Welcome to the Sunday edition of this week’s craft post, Religion, and its Purposes. This is coming late after a last minute move across the country from Arizona to New Hamshire. I arrived yesterday but was way too worn out write and post this article. For those of you who are new or haven’t read lately, we have been working through a Series on Worldbuilding, and a sub-series on Religions. Last week, we wrapped up the first half of the religion series on Gods. You can find all the posts so far in the religion sub-series here. You can find the who series of posts on Worldbuilding on the link in the toolbar under Worldbuilding.

Before we start, I want to put up a warning. This post will be talking about religions in the good, the bad and the ugly. To create religions, you need to know why they original existed and why they still exist today. This is in no way trying to disprove any religions or try to convince any who are religious to walk away. This post is just a look at religions. With that said, let’s dive in.

Why do we have religions? Well, when you have a race of animals with the great potential at a stage in their own development where they can learn new things and adapt but don’t fully understand why things work this way. They look for answers. What easier explanation for to how things work than all powerful beings are behind them. Why does the branch of a tree move on its own? Oh, a goddess or god create wind. Why did we not have a god harvest this year? The people pissed off the god of grain.

Religions built around the gods help provide answers to questions. That is why religions still exist today, because even with modern science, there are questions that have yet to be answered 100%. Science has proven many things and answered questions like why the branches in the tree move on their own. The Wind, and how wind currents happen. It has provided an answer to the basic questions all religions answer, how was the world created. While science answer seems just as random as some creation accounts from old and new religions. The Big Bang Theory has more evidence than there is for Genesis account in the bible.

Religions original were for answer questions a young developing race had. What are some of those other reasons for religions? This is where it gets tricky. Let’s look at some of the problems with religion.

Religion creates closemindedness in its followers. How many devoted religious people do you know who are open to new ideas? You may know only one or two or none, or maybe you know quite a few. As someone who use to be extremely religious, I can tell you that not all religious people are close minded. Those who aren’t close-minded, seem to have a better understanding of their beliefs and views than those who are close minded. They understand that what they believe, and while they may wish other who do not share their beliefs to join them, they don’t shove it down people’s throats.

While there are many who are religious who are open to outside ideas and willing to have a rational conversation, there are far more who aren’t. Now, when I refer to someone who is close-minded, I am not talking about just ideas outside of their religion or to other religions. No, I am talking about those who will not listen to a fellow believer who holds to the same main tenants they themselves hold to, but differs on small really not important tenants.

This leads me to next negative of religion. Power. People in religion love power and those who really like it will find these close-minded people and convince them to follow them. I am not talking about a cult level. However, I have talked to Christians who would not change their views on scripture solely because their pastor disagrees with me. These pastors may not be telling their followers to drink the kool aide or get bit by rattlesnakes to prove their faith.

Some religious leaders do talk their follow to a cult level, while others don’t, but they will on certain issues. An example of this, is the Conservative Christian Church believe that Homosexuality is wrong. They will point to the bible and several passages to back them up. I can attest to this, I know those passages. Accord to the bible, homosexuality is a sin. I am not saying agree with this or disagree, the bible texts do say this. It is just one of many different kinds of sin. However, Christians in the past few years seem to act like Homosexuality is one of the worst sins or is a sin that gets you sent directly to hell if you dabble in it. Even if you are saved.

Please forgive the constant use of Christians, but this is a religion that is easy to give examples because it is one of the largest religions in the world. These movements are lead by power hungry pastors who lead the charge in a hateful way. Not all pastors who think or even preach that homosexuality is wrong are power hungry. This leads me to another problem of religion, Hate, and prejudice.

Religion has been and still is used to backup hate and prejudice. Look at the KKK, they use passages from the bible to back up slavery. Religions have been used to support a specific race or skill color as superior to others. Look at today’s, Presidential Race and how much hate has been used by the Republican Party. No, not all of them agree with Trump’s statements on race, but there are many Christian Leaders who are going to back for Trump, all who have loyal listeners or followers and they listen to them. When you have hate and can target a group of people you can then gain the support to go to war.

That leads another problem, Religion is used solely as reasons to go to war. Convert or die. That statement is used by a very small percentage of Islam and why they have declared a holy war against us. Nowhere do all Muslims believe that this, but people in power want us to think that, so we can go to war. A war we have no reason to fight unless you are an arms dealer who wants their profits to go up. Or, you are a recruiter for the radical faction who say Americans hate them and want to wipe them out.

That’s all for the negatives of religions. I could dive into the problems forever, but that is not why I am writing this. Yes, there are problems with religion, but there are also good things about religion.

The biggest positive of religion is a sense of purpose. Being someone who was very angry at the world when I was a teenager and had no purpose or confidence in myself, religion can help you find that purpose. For me, it ended up showing me how to have confidence in myself and how to recognize my own talents. For others, it gives people a purpose to stop drugs, live, serving a higher power. When you meet people who have turned their lives around from horrible drug filled lives or abuse or rape and you talk to them and they have true happiness and love for those around them, you see just how good religion can be.

