Frustration bleed over

Posted: October 9, 2015 in Uncategorized
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        Welcome to this weeks Fridays Weekly wrap-up blog post. I am trying something new to be move consistent in my posts. I am not going to post two days a week, Mondays are my craft posts, something I am learning, a review from my library on writing or article I found. Fridays will be a look back at the weeks writing and things I have going on. I may post other posts during the week as I find something interesting worth the post, but they will be short and probably along the lines of reposting something someone else posted.
        If you noticed the title of today’s post Frustration Bleed Through is a very interest observation I made about myself. Have you ever been working on a your work in progress and a day or a few days come where you just don’t have the motivation to write. You still do, but your progress isn’t what you like it to be? That has been this last week for me.
        I make it known on this blog that I love my word count tracking. Seeing how many words I wrote for the day and over a week, month, etc. really makes me feel like I am being proactive. Knowing how many words an hour I average is great. At the end of the day, I don’t care how many WPH I average. However this week I have noticed that WPH dropped every day. Not just that, but I was putting my writing for the day off as late I could. After thinking about it, I made a discovery.
        Does anyone else examine themselves when they are having a hard time writing? I don’t normally, because you have to be honest with yourself and at these times I don’t want to or not ready to do that. This week I was. How other writers keep track of their stories and ideas in their heads I don’t know. For me, I compartmentalize them.
        Each story or I should say series has its own file in my brain and while ideas may cross over into others, I can tell you where the idea came from and why I maybe thinking about using it in another story and how it differs. While, being able to separate all my ideas, when it comes to other areas like conversations and thinking my brain is very interconenctive. This I to the point where I can transition in a conversation to a new topic very easily and even bring it back around to the original.
        It is very good thing as I know many who struggle being to do this, but there is a downside. Thinking in my brain also links to certain emotions and when I am mad it bleeds over into other areas if it doesn’t take over my thoughts completely. This is what happened this week with Dragon Nations.
        Dragon Nations is the series I am developing while I write Seeing Through the Veil. While progress started out great, I have hit a slump and not progressing as quickly as I would like. Being frustrated with this has bleed over into my desire to write daily. Not only did my WPH go down each day, however, Monday through Wednesday I pushed off writing until the last minute. Ten, eleven at night. My WPH went back up during these times thankfully but my desire to write was being effected.
        Hell, it is still being affected as I write this post. The last few days I decided to not work on Dragon Nations to let my brain stew for a few days and will start working on it again tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll make some progress to the point where some of this irritation will start to lighten up.
        My question to everyone is how do you deal with frustration or dealing with emotions from other areas of your life that cross over into your writing?

        Quick update on Seeing Through the Veil, Section one is in the bag as you can see from my post from last Friday. I am working on Section 3 as Section 2 POV is Kiana’s Sister Natalie’s and I want to focus on Kiana’s story, as it is the main focus. I already have ideas to edit in the next draft. One such is moving the last two scenes from section one to somewhere in section 3. Also I am thinking of merging sections 1 & 3 together. Just a feeling they would work better. Especially since section 1 ends with a big mystery and section 3 starts with Kiana not remembering it. Pair them together until my big reveal at the end of 3 I think would work nicely.
        Time will tell when I write the end of 3 in the next few days. Speaking of writing, last weekend I had an urge to write. I didn’t, but not counting today I have 52 days left. I am half way to my word count, but no where close to finishing the draft. I think I may try to write this weekend. It is not part of making my week, but just to see if I can write an extra day and see how it works. As for making my week, I did it again, but this week is being extended to Sunday. With my new blog posts I want my writing week to start on Mondays not Thursdays.
        That is all for now, you can look forward to my post on Monday on the Sanderson Lectures I found online. If you don’t know who Brandon Sanderson is, Google him, he is one of the big names in Fantasy and is known for Sanderson’s Laws of Magic. I found some lectures from his Creative Writing class he teaches at a university not sure which one. I’ll be writing about what I have been learning. Until Monday, every one have a good weekend.



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