I just did something I never thought I would do. I changed a deadline. You might think what the big deal is? It’s not like you changed a deadline a publisher set. The big is not that big, it just surprising really. When I started setting deadlines for myself, it was to get use to having period when I would need to have the story done. No once since then I have never achieved it. Well, that’s not entirely true. Since all my deadlines were word count oriented, I made sure I hit the word count by the due date. The draft was never complete by the deadline. That’s going to change.
        The one thing I said I would never do, is change a deadline to make it once I started writing. Well, I have. Mostly because I stopped writing the book a few weeks after I started due to some major problems I was having. The biggest one, filling in the gaps between bullets on my outline. My solution, actually came from two areas, the past when I first wrote this book and from Randy Ingermanson Snowflake Method. The first time I wrote Legend of a Godchild, I had chapter summaries. They broke up what I needed to achieve in the chapter, for each character, in other words without realizing it I had a scene list, which Randy suggests you do once you have the whole novel planned out in a few page summary.
        That’s what I did, I broke down my outline and came up with how many scenes, 162 currently (Many are actually part of one scene) Then book the scenes in to chapters (109 chapters and an Epilogue). From there since I had two POV characters both in first person, to keep from confusion I took a play from Rick Yancy, author of The 5th Wave series. I broke the POV into sections. From there, I took broke each scene down to how many pages I think it should be and how many words and then have spot in excel with actual word count and number of pages. So far, no one has matched up with my expected word count or pages.
        Ironically, though as from my last post, I made my week last week of 4k words. As things are going so of now, I should make this week as well. It working, thus bring me back to changing my deadline. With only five scenes done of a 162, I was not going to get done by October unless I wrote all day long every day. I can’t do that as I need to work. It came down to do I change it as I never actually thought it through once I started writing again or keep it and not make the deadline word count and completion. Since my goal is to complete the draft by the deadline not just the word count goal I had to change it. While having a word count goal deadline is great, has helped me meet it several times. However, int he real world, telling a publisher oh yeah I have the words I wanted by today, but the draft still isn’t complete is not going to go over well.

        In finished this post earlier today, and hadn’t written yet, and since I hadn’t posted it. I figured I would add that I just made my week with two days to go. I think I need to up my weekly word count, but I am not. I need to continue to make my week early, a few more weeks before I do. Adding more words to earlier could give me and excuse not to write. I know how that sounds. Two more weeks of this, and I believe I can up the weekly number of words.



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