Religion provides people feeling of protection from outside forces. That god is protecting them. Yes, this can end up being taken way too far, or be done out of fear. That’s while there is a balance. Sometimes that feeling and belief that someone greater than themselves is looking out for them is all the motivation or feeling they need to take a risk and try something new.

There is new research that suggests because religious people who believe in the possible of being healed through god allows them to heal the mind and body. Having that mind frame of being able to survive has shown cancers patience go into remission than those who didn’t. Religion also promotes charity and helping others. As someone who use to help others or give money to causes more when I was religious, I can attest to this. It is also something I am looking to go back to.

Religion has many purposes and they can be good or bad. What you need to understand from this and studying more on your own, is that take the good and the bad for positives and negatives for your characters and for conflict in your book. You don’t need to have a holy war going on as the many plots, but you can have one going on that will never come to the forefront of the book. That news can be conversations starters for your characters to try to meet or gain information about something else. Or even have your characters have to get around a battle between these two or three warring religions.

At the same time, you can show the good sides of a religion of those who don’t take their beliefs as radical as some, by having your character give food to poor children or even praying for other characters. Rising up from a bad life through finding their religion.

That’s all I got today. Hope you enjoyed it and I didn’t piss anyone off with my examples. Yes, the negative part of religions is longer than the positives, but it is easier to show negatives side with more examples. Also, this post was getting long and I have other things to do tonight. If I have some free time I will spend more time and add more to the positives.

Next weeks, post we will dive into structure of religions and see how some of these things we talked about good and bad can happen. Check back next week. There will be no Writing Wrap-up this week as I got little writing done thanks to my move.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up.  I hope everyone has had a good writing week. This week has been a very interesting week for me and for those of you read this weekly, will understand the title of this week’s wrap-up. For those of you who don’t either you miss a week now and then or you are new. Last week I made a wordcount goal of 15,000 words between editing my novel and writing a short story. As you can see from this title I hit it and beyond…

Yeah right. The only truth in that title is the 5321 at the end. That is my current word count as I am writing this. What happened? That’s a good question. That’s an easy one. I got called for two interviews last week. One for a real job and one for a part time job. I decided to spend my time preparing for the real job interview and thus I only wrote three days this week. Oh, you want to know about the interview and if I got one of the jobs? Actually, the real job interview was only the first basic intro, one. I will hear back from them this week about a second. Yes, I am sure I will get a second interview. The same goes for the part-time job, but they will tell me if I got the job instead of a second interview.

While I didn’t even com close to reaching my word count goal this week, I did achieve a lot. From mapping out, a short story scenes list and started to write that and the words counts are staying low for once. That’s good. I was able to mentally figure out what was wrong with Seeing Through the Veil. Like many new writers, I was starting way too early. What I had in that original first section was cool, but at the same time it was really slow.

In last week’s wrap-up, I mention how I mentioned that I was able to crack the new beginning. Well, I was wrong. I think subconsciously I knew it. Yesterday, I sat down to work on Seeing Through the Veil and walked through the new section one and realized I have to rewrite the whole section. Where it started didn’t work for the new setup and I was not ready to do the work of fixing it. There was another reason I didn’t want to do the work to fix it. The setup I came up with made the exciting incident at the end of the section. I wanted it to end the first chapter. How do you do that and keep the other events of the section that lead up to it?

I figured that out today. Like many people I copied someone else. In this case, I copied Rick Yancy of the 5th Wave Trilogy. No, I didn’t copy his words, I copied how he interwove a lot of backstory in the first few chapters of the first book in the 5th wave trilogy. Cassie gets shot by a Silencer and is bleeding out under a truck on a highway and she thinks about the arrival of the aliens and the first four waves. Popping in and out of the past. I am using that. I have no doubt I am doing it far worst than Yancy did, but after three scenes I like it. The best part about it, is I am keeping them short and sweet.

That leads me to my last thing. I love to write and when I started to write back in 2004 I never thought I could write 70k words. It was one of the reasons I sent a goal to write that many words when I wrote Seeing Through the Veil the first time. Well, back then it was Legend of the Godchild. Ever since then, I have had no problems writing words. Actually, I think I have reversed and gone from writing not enough to too many words. Example Legend of the Godchild was 79,120 words. The first draft of now Seeing Through the Veil was 179,299. That is a 100,179 difference. I have to cut 90k words to get it to 85,000 words by the time I publish this book.

This brings me to this week when I was thinking about how Orson Scott Card is a minimalist writer. What do I mean by that? Go read one of his books and you will see. Almost all of Card’s books are dialogue. He doesn’t give many details in his books and lets the readers picture what he is writing. I am not sure I want to go that far, as I love books that give me enough to get a picture of what I am supposed to be seeing. So, this got me thinking. What if I only use the absolute fewest words I possibly can to describe anything. Sure, some scenes need more, but I can always add them in.

