look like? Let’s look at some religious structures. We are going to compare Protestant Christian Churches to the Catholic Church.

Roman Catholic Christian Protestant
Pope Elders Board
Cardinal Senior Pastor
Archbishop Pastor Staff
Bishop Departments (Youth, Children, Women, Music, Outreach, etc.)
Priest Adminastration Staff

There is a huge difference between these structures. For the Roman Catholic is a very top-down leadership. The Pope has final say on everything and as far as I know he can’t be removed from power until he willing gives it up or dies. There are laws in place to remove Bishops who become so old that dementia has set in and possibly could be used to remove the Pope if that happened, but that has never happened. Compare this to the Christian Protestant churches they have a board at the top. Before I go any further this is based not on any churches like Methodists who have a structure closer to that of the Catholics. Christian Protestant is what individual churches would use for their systems such as Baptists, Non-Denominationalist, or Charismatic.

While the Senior Pastor is the head of the church, most churches these days have some kind of board of elders who are members of the church who were elected by other members to oversee the church. This is the case for as the Pastor is usually an elder himself but can be removed from his position by the elder board. Pastors come and go and so the Elders represent the people who are there always. After the Senior Pastor is the Pastoral Staff, depending on the church size may consist of volunteers or paid staff. The Pastoral staff is broken up into departments such as Youth (teens), children, college, women’s, outreach, etc. After that church administration such as church secretary, maybe marketing person or production head if they record services.

The Catholic Church leaderships is broken up by regions, and while you may have more than one priest in a large church, there is usually one head priest and the other priests serve as leaders of other areas. Everyone in the Catholic church knows their place in the hierarchy.

Now, this is just two religions in our own world.  There are many others who don’t have s structure like this. Islam has no organized church because they don’t believe in separation of religion and state. The leader of the nation is seen also as the leader of the religion.

The question you need to asks is how do you want your religion to look like. Do you want to have a large structure system like Catholics, who reaches around the world? Or one more like each house of worship is set up more like Protestants churches where they have similar structures but depending the size remove parts. Or have the leader of the religion as the ruler of the tribe or country? How about having just a council which, the control the religion and the members each have a role, but neither are more important or hold more power than the other?

The reason for structure or lack of structure in religion is, whoever is at the top makes decisions for the religion. They will determine rituals, which we will cover next week. The High Priest will interpret the sacred writings of the religion, deciding on the doctrine of the religion. Witch Doctor may be even writing those sacred texts as they commune with the god(s).

When you have your structure, you need to then define the roles of each position that you created. Can they be the same thing but just on a lesser scale? Sure, but you need to explain why that is. For some of the roles, you may think about beyond just leadership is outreach. Does your religion have heralds or prophets or event missionaries they send out to get converts? What about monks, who study and write? Instead of copying positions from religions from our world you make up your own. What if there is a position that who sole job is to go commune with trees? Sounds stupid? Not if the trees in your world have an essence or have magic powers who give this person that power to come back so the Pope can do a ritual. What your religion looks like is completely up to you.

I think the best way to start is to start with religions today, structure it after one and change something and see where that leads you. How does that change the model you are using? When you have reach an end point go back to the model change something else. Keep doing this until you don’t need to use the model anymore or until you are done. Eventually, you will have to go back to the beginnings of your religion model and make changes so those small changes work.

That’s all I got today. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Next weeks will be focus on the Rituals of Religions. With my work week that is coming up, there would be a good chance that next’s weeks post is never posted at all. Don’t worry, I am going to write it tomorrow and set it up so it auto posts on Friday. Hopefully, after this week my schedule will become more normal and I will be able to get these posts out on Friday. Please check back tomrrow for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up.


Welcome to this week’s weekly writing wrap-up, it has been a little while since I posted. For anyone who hasn’t read in a while, I had to move back across the country from Arizona two weeks ago tomorrow. Besides, trying to adjust to new living arrangments and the three hour time zone change, I am glad to say that I am back on track. Which is why the name of the title.

This past week wasn’t the best week for writing, the fact I was able to get around to it was good. Besides adjusting to everything, I was busy trying to find work. I did. Funny, four days here I find a job. A month and a half down in Arizona, nothing. Sadly, I spent more time looking in Arizona than I did here. Oh well. I wrote 5487 words this week over a two-day period. While the word count for the week isn’t that good, the number of words I wrote each day was.

This brings me to a decision I need to make. I have been reworking the first section of Seeing Through the Veil, after removing the original first section. All the scenes have to be rewritten to work with the opening chapter. It is far better and more interesting start to the book. It sets Kiana on a mission. While I am almost done with the rework, I need to do the same with Natalie’s first section, and I am wondering if I should just go through the whole thing again.

Every scene in the first section except for two is under 1000 words. I don’t see why the final three scenes won’t be the same. Compared to the old draft Seer section was 18460 words. With only three scenes left, I will probably come in right around exactly half those words. With such a drastic decline in words, I think it might be best to do this for sections two through four. I am not sure if it would be worth it or not. Section 1 had to be rewritten, as well some scenes in section 2. After that, the scenes doesn’t change. However, I know some of those sections are heavy on words that could probably use a chopping.

I am not going to make that decision until I get there, but it is at least something worth considering. Let’s move onto another matter. This past Saturday marked one year since I started writing Seeing Through the Veil. Draft two was supposed to be done by then, but changes life messed with it. I am not giving myself until the 27th of September to finish the draft. That is as it stands now that I will move to Section five after I make the corrections with sections 1 and 2. If I decide to go with the going through all of section 2 through 4 then I will more than likely have to change this. Working will take a big chunk of time out where I could work on it. I do want to get this draft done ASAP.

Finally, I also giving myself until the end of September, to finish the scene list for the first book of Forbidden Realm. This list was supposed to be done in June and then July and still not complete. I am going to make it my mission to get it done so I can start writing it. However, I will not start writing it until after I am done editing Seeing Through the Veil and my short story I have been working on. I need to get writing that as well. So, I think I am going to work on Seeing Through the Veil in the mornings and the short story in the evenings. Where I will work on Forbidden Realms scene list I am not sure, but I will find time.

Well, that’s all today. Check back on Friday for my weekly craft post. We will on the second to last content post on the sub-series Religions before the wrap-up. If you are behind you can read all the posts in Worldbuilding Series in under the link in the toolbar. For the posts in the religion posts, you can find them all here. You can follow me on Twitter: @timrgreenebooksHave a good day.