March Monthly Update

Posted: March 18, 2015 in Uncategorized
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        I know I am a little late on posting this, but trying to find work and actual do some writing keeps me busy. I have good news, I final wrote something. With struggling with Daemonium, and working on getting Parable of Light & Dark ready, to write I needed to sit down and write something. Since Parable probably won’t be ready for me to start writing by the end of the month since I set that date. I need more time to think through characters motives, background, some world building. Not that much, just like what powers angels have archangels have as well as demons and fallen angels. How magic is going to work, I don’t want o start something hit a roadblock because I figured I would just figure it out when I got to that part. Well, I am using that method somewhat. I need to know the basics of magic and all that and spells I will make up as I write, unless I get into a brainstorming session where I come up with some. I prefer to have spells that fit what is going on in the story then make up a bunch of spells and try force the situations where they would be the best choices.
        No, I am not going to have magic be the way out of a corner that I write myself in. Knowing the ends and outs of my magic and powers of my characters are to stop me from doing that. I hate authors who use magic as there way to get out of a picky corner they wrote themselves into. Yes, it is magic, but what are the odds the character keeps getting themselves into situations where new spells can get them out of, or a spell that is weak actually can do more, because the author thought of another use for it. Sure, expanding on a spell that exist is better then a brand new spell that just happens only work in that situation.
        I am done ranting on that, so I am going to focus on developing those areas I need to so I can start writing it while I work on the Daemonium world building. In the meantime I am writing Chronicles of Skylar Grant again. If anyone read the old blog, I had chapter series I posted back in 2011 called Chronicles of Skylar Grant. It was my way of forcing myself to write without any planning. I think it was just last year I finally finished off the story as I had stopped with about 7-10 chapters to go before its end. Anyway, I had some new ideas for the series, and Saturday and Sunday I spent mapping out those ideas. The first “book” I had only plan to do 15 bullets of the main action points, yeah, by the time I got done, I had around sixty I think. The events of the original is being told again, but differently with more backstory already thought out, and changing how that “book” ends. Also, more characters are being introduced. One character Jenna is changed her name to Kayla. I am excited, I wrote the first three chapters over the last two days, not counting to day. I am doing chapters per day like I did when I wrote it before. Whatever I write in is the chapter unless I am changing point view or I am done with that chapter and still want to write. I am averaging about 1925 words per day, and enjoy writing once again.
        I have a few other “books” ideas mapped out, building towards something pretty big, but I got tired on Sunday and need get sleep and I wanted to start writing Monday so I gave up mapping them out. The last few books summaries were like a sentence or two. As I write and the world becomes more concrete in my head I will return to them and flesh it out. I only have outline for the first book, because this is my writing while I complete the developing of Parable. Once that series is ready to go I’ll work on that. Skylar Grant is not something I plan to publish, well anytime soon, maybe someday when I finish the series I will go back through and edit, polish and then publish. Hopefully by then, I will have many books published and a best selling author. That is all I got for now. I’ll keep you posted on development, I hope to have Parable to start writing by the and of April, but who knows.



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