Bestselling author K.M. Weiland likes to say she would rather have more words than not enough words. I agree with her, because if you struggle with writing, it means, even more, work after you finished the first draft that you need to add more.Weiland is talking about adding scenes when she says adding words. In my case, I am talking about more words to describe what is already. So I don’t think this will affect me. So, that is what I am trying to do, write action and description of settings and characters with as few words as possible.

That’s all fo this week, check back next week. No, I am not going to give a goal to accomplish this week as I need to prepare for another interview or start working. Check back on Friday for the next post in our ongoing sub-series on Religions. We just wrapped up gods element and this week we will be talking about the purposes of religions. Note to anyone who is very religious, I will be covering what Religions has done in the past and now and it could be offensive. I am not going to be poking fun at or trying to disprove what different religions believe, just looking at different purpose religions serve.

I hope everyone has a good writing week.


Welcome to this week’s Craft Post on Gods roles and their powers. For those who are new, we are in the middle of a very long series on Worldbuilding. We are currently working through a sub-series on Religion. If you haven’t read any of the other entries in this series, you can find all the entries on Religion thus far here. If you are interested in the whole series you can find all the entries under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar. Before I get today’s post, let me apologize for this post coming late. It has been a crazy past few days. Also, today we are going to wrap up gods part of religion and next week we will be moving to more structure of religion. With that, let’s dive in.

Last week we talked about how many gods, so how many gods do you have? Two, three, ten? Here’s the thing you needed to know each role of the god’s role is and power. Examples, Greek and Roman gods Zeus is the head while Hades, and Poseidon is just under him. Everyone else comes from them. They each have a role, Zeus rules overall, Poseidon rules the oceans, and Hades the Underworld. If you have so many gods like the Greeks, is a little easy to structure, so let’s try something harder.

The god of the Bible. The god of the bible is a triune god, three in one, which consist of god the father, son, and spirit. This is tougher because it is beings and roles in one being. Confused yet? I have a degree in Bible and I am confused at times when I was actively studying it. The best way to look at it is that each part has a role, and according to the bible it went something like this.

The father stood and said, “I have a plan to save those who we created who are lost. The son stood and said, “Awesome, I will be who you use to achieve that plan. The spirit stood and said, “Then I will be the power in which you use to accomplish the plan.”

The way this would work if you don’t know the message of the bible. To be saved you must accept Jesus death and resurrection to get into heaven. God the father was the vision and Jesus is who took the vision and put it into action and the spirit is how the miracles Jesus and his resurrection were done.

Before I go any further, this is the prevailing doctrine of Protestant Christian Church. This part of the Roman Catholic Church, but depending on who you read and believe there are more or less to this. I am not saying this is the “truth”, that is for everyone else to decide for themselves. I am just trying to provide examples.

When you make your religions and gods, assuming that your religion actually has gods that are real. You need to know what your god’s roles are within their structure. What you are doing with part of the religion and gods is how it actually works. Who is the prevailing god is, who isn’t. When you are creating the actual religion you can take another god and say they are the head god, even though that is wrong. This could be many reasons why there is a sect that goes against the main teachings. This could be simply a mistranslation of the holy scriptures over thousands of years. Or, maybe one of the gods who is a lower god wants to be the head and is going against the lead god. Maybe there is a constant struggle for power among the gods.

We now know the importance of having a role with multiple gods, and with that comes power. Zeus is the god of the sky, but he also rules the rest of the gods and punishes gods under him if they disobey. There are stories of Zeus casting out gods such as Apollos out and making him human, so he has more power than just controlling weather and lightning. When you have multiple gods, it isn’t about their roles but unique powers. They can have shared powers, but in my opinion, each god should have unique powers. It doesn’t have to be based on elements or over areas like farming, or war, etc.

When you have a hierarchy of gods, doesn’t mean the head god can do everything the other gods can do. It just means for some reason they are overall more powerful. Either because they were born that way. Maybe they took the power from a stronger being or found or took an artifact that gives them their power or increases their powers. When you create your gods, you can do whatever you want, but there should be a reason why there are so many and what they can do and can’t do. Regardless if your gods are actually their own race or actual gods you should develop them like they are their own race.  This is if you have many gods, in other words, more than one.

The best way to help with this is to look at ancient religions and see how they did it and combined parts from other religions or just use what you have learned and take it and rework it. Now before I wrap up, what if you have multiple gods but for different religions. It the same way, but you need to figure out how each god is different from each other and why haven’t the other gods from other religions haven’t killed each other off. This could be because the more worshipers they have the stronger they get. Or maybe it is something else.

