Welcome to the first of three craft posts this week. Yes, that’s right you read that correctly. There will be three. I never posted the last two weeks due to trying to get the 2nd draft of Seeing Through the Veil completed. Now that it is, I must come through on what I promised. This post will focus on Ranks of a Military but can be used to help create ranks for your Law Enforcement. Let’s dive in.

The first thing you need to know about ranks is that currently rank is directly tied to a soldier’s pay grade. To give you an example of this, if you are Major (Officer) your pay grade is O-4. You make what an O-4 is structured to make. Sure there are many other things that go into that, like deployment pay, combat pay, special skills pay, special units, etc. Some apply to all pay grades while others apply only to specific jobs. Depending on your world and what you want to do, you may want to link rank to pay.

Tim, why did you start with telling us about ranks being linked to pay? Good question. It’s simple, a King or President has to pay their armies. You might think well if they don’t fight I will kill them. You can do that unless your emperor has god-like power and can put the fear into them, what do you do when the most or all of your army refuse to fight? It’s something I never really even thought about until recently. Mostly, thanks to Game of Thrones and other fantasy series that have brought it up. Soldiers get paid.

What is a Commander?

What? Isn’t that a rank? I thought so for a very long time. I was wrong. It can be a rank, but when you look up the word you get this definition:

Commander is also a generic term for an officer commanding any armed forces unit, for example, “platoon commander”, “brigade commander” and “squadron commander”. In the police, terms such as “borough commander” and “incident commander” are used. Wikipedia

They are the boss, but they too have a commander above them. The commander of the base is an example. If you want you could use this as a rank, but it is more of a title depending on the job you’re doing.

Next is how is your Military structured?

I though that is what you were going to go over in this post? Nope, I am going to ranks. How the military is structured is different. I guess I need to cover this some. Does your military have one branch or ten? Do they work together or separate depending on their purpose. Right now, most countries have three branches. Army, Navy, and Air Force. Special recognition to the Coast Gaurd and the Marines that seen as branches but technically are under the Navy. Except during times of peace, which the Coast Guard is under Homeland Security. These two could easily be made into full branches, but aren’t.

Depending on your branches and how many determine how each one works. Each branch can have its own Chain of Command be different but in the end all answer to the King or President. While our military has three branches, an E-3 (Enlisted) is the same level across all three branches, though the name may be different. If you have multi branches crossovers and have different chains of command and ranking systems, you need to know who has the highest rank. Also, to add more to it, that highest rank may not be the one in command of that unit. That’s there if you want to cause conflict.

If you haven’t gotten it, yet, ranks like Captain, Colonel, etc. mean nothing. It’s your pay-grade. You can have a high ranking officer who got that job due to his battle experience and is a great warrior but also have, a young nonbattle experienced Lieutenant who is a genius at the same time. This Lieutenant could be making more money, put in command due to his intelligence over the much more experienced warrior due to the times (times of peace). Or it could be reversed. It’s all how you want to structure your military.

If you want ranks to mean something and have power and no one with a rank below can order someone above them around than structure it that way. Tie ranks into fighting levels and only if you can meet these high standards (which all branches like to say they have, which they do. They train and push you to meet them) but you have to get there on your own. That’s fine. There is no wrong way to come up with your ranks and structure for your military. It just needs to seem like it works. Or doesn’t work if that is what you’re going for.

The way you structure your military doesn’t have to work in reality. In many ways, the way our Military is structure, it doesn’t work. Sure it’s not like it doesn’t work to the point that it costs us wars, it could be better and run more fluently. Everything can. As for names of the ranks, that’s up to you. It is easy for people to know what level someone is if you use the names and titles we are all familiar with, but part of developing your own military is making it unique. More importantly, resemble the people you use it.

That’s all I got for this post. I thought for sure this was going to be more about rankings and names for them. Nope. Names for ranks is just the base of it. It all comes down to structure and the chain of command. Tomorrow, we will move on to the Causes of War. Check back tomorrow and then Friday for the next two Craft Posts.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up, and boy has it been one long week. So, for the last two week’s I haven’t posted a craft post to get the 2nd draft of Seeing Through the Veil completed. Well, those two posts are coming this week as well as the one on Friday. Yes, ladies and gentleman Draft 2 of Seeing Through the Veil is done! Before we get to that, let me break down the two craft posts. I was going to post one today, but I am just getting to this wrap-up now. The first post will be tomorrow and the second one on Wednesday. As always our regular post on Friday. Now, let’s get to the heart of the big story this week, my raging toothache on Friday that almost prevented me from completing my draft.

