I am happy to announce that tomorrow I will be completing the first section of in my first draft. The first of thirteen sections. It’s funny, my word count goal for this draft is 85k, by tomorrow I will have close to half of that goal in only the first section. I knew this book was going to be long, and maybe I was kidding myself that I could keep it to 85k, but you know what it’s the first draft. With heavy editing and revising I am sure I will be able to get this down under a hundred thousand words in draft 2. Assuming I do break a 100k in this draft, which is very likely as I have twelve more sections and a few have a lot of scenes. When it comes to my estimate on words per scene, I am not even close.
        It is the first draft and it is getting out the story and then cutting all the crap that isn’t needed. Also, I am happy to say after I finish tomorrow sections two weeks in a row I would have made my new goal of writing for five weekdays. Ironic I did that before I even add that to part of my making me week and tomorrow will be make it two weeks. I am very happy. I want to up my weekly word count, but I am not just yet. I feel like am slipping in the words I am writing each day. I am making my weeks a head of time (Word count wise) but if I up the goal now I could find myself barely making the words or not at all. I will stay with 6k for now and only when I know for sure I can make a higher word count goal without a risk of not, I will up it.

        Check back tomorrow for when I finish my section, I will post it and the total words for the section.



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