This is part 2 from my last post where I listed my Goals for the year, which I am doing great at by the way. Just so you know that last line was sarcasm, not sure if you picked it up since text has no tone to it. Someone really needs to figure out how to attribute tone to text. Just a random thought. Anyway, this post is an update post on what I have been up to as of late. No clue how long this update will, but hoping it will not be all that long, not that much to tell.

One of my biggest things has been working on Daemonium story, still working a better name for that, since the story has changed. Writing is hard, feel like I am missing an important element of the story as I am writing, which is probably one of the reasons why I am having a hard time getting motivated to write, which from my yearly goal is not good. It maybe only three days a week, but I can’t seem to get motivated to write even one day. Unless you count story planning writing, which I don’t. To me writing is actually writing out the events of the story, not plotting. An argument could be made that is part of it since I am an outliner, but to me that is all development not writing. I am not sure if it is the characters, the story, the goal of the story or just not being familiar with the story is what is causing me not to be able to write, but I need to examine this, and get a handle on it.

Lately, I have been listening to the second book of the Inheritance Cycle Eldest, by Christopher Paolini. Why, actually has to do with my next batch of information, but also ties into Daemonium as well. While listening, I got to the part where they get more in-depth about magic and how it works. Interesting, since for the most part, nothing really seems to happen in this series, it all seems like delay action, delay action, a little action, delay. I will give this book is far more interesting the the first, hopefully Eragon will do something besides just train. Anyway, today I decided to look up some of the use of magic from that series on the Wikia and got some more knowledge about magic that I am sure will come in time as I progress through the series. I looked up some other magic systems from other books and an idea that has been forming in my head on how Magic would actually work on a universal level. The idea I have got me thinking, and I believe I will use it in Daemonium world. Sure it would be a long time before any of the characters get to the level I am thinking, but it would give more to what I have, which is squat.

Between this developing magic system beyond a few words to manipulate elements, and some of the gestating ideas for the series, I might be able to get myself motivated to start writing again. I will probably need to develop the world more and get a better picture of what the world is like and develop more of the story before I can, but with not working more then 10 hours a week at the moment I have the time

Well while I am thinking about, my mum said I should tell anyone I come in contact that I am looking for a job, so hey. If you know of any entry level videography jobs, let me know. I would say any jobs, but I am not moving for a part time job, full time in something else, I would. Just throwing it out there.

Now on to the other update, those few weeks that I haven’t been writing like I should, haven’t been completely pointless. I started thinking of what authors advice give to new or those who have been writing for years but aren’t published, write what you know. There is an interesting discussion there about how do you write what you know when you want to write about new worlds that don’t exist. No. I am not about go have that discussion, just pointing something out. Back on topic, thinking of what I know, there is only one real good answer I can give to that. If you don’t know anything about me, then you are about to learn something big. Since, exact date escapes me at the moment, January 2001 to July 2011, I was part of a cult, a cult called the American Christian Church. Yes that’s right, the building where many people go on Sunday.

Yes, I am about to bash Christianity the religion, not the faith and yes there is a difference. In short, I do have faith in the message of the bible, not the actual flawed book that I have multiple copies from those days. I not about to get into the who argument on that, though it is true. Anyway, I went to school to be a youth pastor, and have a BRE in Bible, Youth Ministries and Christian Counseling. That last one is the only real useful thing I got from those 5 1/2 years at my college. I volunteered in churches youth groups ran a few for a short time, and ultimately after nine months out of the military, I walked away from the church realizing just how of a lost cause. The whole reason why I walked away was a decade of problems with the church and people in it, I walked away. The final straw was, I was going through something and people who I turned for help were more focused on me staying focused on “Gods Will” then the hokey issue that got resolved not long after I stopped going to church. Yes, the issue was silly and shouldn’t have been so obsessed, but why I am pouring my heart out and the person before me says oh okay, what did you get from the reading this week? That is the biggest “I don’t care, lets get to the damn religious stuff so I can feel like I am being a good Christian” sign.

That trip down memory lane was important, the past decade was wrapped up in religious mind crap, who is good, who is bad because the bible says this is wrong, even though we should love them because that is what we are supposed to do, but we hate them because the people are offending God by doing whatever they are doing. Sorry, couldn’t help but one more jab. Warning there maybe a few more. Unless I wanted to start something from scratch, based on something I don’t know, then I was stuck with that. Well, it turns out my second attempt at writing a novel and successful may I add, not matter how horrible it is, dealt with Spiritual Warfare. I decided to try to bring that series back to life. What I mean by back to life, I mean recover all the lost information that was deleted from my computer when I deleted all the outlines and character profiles from my macbook soon after I got back from the military.

