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        If you’re characters don’ shine then what’s the point of writing a story? Sure there are novels that get published with flat characters, Percy Jackson Series comes to mind. I probably could write on over time and do the same, but I want to master my craft and characters is one of them. One thing I need to do is make sure my characters voice comes through when I am writing. To help me with this, I bought the book Getting Into Character: Seven Secrets a Novelists can Learn from Actors, by Brandilyn Collins. The book takes Method Acting and breaks down how to get into a characters head and puts it into terms writers can understand and use. I’m only on the second secret, but what was covered in the first was very vital and I look forward to using what I got out of it as I write. I don’t want to give any information away, but I know several authors suggest it as reading for anyone interested in publishing a novel. I will post a complete review of the book on my review blog Tim Greene’s Entertainment Review Blog.
        Moving a long, something I have been trying to do more if is read, having finished The Maze Runner before seeing the movie (The Maze Runner Review is posted on my review blog) I went out and bought the second book in the series The Scorch Trials, yet I have not picked it up. Part of it is due to being behind in school, second of it I haven’t been interested in reading in a long time. The Maze Runner got me into it, but how that book ended, was good, but not what I was hoping for so I not as excited to pick the next book up right away. I will, the second movie comes out next year so I have to read it before it comes out. Yet, it did make me want to read more, normally I listen to audiobooks while I am working on something, which is great because there are books I want to know the story but just will not read.
        The other day I saw one of my favorite actresses, Chloë Grace Moretz was staring in the feature film The 5th Wave. Realizing it was based on a book series I looked it up and found great reviews, so while I was out and about today I bought the first book. After reading the intro and the first chapter I am excited for this book , and plan to read it before I pick up Scorch Trials. I am always looking for new authors to read, because after I finished Harry Potter and Pendragon I really didn’t find much else that was worth my money. Thank you Library for saving me from spending money on books I would have hated to bought. For the first time in a while I am actually excited to sit down and read a physical book.
        If you must know the reason behind this is because every author says you need to read if you want to write. It is how you become a better writer. As much as audiobooks are great, I am not paying attention on how they sound because I am doing other stuff, there are times I miss big chunks of what is going on. I don’t get lost in what is going on, since while I was focus on what I was doing, the story still gets in. In one year, eight months and seven days I will be publishing my first novel and I need to make sure it is good. Reading will help me become better and that was matters to me, does my first book need to be perfect? No. Does it need to be better then every author on the market? No. Does it need to meet the standards? Yes. While my standards would be on par with Harry Potter, I am not holding it that high up. I will not release a book that is badly written just to publish a book.         One to the next topic from my title, which bleeds into the final topic so I’ll just cover them both. While I was heading back from cashing a check and buy The 5th Wave, a thought popped into my head. I have been reviewing my first (really the 5th draft) of the first book in Marks of Eilira, I realized some of my chapters are really long. This goes for book 2 as well. I thought about breaking them down when I start draft two (really draft 6) as I was returning home I decided that will be something I can do in third draft (draft 7). My next draft is really about making the book better making things flow sliming the word count down, and just making the draft better then the first. Also, I will be editing what I write the day after I wrote it so my grammar and spelling mistakes aren’t so horrible. By focusing getting the story right in the next draft, it should cause some of the longer chapters to be not so long.
        Here I thought I had my whole writing process down pat, yet I am still finding ways to improve it as well learning it at the same time. I should really write that down somewhere. As for the next draft, I am on currently on chapter 5, which is one of those longer chapters. Normally I take my notes on a pad of paper as I am reading from a printed copy of the draft. Since Money is tight I decided to try doing it in word and using comments. I like it so far, not that I will ever not print out a copy of a draft and do it my normal way ever again. I am surprised how much I am enjoying using comments. There have been big changes made and I still need to write those scenes for Zach near the end, maybe this weekend I will do it. Time will tell, but I am enjoying reading the draft and seeing just how bad my grammar is and spelling. Also, I realized that I killed off two major characters mother, well reference she was dead but she shows up in book two like she never died. I fixed it so she is a live, but but I might change back, something about her being dead makes things easier, not sure. Nanowrimo begins in seven days and five hours and fifty minutes. I need to be ready, but I have school work I need to be doing as well. Time will tell.
        I will end with this, I am excited for this draft because I don’t have to worry about order of events, I have them figured out now and all I have to do is write and polish everything.


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    Love Pendragon


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