Everything I have talked about gods is mostly about if the gods of your religions actually exist. This will play a part of religions that just religion and no truth to them and the gods don’t exist. However, you don’t need to know why there are multiple gods each who have their own religion. Thinking about all of this will help you as you start constructing the religion.

That’s all I got this week, next week we will go over the purpose of religion. Please note that next week’s post may be seen as offensive to those who are religious. I am not going to attack religions trying to prove they are wrong. I am just going to go over why religion is used in the past and in the present. To truly talk about religion this needs to be talked about because these elements can be used for your story. I will repost this warning next week.

I hope everyone has had a good writing week thurs far. Check back on Monday for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I have been promising for weeks now to post an article on writing. I am not going to promise that this week because I just haven’t had the time to do that. I will try to post a like to an article, but I am not going to promise because I hate saying I am going do something and not doing it. That’s have a good day.


Welcome to this week Writing Wrap-up, it will be a quick one. I got nothing. Yep, no writing was accomplished this week. There is no excused for not writing, especially when I should be using this period of unemployment for writing. More on that in a second. The majority of the reason why I could write is what I wrote last week about going through and removing the first section and starting at a later section.

I tested that out and removed the first section, which brought the overall word count over 135k instead of the 150k with the editing I have done. Tuesday I thinking about it and then on Wednesday I broke down the scene list making changes the section as a start of the novel. After I made the changes and add sections in the climax.

However, there were things about the start of how I was going bring in details of section one without it being like I should have started there. It took several days of pondering I think I figured it out. Forget about the events of section one, except for the events at the end of the section that allow me to keep it. While writing this, I thought of a way to get to a huge event of the now beginning of the novel, and flashback to events leading up to it.

I am excited now and other than a few scenes in the new section one I don’t have much editing until the section I am current at. That leads me to an epiphany I had this morning while I was in the shower.

While I need to be spending my time finding a job, I should be using this time to writing. Instead of doing little here and there. With that, I plan to start writing more and starting with a short story/novella while I am editing Seeing Through the Veil and finishing the scene list for Forbidden Realm.

My goal is to hit over 15k words this week, from editing and writing the short story. Oh, and that short story I am going to be writing by the seat of my pants. Okay, maybe not completely, I know the story in my head and the end, however, have no actual outline or scene list.

Check back Friday as we continue our ongoing sub-series in our Worldbuilding series on Religion. The topic Gods Roles and Powers. This will close out the god portion of the sub-series and lead us into the actual construction of a religion. I hope everyone had a good writing week and this week continues that trend.


Welcome to this week’s Craft Post, last week we wrapped up our sub-series on Inhabitants as started a new series on Religion. You can find the conclusion of Inhabitants and start of Religions here. If you are new, we have been in a long series on Worldbuilding, broken up into sub-series. You can find all the posts by clicking on Worldbuilding link in the toolbar above.

Last week I talked about gods and who they are. Today, I want to talk about the structure of religion. Now, before we can get into the structure, we need to ask ourselves how large is this religion. Is it a huge religion or a tiny one. Is the religion formal or informal, strict or relaxed? If you look at religions throughout our world and history you can see religion take may different forms. The most notable religion is Christian or Catholic Church, or Judaism or Islam. All heavy structured religions.

If people of your world or one of the people of your world has many religions than it will most likely be smaller and not have much structure while if they have one religion and control most of the world than they may have a large structure or small. Protestant Christians don’t have very large structures, well maybe one or two denominations may, but not as structured as the Roman Catholic Church. Depending size of the religion determines how many leaders that church will need.

Let’s backtrack for a second, how many gods your religion worship determine all this. Do you have one with some minor gods, but they are only prayed to in circumstance, but there is the main god. What if you have many gods and they fight for superiority. You need to know this because this will cause conflicts between believers who worship other gods. Is there only one god or there are two, one who is good and the other evil.  Are the gods just elements of nature with some sentience that act when a sacrifice or pray is given to them?

You need to know what your gods are and how many. Like with races, take from religions from this world and merge them together. How about combining the greek goods (the three main gods, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon) and Christianity (Trinity) instead of them being three in one the are three. Unlike in greek gods, Zeus isn’t the ruler and Hades and Poseidon are must answer to him. They are all equal. Now you have three gods who all have the same influence and ripe for conflict between the three head gods.

Base on who and what the gods are will determine the structure of your religion. You may have ten gods but demand a small church, while a single god that demands a fully structured religion with hundreds of leaders. I’ll dive more into the structure at a later time, but to have a structure you need to know your religion.

That’s all I got for you this week, next week will continue with Gods and roles and powers. I hope everyone is having a great writing week. Check back on Monday for my Weekly Writing Wrap-up.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up. After last week’s post, where I wrote over 10k words, finished the fourth section. This week was not as productive. Let’s dive in.

