Three Weeks in a Row

Posted: September 16, 2015 in Uncategorized
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        It has been three weeks since I started writing Seeing Through the Veil. It is going great as I have made my week for the third week in a row. I mentioned in my last post that I was thinking of upping my weekly word count goal, but would only do so after a few more weeks of success. Well, I changed my mind. You might asking yourself. “Tim, why? You said adding more words to earlier could give you an excuse not to write.

        I did in fact say that, and while continuing with four thousand words a week I know I can do, with ease. Adding the words isn’t about not writing, I am actually doing that already. Thursday starts my week, as I started on August 27th. My writing usually consists of writing Thursday, Friday (sometimes), skip the weekend, write both Monday and Tuesday, reaching the goal on one of those days. If I finish on Tuesday I will write Wednesdays for extra words, though if I finish Monday, I write Tuesday and don’t write Wednesday.

        While adding more words for the week could give me a reason not to write, at this point in the story I am still pretty psyched about writing and not having that many issues writing. I thought I may as I made it past the scenes I wrote back in June. Re-writing is always easier, but I am still flying through my scenes each day. The reason I am going to add more words after three weeks, is because of my writing goals for the year. While I am not going to accomplish most of them, one of the big ones is learning to write every day.
        To achieve this, starting slow was key, unfortunately I really didn’t write much in the first half of the year, and what I did I forced it because I didn’t know the story I was writing. Made progress in developing but still didn’t know it. It did help me get to go back to my first series and revamp it and now write the book. Writing in June I wrote two maybe three days a week but again still not familiar with the book. Developing the sequel series helped that and helped me get past my disillusions of making the first page really good in the first draft. I am writing about three to four days a week. I want to lock that into a solid four days possibly five.
        You might now be thinking something along the lines of: “Okay, so you decided to go a head knowing the risk of doing so, but you see the mental blocks aren’t there and want to take advantage of that. How are you going to go about it?”
        Simple, I am going to find the average words I am have been writing each week, find the overall average, which I believe is somewhat over fifty-five hundred. Then add about five to a thousand words to it. I am thinking the new weekly goal will be about six K. Since I am not writing on the weekends, I will just give myself permission not to write on Saturday and Sunday. However, I do need to write during the work week. Once I have gotten into that routine, I start to add the weekends in. Adding the weekends in won’t happen until I have been writing five days a week for two months. While my weekly goal may go up, it will only be enough to keep me writing for five days.

        There you have it, my new plan. Hopefully, I’ll make my week for four weeks with the increase goal. I may start out with upping only a thousand words for the first week to see how it goes. Side not, Nation Novel Writing Mont is less then two months away. I am getting prepared, while I might still be writing Seeing Through the Veil, I want to be prepared to write Long Live this year if I can. I working on the side after my daily writing to develop that book more, and revamp it from scratch. I have over 50k and still haven’t gotten to the meat of the first part. The story isn’t changing, but how I am going to tell is and I am going eliminate anything that is slowing down.

        Another bit of news, after years since I came up with my Dragon Nations series back in I believe it was 2005, with new ideas being added to the old, I finally got a premise for the first book. Part of my development is know how it begins and the figure out how it ends. Then fill in the middle. I’ll be keeping track of those ideas as they start to flood my brain.



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