New Word Count, Dragon Nations

Posted: September 24, 2015 in Uncategorized
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        Let’s make it four weeks in a row I made my week. This is with me upping the weekly word count from 4k to 6k since that is what I have been getting or very close to in the first three weeks. It only took four days of writing to make my week, thanks to my brothers wedding I had to go film, I got no writing done on Friday. Starting this week, along with my new weekly word count goal, to make my week I need to write five days, that is Monday through Friday. As none of the days I have written since I started have been on the weekend, okay maybe that isn’t true, I may have on the first week on a Sunday. Anyway, I decided to help move towards writing every day, my weekdays are when I will write. When I have locked that habit in, I will add the weekends into it.
        As for how the first draft is coming along, it is great. Even when I am not sure how to start or that I want to write, the words pour out. Sometimes it is slow, but with my scene list I always know where I am and what I need to write. I have also been leaving myself notes for the next scene on information that needs to be addressed, after what happened in the last scene, before moving on to the focus of the purpose of that scene. Yesterday, I wrote twenty-six hundred words on a dream Kiana has, that comes in later. I find it funny as when I was preparing to start this book back in June, I moved that scene to where it is out of having no clue how to write it. It also helped that I found out that starting with a dream that the main character wakes from is huge turn off for agents, and editors. I am excited, and how it is coming out, and clearly will be writing this for National Novel Writing Month, but that’s okay.
        Writing yesterday scene, which is basically a journal entry, I might try to add short journal entries for Kiana before each chapter as I have established in my outline she writes in one, to get her thoughts out as somethings she hasn’t been able to tell people due to constantly moving around. Also, not trusting or wanting to tell her step-mother. It would allow me to give some background on events for her, that come in later in the book or for the chapter coming up. I am not sure exactly how I will do it, I will worry about it when it comes to the second draft. I have to figure out how it would work with Natalie’s side of the story as well.
        Moving on, I making great progress with Dragon Nations. It has only been about eight years since I first got the idea for the series and only got to writing down some ideas for it and picking character names. Though, a few years back I did come up with an idea to write a prequel to this series. At the time Dragon Nations was going to be twelve books, and the prequel would be a trilogy. I have some new ideas from probably around the time I mapped out the ideas for the trilogy, as to make this story six books. While I haven’t locked the number of books for the series, I believe I may go back to twelve. However, I would do the same thing I doing with Seeing Through the Veil, series, a prequel trilogy, the original trilogy, sequel and a final. Now I wouldn’t call them like that as I have no story set for this series as I did for that, one when it expanded.
        I am writing down ideas for past events that will shape the story to come. I do have part of a summary for the first book, and I only say part as my thoughts that I will focus on more then one of the dragon nations in each book that are experience similar events. If that is the direction I go, I will be able to cover the twelve nations in fewer books. I will know more when I know what the ultimate event they are facing. I do have some great ideas. This development will be slower then The Veil this summer as I am only working about an hour or so a day on development where I had the time to work on the Veil for multiple hours.



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