After such a productive week, I got distracted plain and simple. It wasn’t just writing, it was everything for the first two days. I didn’t write, fill out job applications, etc. You name something I needed to do, I didn’t do it. Part of this is because I have merged some sections together, calling into question where sections will go. The format of the novel is I have two POV characters Kiana and Natalie and I alternate between them each section. I merged two sections of Natalie’s broke up two of Kiana’s sections. I am right at one of those spots that lost its section for Natalie.

After a week of thinking, I decided to break Natalie’s small section into two parts. A section that only had four chapters, I merged two chapters into one and took the last chapter of the section to move to Natalie’s next section. With that, yesterday I finished editing this section. I cut some words out, but not many. The section is much better now.

I did get some writing done, but it wasn’t the only thing I got done this week. I continue to plug away at Forbidden Realm book 1 scene list. This scene list is not easy to put together, but I did make a huge break through. My two main characters Emily and Taryn who were at two different areas have now come together and just took out the villain they both were stalking after, only to find out he is only a pawn in another larger more dangerous villain’s plot. That’s big. Nope, I didn’t make my end of the month goal to finish this scene list, but I am okay with it. I have more important things to do right now like find a job. Yep, still looking.

That brings me to the last word in the title I haven’t covered. Doubts! I am having doubts with Seeing Through the Veil. Mostly, because while I am cutting words from my 181k first draft, I am not cutting enough. I am currently at 71k for the four (formerly 5 sections in the first draft). My current overall word count for the manuscript combined with the half I have edited and the half I haven’t I am somewhere around 150k.

While this is an improvement, it is not what I thought it would be. Mostly, because in my tracking of word counts I have completely F@*#! up. I have had many different numbers of word cuts, but every time I finish a section I find I was wrong or messed something up. I know my story is good and I want it to be the best it can be, but how do I do it. Last night I was thinking of starting over from scratch, but I think that is foolish. That leads me to this morning.

As I am writing this, I am listing to K.M. Weiland weekly podcast (which you can find here) and she was talking about using scrivener to edit your novel. Something she says she does while writing her novel hit me. K.M. goes back after each major plot point and edits what she has already written. She says it helps make her first draft slimmer and more organized by the time she gets to editing. It got me thinking. Maybe, that is what I need to do for this draft. I am about to hit a major plot point, after which I should go back to the beginning and look at and edit those sections again.

It would be helpful as I have been trying to map out my timeline in Aeon Timeline of each day’s events. I am not past the point of where I have figured this out. Trying to get it all into a week is not easy. I know there are a lot of scenes, in the beginning, I would love to keep, but it may be better to refer to them instead of actually show them. Thinking about this it seems like the best option to do and will probably do it. However, I have two more sections to get through, which will allow me time think through this and also got back and figure out where I would actually start the book. I have ideas, but I would need to go through and see how that affect the rest of the book.

Also, I would need to plot out events for each day in advance so I am not trying to figure that out while editing those scenes. While I have my hands full, the goal is still the same to get it done by the end of this mouth. If I make the changes, I work every night on them I could still meet my August 28th deadline to finish the draft, but that is a lot of work to do. I’ll keep you apprised.

That is all I got for today. Check back on Friday as we have started a new sub-series in our Worldbuilding series, religion. I think this is going to be one of my favorite sub-series. You can read the first post here. You can also read the wrap-up post for Inhabitants here. This week’s Craft Post will be on God’s how many are there? I am going to do my best to post a link to a writing article, but I feel like I am going to do that through twitter as it is easier. My twitter is @timrgreenebooks. I hope everyone has a good writing week.

Welcome to this weeks craft post, today was supposed to be the wrap-up to our sub-series on Inhabitants. That changed when I wrote last weeks writing wrap-up and decided to add another topic, religion to the series. Then today happened. I did a quick google search on fantasy religions and go a who slew of posts and realize just how big the topic was. Well, I knew, but I figured would try to get something on them for this sub-series. Well, I sorta changed my mind. Today’s post will be three things, talk on religion for your inhabitants and wrap-up the sub-series while doing an introduction to our next sub-series on religion.

Before I get too far along, if you are new, I would recommend start at the beginning. Either the start of the sub-series where you can find all the posts here, or if you want you can start from the beginning of this series. You can find that by clicking on the worldbuilding link in the toolbar above.

Let’s wrap this sub-series up. This series, we talked about the people who live in your world, either fantasy or science fiction. To start off I asked you to think about where your people were located any why? Part of knowing your people you create is knowing why they are where they are. This could be for some holy reason, think the Israelites and Muslims. Holy Land. Maybe they migrated from another location. Native Americans migrated over the land bridge in Alaska. Maybe it is where they were born and they have only move outwards from there.

There are reasons for this is important, and I covered that in How to create unique races. We will get to that in a second. Next was to think about how many races that lived in your world. I broke down race as:

“Race as different people of intelligence and sentience that do not share genetics.”