Oh, you thought I was going to go right into completing draft 2. Wrong! The reason why I am talking about my tooth is because on Friday I still had roughly 15 scenes to write and was not going to get any writing done on that day. That left Saturday and just how I am I decided not to write, mostly because I was trying to figure out my tooth. It was better especially after getting Orajel. Yet, I was still distracted by it. Thankfully, Sunday, my tooth was fine and I was able to write.

Speaking of writing Sunday, I wrote over 11k. Yes, over eleven thousand words in one day. The funny part about that is, I got a late start. Once again I got distracted and to be honest, I was sure I wasn’t going to get the draft done. When I started to write I shot through many scenes that I thought would be troubling. The first scene of the day I took two days off to reflect on it. It helped. The rest came along. After getting the big climatic battle over with, I looked at my scene’s list and saw how many scenes I had left, especially in my last section (now the epilogue) and fit three scenes (chapters) into one. I removed a few scenes that I thought are nice, but seem to be a little weak.

Two scenes cut do not sort of flashbacks in the epilogue. Also, the Epilogue is better and really brings things together. I will need to tighten it up when I go through the last half and complete draft 2.1 in a few months. I need a long break from Seeing Through the Veil and I am going to take it with Forbidden Realm. I’ll get to that in a few moments.

The big question is, what is my final word count for the draft? Well, my first draft the word count was 179,299. I said I needed to cut roughly 90,000 words by the final draft. My word count goal for the book is around 85k. That means I needed to quiet a few words in this draft. Well, thanks to the restructuring the story I did back in July, I did just that. I am going to give you two different word counts. The first will be what I have as of yesterday and then I will give you the actual word count for draft 2. Remember The first half is not part of 2.1. I know, I am making this confusing right. My response to that is… IT’S WHAT I DO!

Okay my total words with draft 2.1 in the beginning and draft 2 at the end, is? Drum roll, please… Oh wait, this is text. Okay (Drum Roll!) 117,211. Between the two drafts, I cut out 62,088 words. Now, the total word count for draft 2 is…149,022. (Cue disappointed sound effect). When I add the word count I had at the time I decide to revise and start 2.1 which was 78,163 with the 70,850 I get a total of 149,022. That means I only cut out a total of 30,277 words total in draft two. Not very good when I want to cut ou 90k by the final draft.

I don’t mean this to be my statics post, but I have a few more numbers. My current word count for draft 2.1 is 45,980. Compared this to the 78,163 of the draft 2, I cut out 32,183 in the first part of draft 2.1. If I can find a way to cut even a third (which is 10,728) I will be happy. Though, to get it down to a 100k, I would need to add 6483 words to do that. That means I need to cut more than a third of words from the second half of 2.1 when I go through it. Not too bad and I am sure I will easily do that. To get to 85k, I need to cut 31850 words from the second half. Not going to happen. If I get the second half of draft 2.1 to 100,000 words. I will need to cut just 15,000 more words from the whole manuscript to do that. Not sure if that I will be able to. Maybe with a good editor, I can. Time will tell.

Sorry for all those numbers, but I do love my stats. Moving, Now that I am done with draft 2 of Seeing Through the Veil, I can finally go back to book one of Forbidden Realm. Yep, that book is burning to be finished. I had so much fun writing and I am excited to start. However, I am not doing that for at least two more days. I need a break. Let the veil work its way out of my mind and prepare for the new world and magic systems and story. I would like to start by the end of the week, but I may take the whole week. Depends on how I am feeling.

Moving to Development, the Multiverse is going well. However, I seem to come to a crossroads. A, keep some cool ideas I came up with before I went through and re-read the old history of the multiverse and really liked that or try to find a way to use what I came up with in the frame of the old history. I like both options, but I am just not sure. I was going to actually sit down and work on the god side of the multiverse when my tooth started to hurt on Friday.

