Don’t go thinking this is anything special. Today I completed mapping out the first chapter of the first and possibly only saga in my Forbidden Realm Manga/Anime/Novel Series. I decide to breakdown the whole story into chapters, which in themselves are their own sagas. I didn’t want to call them that since to me a Saga is meant for the overall story, think DBZ as in the Saiyan Saga, Furiza Saga, Cell Saga or Buu Saga. That is the main villain, but you get the idea. It wraps the whole story up within that saga. I merged two chapters together to make the first one since the villain shows up in both, as of a quick count there will be about four chapters each consisting of at least one set of three tokens (mini chapters). The first chapter consists of two sets, so who knows how many the other chapters will have.
        I do enjoy how the story turned out, it took a lot of my old ideas for this series and brought them together, fit well. The next chapter is the chapter that fit between the first and third chapters that I merged together. It was original set up this way to build to the boss who thought was dead returning and having a huge role. Working on it, the new story allows me to tell both chapters as one and not take away from the story the next chapter says. Actually, the way the story falls allows for results of the main characters, negative results to happen much quicker. The end of the next chapter will flow much better into the following chapter, the old way took a huge detour and it just didn’t work for me. Now the story I can see i going to flow much smoother now. I got to introduce a few major characters in small roles in this chapter and will have a huge role in the next and the ones after to come.
        The best part of working out this story in detail, not as much as I have in the past helps me work on the problems I am having with the second book of Marks of Eilira. By the time I get tired and need a break from mapping out Forbidden Realm, I will have the solution to fixing that book. With all the big talk about the ferguson and the militarization of police I have an idea for a short story I am going to try to write before Tuesday night. That is Creative Writing Club on campus. When I write it I will post it here, the idea is very interesting.



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