Yep, it was all gone, which is one of the sole reasons, why I have a new code for writing now. Never, and I mean NEVER EVER delete a story work from my computer again, as much as I think it maybe a lost cause and will never work on it again, you do not know when something in he your head will click and fix the problem. Thankfully I saved the project bible, the word document that developed the basics of the story I was telling, for the most part, and information about the angels. I pushed and pulled and did my best to pull out summaries of the detailed outlines I had from my brain. What was a five book series, that turned into a four book series since book four and five seemed hallow separate and nothing really happened in book five until the end, which is why I ended up deleting it.

I kept the ideas around for another new story idea I came up with in 2011, working Black Friday. By the time I finished book five “Summary” it was a complete outline of that book. Not just a summary like the four books before it. Which amazed me, since from my memories there was not a damn thing I could come up with to make that book interesting before the end, back before I stopped working on it. Ironically, the solution was simple move events that happened in book 3 to book 5 and it solved the problem. While, the summaries I were writing were only to help me remember the story, not make changes, to it though I did here and there, it was clear where the changes need to be by book 5, that was where the problem began.

While I had a full outline for book 5, books 1-4 were only a paragraph a few a very long paragraph, that needed to be filled out. Well, that is when I started to think again. My weakness to all of my writing and life issues, over thinking. In this case I think it was a good thing. This series was supposed to be a YA series, and what is currently popular in YA markets, besides Post Apocalyptic genre… Trilogies. Almost all book series in YA are Trilogies. Why? Who knows, I think some authors don’t have enough ideas for a longer series, if you read some of these series there isn’t enough story for a book, year a whole trilogy and more about the pretty world they made and the boring events that take place in them until they eventually get to the point of the book. I’m looking at you Vampire Academy.

I have been in this situation before, with Marks of Eilira, making it 6 books from 8. Now I was thinking for a market it might be best to try to make it a trilogy, which is not easy for me to do, since to me a Trilogy is holy grounds. Not just any series should be a Trilogy in my mind. Half the books that are, should be more then that because the events aren’t huge enough or epic enough to be put in a trilogy. Technically, Lord of the Rings is six books, so even that series isn’t a trilogy and that is epic. So that leaves me with a choice, do I do it or not? Well, I decided to try to work the series into a trilogy since he events are by far large and epic enough, at least in my mind. That is what I started.

It was not easy, especially since it meant after thinking working on it for a week or so, I had to completely drop the first book. Not completely true, I merged the events with book 3, while book 3 events are the highlight of the book, the events of book 1 happen around it, not as long. I quickly realized that the events couldn’t hold a whole book on their own as the story was. It didn’t help progressed the story. In a five book series it would work, I think, but not in a trilogy, they fit more of a secondary arc then the primary. Then, came book 2 and 4 had to magically fit together, which how actually do very well. While book 2 focused more on the story the events weren’t as big as book 3 were in the five book series. As I mentioned before, I stopped because book 4 was not much happening through out and book five was a few things but the character sitting around until the end. The events of book 2 and 4 go a hand in hand and naturally fit together, sure some things had to be lessen from both books, but they fit well together. I am still finishing up the mind map of that book a few details seem lack of focus. That leaves book five to be the last book in the trilogy, which is good, but some changes will need to be made from the original outline when trying to remember the story.

What I came up with is interesting in every book, and I think feel like a better story over all, which leads me to what should I do. I can almost be certain I will be doing the Trilogy, which is why I picked up listening to Eldest since series was supposed to be a trilogy and became a cycle. This was reverse. It is possible it could be four books, but something would have to come up in the writing to make that happened. With the decision basically already made, one last thing is left to decide, which I go back and forth on. What POV do I write in. Most YA book are first person, and only one POV character, which I am tempted to do, but fall short of seeing a lot of the events that take place in book 1 and 2. Book 3 there is so much going on, that making follow only one character would bring me back to it being dual, since all the characters are have their parts, but there small until the end. I am toying with doing is doing first person POV in the first two, with seeing the events from other characters eyes, so it would be the person you are following seeing the events that are happening else where through that persons eyes.

Confusing, I know. Which, is why another option is to do first person for the main character and when tell the other events in third person but only the important ones, because eventually in the first book mostly the events that happen the two character meet up near the end of the book and area together. Some of the same things happen in book 2, but what I have so far, the book could be written completely from 1st person and anything I need to show from other plot points could be showed through a mind share event. Who knows. It is book 3 that seems to be the issue. What I am thinking right now is book 3 would be written third person completely that way I when I jump around to different events I am not confusing people. I will probably experiment with first person POV for all characters, but I don’t see that working out very well.

Glad I broke this post into two, though I am sure it wouldn’t have been so long if I posted it the next day after part 1, but who knows. I try not to make these posts this long without breaking them up. That is all, I’ll post some more soon, hopefully an article on writing or something discussion. No it will not be on my issues with the Church, and just to clear up, my issues are with the Protestant church not the Catholic Church.



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