Unless you want all your races to be from one genetic pool that changed dramatically over thousands of years. However, for most fantasy races are seen as I could be wrong. However, I am taking in cross-breeds. Clearly if an elf and human had a child the half-breed child would be a descent of both races. It is up to you on how you want to define races, that is how I decided to define it for this series. With that, back to the question, how many races inhabit your world? How much land do they take up, are their separate factions that hate each other or interact on occasions  or separate but come together as a massive force when they must go to war?

That leads us to how to create unique races, I am not about to go over the steps and ideas here, but there are questions to ask yourself and ponder when doing that. You can find the created race I started to develop for that post here. Like when it comes to creating your races do you need to know everything? No, just enough for your story will be enough, however, I feel it is nice to know more than that so you can sprinkle the extra stuff in the background.

That’s what we covered in our Inhabitants sub-series. There is so much more that can go into a post on creating races, but those areas are also parts that need their own series or in our case sub-series. So, let us move onto Religion.

Gods, who are they?

Well, that’s all for this weeks post? Okay, I’m just kidding. Though that would be a great way to lead into religion. Leave you questioning about gods. Anyway, for those of you who have been reading this series on Worldbuilding from the beginning, should know I talked this a little at the very beginning. Sorta. The whole creation of your world, through science or act of god. Now when I talk about Gods here I am not actually talking about those gods if you created them. I am just talking about gods for the people in your world, regardless if they actually exist or not. However, if you did create gods at the cosmic level this is a good time to flesh out their religion or proof they exist. Wel, if you haven’t already.

Gods can be many different things, just people who were born with great power. By people either a race on their own, which you should then flesh out like a normal inhabitant. They could be one of the first members of the race of people who found great power and changed their appearance enough so their family and friends didn’t recognize them. It could be another race of people who are more advanced than they are and saw them as gods. Think Ancient Aliens. Or, the gods actually don’t exist and someone that a hallucination thought they saw something and told people about it. Or even worst, someone with a huge ego and wanted to live forever and claimed they were a god or saw god and gave parts of themselves to describe god.

The list goes on and on of what gods could be. I could do a whole sub-series on gods, there is so much to mine with them. However, the focus of this is religion and gods is a starting point. Gods could be just nature itself. Good old mother nature.  Think about it. Next week we will dive into two areas, Gods how many and structure of religion.

Seriously, this time, that is all I got. Hope you are enjoyed the sub-series on Inhabitants, and that your writing weeks is going well. Check back on Monday for this week’s Writing Wrap-up. Until next time.


Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up, the first one in over three weeks, maybe four. I lost track of how many weeks it has been since my last one due to my move. If you are not up to date on our weekly craft post, the latest post in our sub-series on Inhabitants is Unique Races and how to create them. You can find all the posts in the sub-series here. For all the posts in the Worldbuilding series, you can find them by clicking on the link in the toolbar place your mouse over the Worldbuilding link to see all the sub-series.

This week is has been a very interesting week for me. I have been trying to finish the third section (was the fourth section in the first draft) in Seeing Through the Veil. Yesterday, I wrapped up the section writing just over ten thousand words for the week, and over five thousand for the day. It was a good week revising wise. However, I added words in this section bring my total words I have cut to somewhere in the 25k. I would have the exact numbers, but I am in the middle of watching Bourne Ultimatum and don’t feel like opening up my Excel doc to get them. I still have ten more sections to go and I am currently closing in on seventy thousand. I have 91k words left unedited.

I will be lucky to get this down to a 100k, but I know there are several sections where I will be able to cut many words. My gut feeling tells me I will end up somewhere around 120k. Right now, that is my goal for this draft. Unless I am able to cut over 30k in the next few sections, I will be sticking with that goal. I know that there are several scenes I will need to add in the later part of the book. It will probably be between 1500-3000 what I need to add.

Beyond finishing the second draft of Seeing Through of Veil by August 28th, it is finishing the scene list for the first book of Forbidden Realm Trilogy. So far the scene list is going along great. I still have a long way to go, but hopefully, that will be done by next week. Then it will be time to start writing it. I do need to finish the scene list for book 3, but I want to finish book 1 first so I can figure out where I can try to drop information that is clogging up the start of the third. There is a lot of information to give out, but I am sure I could break that up throughout the book if I really thought it through. Book 1 is the priority.

I have decided what project I will develop next, it will be the longest developing character ever. This story I have been developing even longer than Forbidden Realm because I could never lock down the story I wanted to tell. That will change when I start writing Forbidden Realm. It will not be a book series, it will be a screenplay. Yes, I am going to dive into screenwriting. I have tried before in the past but given up. No longer.I don’t care how shitty the script is, I want to write it. Now is the time.

I will keep you update, on all this. I am working on names for the first book for Forbidden Realm, no it isn’t Forbidden Realm that is book two. I will reveal the title when I start writing the book, hopefully. Maybe the title won’t come to me until after I write it, but I will have a working title by then.

