A month and Day ago, Part 1

Posted: February 2, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Well it took me a while, as the title of this post, a month and a day to post some of my yearly goals. That was not what this post was going to be about, originally when I started I noticed that I never actually wrote or posted my goals so I am going add that into this post. Thanks to my forgetting, this post has been split in two. While my yearly goals part aren’t that long, I figured it was best to make it, its own post since who knows how long my update will be.

For those of you who haven’t read my two part Why New Year Resolutions are a waste of My Time and Yours and New Year Writing Goals Suggestions, instead of doing writing New Years Resolutions that I will most likely quit or just not do since they are a massive add-on, and possibly no time free for it. Instead I have goals, something I want to complete or a new skill to learn, etc by the years end, but doesn’t mean I have to start right at the beginning of the year.

Let’s start with basics, in my two part post, the titles I have already mentioned in the paragraph above I suggest that newbie’s who want to start writing learn to is how to write every day for at least thirty minutes. I talk about how I have have hard time writing daily and it is something I wished I learnt back in 2004 when I started to take writing serious. My first goal is to write daily this year, while this basics for writing, the process will take probably the year to build the habit. So I am breaking it down into steps, first step the goal is write a 1,000 words three days a week. While this breaks what I tell noobs, start a three days a week for 30 minutes. That is what they should do, since they are trying to learn to write for more then ten minutes. I already can do that, it is doing repeatedly that I need to get the hang of. Probably around April, I’ll bump up to four days and July to five and so forth as long as I am achieving my goal.

Keeping with writing, I am sick of saying I am a writer and want to get published someday and don’t have anything close to be published. So, this year it is my goal to generate content for me to publish by the end of the year. It doesn’t have to be a book, just something I can feel good about and get out to sell, either to a magazine or a group of chapters on Amazon. I need something to get out by 2016, since Marks of Eilira is dead in the water at the moment, maybe that will get done in time by 2026 for the twenty years since I started it.

What is next for my goals, my blogs. Yep you heard me right, or read me right…??? Whatever, I have more then this blog. I actually started a review blog this fall when I started writing for the State Times on SUNY Oneonta Campus. I have posted all my reviews there, but I have been neglecting that blog for months. I want to get going on that, but when all of your reviews are either films or pilots for new series, you are limited to what you can review once you get past the start of the Fall Season, and don’t have money to go see a movie. Well I plan to start posting reviews of books I have read, as well games I have played and anything and everything. The goal is one post per month hopefully I will get more then that, but time will tell. For this blog, I want to figure out how to keep fresh content on here, but not just post something for the hell of it. If you have any ideas let me know in the comments. Oh yeah, my review blog you checkout here!

Finally, I plan to write three short films this year. Yep, I have a new camera that I haven’t used nearly as much I would like, thank you damn last semester. Now I am done with school and have time while looking for a job, I am going write them and while this is not a writing element I am going to post it anyway. I will film one of those shorts by the end of the year.


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