My New Home

Posted: August 6, 2014 in Uncategorized
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        Welcome to the new home of Writings by Timothy R. Greene. The name of the blog has been changed to Timothy R Greene Books. I decided my blog needed to be cleaned up and a fresh start was needed was one reason. For marketing, I changed the name to match up with my Twitter name I changed it to. This way when I am ready to publish a book, my twitter name and my blog will share the same name so it is easy for people to find me. I saw someone else do this and not sure where, or who at the moment and they talked about how it was good marketing. People learn one name and that leads them to all social media accounts. I thought I should do this.
        I have to be honest and my Twitter and old Blog address shared the same name but I didn’t want the name people would find me by be Crzywrter. I am crazy, but if someone who read my book, (when it is published) and liked it and they are saying my name Timothy R. Greene and they then say look him up at @Crzywrter on twitter and for his blog. The person could forget that crzywrter is me. by having my name timrgreenebooks it is works better. I tried Timothy R Greene Books, but the name was too long for Twitter.
        I am going to be having some changes to my blog, I will still be posting on my writing, but I am going to be focus more on writing then before. I haven’t decided if I am going to be posting my short stories like I have before. Mostly because the ideas seem to blossom into projects and I don’t want spoilers being posted here long before I write the story. Time will tell, because I think some for some projects having short stories that take place between books is a great marketing idea and helps them get by until the next book comes out. We will see. Time will tell.
        That is all I have now.


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