That’s all I got this week. You can expect posts to hopefully post-midnight PST or 3am EST. Check back Friday for the latest post in the sub-series Inhabitants, which will be on Religion. It was going to be the wrap-up, but I thought I would add religion to it as it is because religions start somewhere. Sometime this week I will try to post a link to an article on writing, but I am in the middle of sending out resumes for jobs and that take priority. As always, Mondays for the Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Hope everyone has a good writing week.


Welcome to this weeks Craft post, we are in the middle of an extended Worldbuilding series. Since Worldbuilding is huge I am breaking this down into sub-series. Right now we are in a sub-series on the Inhabitants of your world. Last week I talked about Races. You can find that post and all the other posts in this sub-series here. If you are new you can find the whole series under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar or you could just click here. Before we jump into the topic of today’s post, sorry for the delay this post didn’t post as it was supposed to.

Let’s jump into it, but before we do, you might want to pull out that map of your world if you have one.

mapRemember this map? It is the map I made and sped up in the Storyworld Map post, (you can find the post here.) You may have noticed something different as there is a small red circle on the map. Click the map to get a larger image. I put that there as that is the location of the culture of people I am going to work on today.

I want to make a desert culture, as to get you thinking. I could have just said pick anywhere on your map, but I think selecting a specific place is a good way to make two points.

First, it is a visual of where these people live and what resources they have around them. Second, I think it shows why you should have a map of your world, even if you never release it. It comes in handy.

Let’s get started. The second map is a piece of the whole so we can better see what we are looking at. The people who live here are in a desert but sort of on the edge of it and a lake. Now that we know where to begin, the question that often comes to mind is where to start? Remember, where each race in your world lives is going to affect everything about them. Looks, beliefs, food, wardrobe, etc.map2

Before we go any further, the people I am going to start developing here are mine. Please feel free to take some of my ideas and use them in developing your own culture, but anything of detail is mine. Also, I am not going to be developing a whole culture today, as there is a lot to do and takes a lot of time to do so. I will start the process so you can see how I go about it and will give you questions to think about so you can keep going.

The easiest way to develop new cultures is to take from the different cultures in our own world and mix them together. Lately, I have been fascinated the Amazons. Not sure why maybe it has a little to do with Wonder Woman movie coming out. Who knows, but I like the idea an all women society. However, I am going to mix this up some. Amazon’s are beefy and no I do not mean fat. They are tall and muscular. Something that could fit in grace, due to the food supply. However, this race lives on the edge of a desert and lake. I am going, that is going to limit a good portion of food. Fish and other creatures found in the lake as well anything they find crawling or slithering through the sands as the main food supply.

I think I need a name for this race, so I am going to call them Trarush and other people in this world are going to know them as the Legendary Trarush Sand Warriors. Now that we have a name, I am going take a few more cultures to add to this. Let’s take Spartan, Japanese (Samurai and Ninja), and bees. What, bees, they are animals. I know, but I have a reason for this. Let me give a little description of the Trarush that I have in my head. (Sidenote, my description was a lot longer than I planned so to help keep the post shorter I made the description its own page, which you can read here)

I got a little carried away, with the description but part of it I cover several areas you need to look at when developing a culture. I would read the description before continuing. Without even looking at my questions to answer, I answered several of them, as in the kind of food the Trarush ate, the kind of culture they are as in warriors. I touched on mating and the roles of men in the Trarush people. (Do you see why I choose bees as influences). Some may take offense that men are at the head of mostly woman society, but I quickly showed they are only there for mating. We have an idea of what the women of Trarush use to look like and now look like. There are mentions of religious beliefs based on the rare eye colors and there is a look at what life is like for children.

In my description, at the time of this posting, I didn’t mention anything about training or how the cultures of Japanese Samurai and Ninja cultures play into the Trarush. Spartan you can take the whole training their children from when they are young and the styles of training depend on if they train as warriors or individual assassins. Moving on, if you do a search on Google, you can find many different pages on questions or help to develop your cultures. I am using two at the moment. Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions and Starting a Fictional Culture.

Where to begin with these pages? Depends on what you have? For me and how much I had developed in just writing this post, I would start by fleshing out some of the areas a little more. Such as training for children and adults. Clothing for the Trarush people such as what they wear above ground as opposed to underground. Weapons and armor they use. Develop more of the physical traits of the Trarush. In my head, I think the Trarush have conflicted opinions on beauty. They are naturally beautiful, but when it comes to young they see it as a crook, but later in life, they see it as an asset to be used as another skill set. Especially when dealing with men of other races.

If you are just starting working on a culture for a race and don’t know where to begin, I would go to Starting a Fictional Culture page and scroll a quarter of the way down to Set Culture Priorities. This part it gives you two opposing traits. Example the first one is Individuals or Groups. Go through them and feel free to mix them up, if they are individuals doesn’t mean you have to pick things that go with that, they could be courtesy over clarity, etc. This will give you a good starting point. From there I would flesh out what you have a little, maybe pick some cultures from earth you like to use and then jump over to Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions. There pick one of the topics and answer the questions.