Clearly, my old history needs to be updated, but I feel like it is the perfect structure for the creation myth. By updating it I can come with some cool ideas on what really happened and how the myth came about. Now that I have some free time this week I will probably play around with this. Though, I am starting to think I may need to start working on the actual story and finding all the key players. Find out what each one wants and how things I have already come up with, but not locked, in work. This may help flesh out things for the god side. I will see how the development goes on the myth and what new ideas come from that. Depending on how that goes I will see what the next step is.

Lastly, I have recently had a desire to work on my Long Live story. It is the only stand-alone novel I have. Everything else is a series. With finishing the 2nd draft of Seeing Through the Veil, and now moving on to Pyre book one of Forbidden Realm. I am looking at what I will write after that. Clearly going through the last half of Seeing Through the Veil to complete draft 2.1 That shouldn’t take that long. That leaves me with a few options. Either book to of the veil series, book two of Forbidden Realm, or something else. I know my goal is to develop The Gathering after I finish developing the Multiverse, but that is another series. What if I took a few weeks and developed Long Live, got the outline completed and scene list and had one more book ready to write.

This is now way me saying that is what I am going to do, but it is an option. I do know in the next few weeks, maybe after I complete draft 2.1. I am going to start updating book 2 in the veil trilogy. Many things have changed and it will need to be updated. That doesn’t mean I will write it this year, just keeping things fresh now, so I have less work when the time comes to write that book. It will be an interesting thought. We shall see.

That’s all I got today. Check back tomorrow for the first of three craft posts in the Military and Law Enforcement sub-series. The topic is Military (& Police) Ranks.


No Craft Post, Thanks Tooth!

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No craft post this week. Gotta finish my draft, which is going well, but today I am hit with bad tooth pain. Hopefully tomorrow I will be fine to get back to writing. I will post last, week’s and this week’s post as soon as I finish the draft.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I was so hoping that this week’s title would be Done! However, it isn’t. I’ll admit, the week didn’t start out that well. I’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s dive into Development first.

I got squat! That was easy. Next!

Okay, just kidding. I didn’t do any development this week. Seeing Through the Veil was more important. I have thought about it and this morning while I was alone for two and a half hours at work from, I thought about the Multiverse as a whole. I am working on the god’s side of the creation of the multiverse, but this morning I thought about everything. One thing I am struggling is not to do take the creation of multiverse from the “practical” side and just make a religious version of it. I want something different. Dealing with gods is making it hard from a practical mind frame. I have some new ideas, but they are going to stew while I finish through Seeing Through the Veil.

Now let’s talk writing. I was all determined to meet this deadline. I wasn’t sure if I wrote every day, I would be able to. I was going to do my best. Then I didn’t write a damn word last Monday. Smack! Back Tim! It was not good, Tuesday I sat down and wrote, Wednesday, same thing. Thursday I called out of work due to a huge storm and that helped. Friday… I planned on writing. Yes, I know. I called off last week’s craft post to have time to work on writing and I didn’t write on Friday.

That drove me Saturday and Sunday to write. Most of those days I was furious with myself thinking if only if I wrote Friday I would make my deadline. When I set down my pen…keyboard yesterday I knew if I wrote Friday I still wouldn’t have made the deadline. That help a little. If I knew I would have finished, I would be smacking my head against something hard. Not making the deadline, means one thing for this week. WRITE UNTIL IT’S DONE! I have 21 scenes left and if I write like I did last week, I will get it done before the weekend. That’s what I am going to do.

Oh, wondering if I wrote last Monday if I would have made it. I thought about that as I started writing this post. The answer is no. I was so tired from work and working out if I did write, it would have been one maybe two scenes. Not enough to make a dent. I would have had to write twenty scenes Friday and that wasn’t going to happen.

Moving to my last thought. I started thinking of deadlines this week. I usually give myself a hard deadline for all drafts. If I learned anything from Seeing Through the Veil, it is I need to change how I do this. While I need a deadline, I am not so sure a hard one works for the first draft. I changed it so many times last year that it’s not funny. So, I am going with more of a time range. Instead of a date, I will have a range of months I want to finish by. For example, when I pick up Pyre Book 1 of Forbidden Realm, I will have a date I want to finish by, most like June. However, if I don’t finish until August that’s fine. The goal is to finish somewhere between June and August. (By no means this my actual target for that book. Just an example.

For example, when I pick up Pyre Book 1 of Forbidden Realm, I will have a date I want to finish by, most like June. However, if I don’t finish until August that’s fine. The goal is to finish somewhere between June and August. (By no means this my actual target for that book. Just an example. This will give me more freedom in my writing, in case something are randomly thrown in my life, like moving across the country for two months and the moving back. It will be the second draft I will give myself a hard date, but with an additional push back date. I only get one of these and I will have to pick it wisely because if I don’t finish by that date, money is coming out of my pocket. Now, I am considering an emergency push back, but I have a feeling I may justify using it when no real emergency happened. Who knows what I am going to do. I am starting to think about it now.

That’s all for this week. I will make up the missed craft post once Seeing Through the Veil is completed. That does mean, I might skip this week, but hopefully, I will be done by Friday.


No Craft Post

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Sorry for the late posting, but there will be no Craft Post this week. I am in the thick of trying to meet my deadline for Draft 2 for Seeing Through the Veil. I will make it up once the draft is finished. signature2017

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up, it has been a very long and quick week. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, however, it felt like both. The week dragged but before I knew it, the weekend was here. Oh, well. Not much this week, but let’s dive right in.

Starting off with development. I got some time to sit down and work on the creation myth for the multiverse. It clearly needs some work, but I can feel it in the back of my head that I am very close to getting it. Maybe, I need to work out what actually happened first and then write the myth of how it didn’t. Does that make any sense? Well, it does to me. The pieces are there, just got to figure where they go. I think this is going to be my goal for February on the development side. Get this figured out, however it happens. If it the creation myth or the creation itself and then the myth. Once I have that figured out, I can move on to how gods work into the whole story.

I would like more development done on this, but I find I work better on developing when I am way from my keyboard and go somewhere else. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to go to Starbucks every day. I may try to do some development at home, but it will have to come after I finished draft 2 of Seeing Through the Veil. Speaking of that.

Seven days until my deadline. I still have a lot to do. I achieved my goal of writing five days. Actually, that is how many days I wrote. The two days I didn’t, I could have gotten more scenes done. Oh well, nothing can I do about it now. This week is going to be all about the writing. I have only 42 scenes left to edit. Oh, wait. Some of those scenes I am writing for the first time. Well, since I am doing a complete rewrite it seems, it really doesn’t matter. That’s 6 scenes each day to get done. That’s a lot of writing. It’s been a while since I done that much.

Will I reach my deadline? Right now, I am not that sure. I am already lacking the urge to write. I am going to do my best to try. One of the best things is that my due date is Sunday. First time I have a deadline and it falls on the weekend. Not just falls on the weekend, but I actually have weekend’s off from work and can devote the day to writing. If I can get most of the scenes done in the next five days, I can make up the rest with ease on Saturday and Sunday. I am enjoying the story and really look forward to seeing how it comes out with the new flow.

I am 98.8% sure I will be doing a draft 2.1 with the second half of the book at a later time. The first half of draft two was stopped when I changed the structure of the book and went back and rewrote everything. Now that I am writing the second half that never got written as part of draft 2, I feel like I will need to come back and polish this half as part of 2.1. If I do this, I will be doing it at a later date, more likely after two months off and I have made greater progress with Pyre book 1 of Forbidden Realm Trilogy.

I’m thinking of doing a scene countdown on twitter this week. However, I will have to remember to post it. So I may just do it daily with how many scenes left. You can find me @timrgreenebooks.

That’s all I got this week for the wrap-up. Since NaNoWriMo has ended these wrap-ups are short. Good, I have words to write. Hope everyone had a great writing week and looking forward to another good week. Be sure to check back on Friday’s for our Weekly Craft Post on Worldbuilding. Not on that craft post, there is a small chance that I might not post one this week. It will depend on how well my writing comes. If I don’t I will post around Wednesday if I am going to post it one or not.



Military and Their Purpose

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Welcome to this week’s Craft Post. Hope everyone is having a great writing week? I am. For anyone new, we are currently in a cosssal series on worldbuilding. If you would like to get caught up one all the posts, you can find all the Sub-series under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar. For the last few week’s we have been working our way through a Sub-series on Military and Law Enforcement. Today, we move into the focus on the Military. Let’s dive right in.

What is the purpose of the Military? Before you answer, let me just acknowledge that my question is a very load one. Depending on your beliefs (not just religious) this could be very different. Concersavites have a very pro military and may say that they protect us from our enemies. Librals may see the Military as killers who do the bidding of billionare corporations to ensure they stay rich by paying millions of dollars to ensure a leader who will go to war with other nations for their resources. 