To give you some ideas on what you will find on these pages here are the categories the questions fall under. (You will need to visit the pages for the actual questions.)

  • General
  • Customs
  • Eating
  • Greeting and Meeting
  • Gestures
  • Visits
  • Language
  • Ethics and Values
  • Religion and the Gods
  • Population
  • Economics
  • Isolation
  • War
  • Migration
  • Taboos

As I said before there are many pages out there that have suggestions. Note, that I don’t dive into economics much or in my example completely on government as I will cover those this in a different sub-series. I hope this helps, you get started. Maybe at a later time, I will do a full series on cultures and create from scratch. Time will tell. As for right now, I believe next week will be a wrap-up of this sub-series. Unless I come up with something new in the next few days.

Before I finish I promised some examples of my own work, so I will post one of the people from my Marks of Eilira Series. Just another reminder I own this information steal ideas from me and make it your own, but don’t just take it and use as is.


Tall leaky people with beautiful complexions, their skin color from whitish yellow to a mid yellowish tan orange. They had piercing blue, purple, and light green eyes. Their hair is long shoulder length dark brown to black, and they let their hair grow down to their shoulders or between their shoulder blades. The heads are also long ovals.

Life Span

Average Height

Shortest: 190 Average: 300 Longest 600


Home Realm




Main Ability

Secondary Ability

Long Life

Accelerated Healing

For my first time trying to develop new races it was good, but not much there. This will be changing when I eventually go back to Marks of Eilira. That’s all for this week, check back on Monday for my first Weekly Wrap-up in weeks. I will try to post a link to a writing article again this week, but with trying to get job resumes out I am not sure I will. I will try. Enjoy your writing and hope it is going well.


Welcome back to this week’s craft post. I hope you are looking forward to this as I am, especially after having to take last two weeks off due to my move. We are in the middle of a large series on Worldbuilding and focusing on people of your world. If you are new you can catch up by clicking on the worldbuilding link in the toolbar, it will take you to a page with links to all the posts in the series thus far. Or you can just put your mouse over the link see all the sub-series. To get caught up our current sub-series you can click here. The link is to the first and only post thus far in the sub-series on inhabitants.

How many races live in your world? When I say races, I mean sentience. For example, many animals on earth have a level of sentience but are not at the same level of human. Before I go any further, the word race is a wrong word to define different people. Species is the better word, race social construct to help categorize the differences between people within a species.

“Race, as a social construct, is a group of people who share similar and distinct physical characteristics, as well as shared cultural practices and affectations. First used to refer to speakers of a common language and then to denote national affiliations, by the 17th-century race, began to refer to physical (i.e. phenotypical) traits.” Race from Wikipedia

While I don’t want to get into the whole arguments of racism, but because of this is one of the reasons we have racism. Humans are one race or species. Moving on, I am going to use race because it is the accepted term and people know what you mean by it. I will be defining Race as different people of intelligence and sentience that do not share genetics. For example, using classical fantasy races. Humans and Elves are two different races as they have different bloodlines. Now if you have human’s and elves in your storyworld and one came from the other due to whatever reasons then they would be part of the same race but different cultures and appearances.

My question remains, how many races do you have? One, two, ten, a hundred, a thousand? You can have as many races as you want in your world, and you should have a clear understanding of each race, but do you need to flesh every single one out to the point of you know everything? That is for you to decide, but for me, the answer is yes and no. You should know enough about each race that you can talk about them or drop hints about the race in your story even if they don’t appear. However, if they don’t appear it is up to you do decide if you want to flesh the race out to know everything about them.

Once you know how many races you will have, where do they live? This is where that map I like to bring up all the time comes in handy. Where they live and more importantly where they began plays into how they developed. That will be the topic of the next post. Today, I just wanted to get you thinking about the number of races and define race. Next week, we will look at how to develop a race and what kind of questions to ask. I will give some examples. Before I end, let me just say this last thing. If you are doing fantasy, create your own races and don’t use the classics, they have been done to death. Sure use them as examples if you want, maybe take traits from humans, elves, and dwarves and make a new race.

If you are insistent on using the classic races then at least reimagine them bring something new to the table. In my experience, those who want to use them are new writers who just found Lord of the Rings or Terry Brooks the Shannara Chronicles. I am sorry, but I am sick of seeing the same races appear in fantasy over and over again. It is your story, but just note the trend is not to use these races.

That’s all I got today. I wanted to go into more, but after two weeks off, I need to get back into the swing of things. Check back next week’s post on developing races. Usually, on Monday’s I have a writing wrap up post. There will not be one this week as I haven’t done any writing. The hardships of moving are getting settled in. I may try to post something, but the next scheduled post is next Friday.