Just because you’re a conserative or liberal doesn’t mean you feel this way about the Miliary. To be clear, I am talking Military in general not our (America’s) Military. The sole purpose of the Military is to protect it’s home nation. How that is done, depends on the people or person in charge of the military. One nation could be more defensive while another could be offensive. Two examples of this:

Offensive: Iraq War, America invades Iraq to stop the nation from developing/destroy their WMD’s. We’re not going into the whole if they had or didn’t have arguements. We went into stop these weapons from being used against the people of Irqe and at some point us. 

Defensive: World War 2. We were netural in the War in Europe, then we were attacked by the Japense, who became allies of Germany and Italy. We defended ourselves by removing the threat of the Japanese who were dominating the Pacific Ocean. Once it as only Nation of Japan islands left, we went on the offensive when we dropped the A Bomb. The main focus, is we didn’t enter the war until attacked. 

These are just big idea examples of the style, but there are so many ways these strategies or ideals of how the Military protects their nation. A nation of Defensive ideals could still haev Special Ops, that enter other countries to disable ot capture enemies living there. 

Is that the only way the Military protects their kingdom? Depends on if you have Law Enforcement or not. One nation in your world could use the Military to enforce laws, or just capital building of their leaders. It’s really up to you on how the Military is used. The prime reason nations have Militaries, is to protect their nations from outside threats. 

I have constantly used nation or kingdom as who a Military protects, but what about some rich noble who raises up an army, because he feel’s that the new King should have made him a Lord and didn’t. Militaries don’t just defend nations, they fight for people who are paying them. Which, brings us to Warfare, but before we go there, next week we will be talking about Ranks, which you can adapt for your Law Enforcement.

That’s all for this week. Check back on Monday for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I Hope everyone has a good rest of the week. 

Welcome to this week’s Writing Wrap-up. Overall this week was pretty good, other than the issues with the craft post not saving. So, let’s dive right in.

First, let’s talk Development. So Friday, I tried to do some development for the multiverse, even came home from work because I forgot my iPad. Eventually went to Starbucks sat down to go through the history of the formation of the Multiverse I had about two years ago. More religious tones to it, but something thing in there I really liked and still do. Sadly, directions change for the overall story, which I didn’t know back then. However, I want to save that work and use as much of it as possible.

I go to open up Scrivener on iOS when it tells me I have an update for iOS. I say click not now and what happens? It updates. With no access to my history I can’t work on it, right? Wrong. I just couldn’t work on what I planned to. Since I am working on a god side of the multiverse, I thought why not work on the creation myth. Now, this myth would be what many people believe the multiverse came into being. There will be different takes on this myth, which I can manipulate as needed. The point was to get the basic structure. I got nothing done. I did come up with ideas for the myth and a direction as well how this myth will actually play out in the large events. I can’t go into details because that will be major spoilers. While I didn’t get much work done on developing much of the god side, I do have a clear direction now. That is more than what I had a few weeks ago so I am excited to see how it will turn out.

Moving on to my writing, I am fourteen days out from my February 12th deadline to finish draft 2.1. I am changing the draft name again. It is draft 2. I have realized in the last few sections I am really writing draft 2 again. What does that mean? Well, I am writing the second half of draft 2 that I never wrote before I went back and reworked the whole beginning of the book. Basically, I am saying is that I will need to make another pass through what I am writing now, at a later time to help shrink it down since I’m back to free writing everything. The only difference is there won’t be a huge struck change when I continue 2.1.

I did meet my goal of writing four days this week. Sadly, there were two good days of writing than three days off and two days of writing that were good but seemed off. Everything flows better when you keep writing day-to-day. Normally, I would aim for five days of writing, but with only fourteen days left, counting today I really need to step it up. I am making progress, but I can’t afford any days off. While my goal this week is to write every day, that is more of a secondary goal. I want to get through two sections. By doing that, I will have roughly less this a quarter of the book left to finish. Maybe even less than a quarter.

I absolutely must hit my deadline. The urge to continue with Pyre, book 1 of Forbidden Realm is constantly chirping in my mind. The only way I will allow this deadline to be moved if something important happens that causes me not to be able to finish it by then. We are talking life or death or other important things in life. No, being sick isn’t going to cut it. However, being sick where I can get out of bed, is understandable up.

That’s all I got, I need to go find some wood to knock on so to prevent from jinxing myself. Check back Friday for our Weekly Craft Post. We are moving from Law Enforcement part of the sub-series into the Military side. I am going to write that post early this week so if there is some issue where I lose it I can write it on Friday and still post it. However, I am going to save it in like five different places so if that happens, I can just copy and paste.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and more importantly a good writing week.


Welcome to this week’s Craft Post. Sorry for the late post, but stupid technology doesn’t understand when you click save draft means save. Yes. I had this all written out and it didn’t save. Oh well. Moving forward. For anyone new or hasn’t been around, we have been going through a massive Worldbuilding series. You can find all the sub-series under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar. Our current sub-series is on Military and Law Enforcement. This is our last post on Law Enforcement, however in two weeks when we talk about rank that can be applied to Law Enforcement. If you would like to get caught up on the posts in this sub-series you can find them here. Let’s dive in.

Law Enforcement is not untouchable in their pursuit to serve and protect. There are limits to what they can do and can’t do. For example, they are allowed to lie to someone about what they know or don’t know in an interrogation. However, they aren’t allowed to brutely beat you for no reason. Local police do not have jurisdiction in another town. Meaning they technically can’t pull you over or arrest someone there. An example of this, my hometown of Oneonta, NY has the City of Oneonta and the Town of Oneonta. OPD for the city technically can’t police the town, however, because of agreements between the City and the Town, OPD can pull people over. Without that agreement, someone could argue the police had no right to pull them over and find the drugs they had in their car.

“Why wouldn’t a city and a town not want to have an agreement where the city law enforcement would help them out?”

Good question. In today’s world, it is impossible for some kind of feud between neighboring towns where such an agreement could not happen. Well, it is very possible. Last year, the Town of Oneonta and the City of Oneonta were in intense negotiations for the Oneonta Fire Department to go respond to the town’s fires. It was at a point where the city was saying that after a specific date, I can’t remember what date the City wouldn’t respond due to the Town of Oneonta not giving them the deal they want. The Town says they were asking for way too much money. Long story short, simple agreements like this can happen.

What if in your world, you have something like this happen, but then tie in a history between the two areas have a bitter past and something recent just triggered this old rivalry. Now, this so-called deal that is being worked out becomes embroiled with issues over the past. I am not saying this isn’t the plot of the story? No. However, if your main character or cast of characters are running from the law of one town and need a reason for the law enforcement from where they are running from can’t follow, you have your reason. All of this can be spoken in a matter of a few lines of dialog.

Let’s take this a little further, your main character is in one of these two cities for some other purpose and they pick up a newspaper or a flier a few times that talks about the deal. Maybe even overhear people talking about the hatred towards the other town from locals in saloon or diner. Even better, you slip this in throughout a few books so when you finally get to it, you have a little backstory for this feud long before you use it?

The point of this is, that law enforcement has limits, the question is what will your limits be? Do you want your law enforcement to have limits? Can they be Police, Judge, Jury, and Executioner? If there are limits what means do the people or the government use to make sure they being followed? Are there people who disagree with the measures that Law Enforcement can use while others support Law Enforcement? (Yes, I am pulling from what has been going on currently in our country with abuses of Law Enforcement.)

One last final question, if you have Law Enforcement and Military at what point do the Military get involved if they ever do when it comes to law enforcement. Are there higher agencies like a county police or state police, national law enforcement? Such as the F.B.I. If so, when do they take over? Is there a difference in skills? In a fantasy world, does one of these group have access to magic or in sci-fi worlds advanced tech?

What you also need to remember, that all of this changes depending on the nation or territory you are in on your world. As someone who likes to know everything, I like to have an idea of how all my different kingdoms work. That doesn’t mean you need to before you visit that area if you ever do. Just take note there will probably be some differences. Big or small.

That’s all for this week. This post was a lot different than my first one, but it works. Next week we move into Military and its Purpose. Be sure to check back on Monday for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up for the week. Beyond that, have a good weekend and get writing.



Craft Post Delayed

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Sorry no Craft post today, due to the stupidity of technology which is was written on. I’ll do my best to post it tomorrow.