It’s Friday, and I am made my week. Well, not yet. I just realized that I hadn’t posted this blog yet and needed to get it out there. It is going to be short and sweet. I haven’t made my week as I haven’t written today so far. I meet my 6k word count yesterday. I am going to write something, probably after this. Last week I did what I have been urging to do for a few weeks now and write on the weekends. That’s right, I wrote seven days last week and I am hoping to do it again this week. I finished Section 3 on Sunday to start section 5 on Monday. If I write like a hail storm I will be able to get Section 5 done this weekend and start Section 5 on Monday.
        I doubt it, as there ten scenes left in section 3, and unless I blow through three of them tonight and five Sunday, I won’t get it done. Tomorrow I am busy most of the day and will do my best to fit in some writing. I haven’t added write seven days a week to my goal to make my week yet. I’ll keep you updated. Though I will finish two sections next week if I don’t finish section 3 this weekend. Section 5 is very short and will probably get added to section 5. It consist of six scenes and there are very short.
        Moving on, I have once again changed my deadline. I know, I am starting to make a trend of this. I have currently thirty-eight days to get my novel done by the end of November. If I was writing every day I would be done by now. I know because I have done the math. To complete my novel by that date, I would have to write 2.68 scenes per day. I could, but I am not. I have other important things I need to do, like find a full time job. My new Deadline is 12/27/2015. Yet this isn’t the official deadline for the draft. This is the deadline to be done with Kiana’s sections. I figured out if I wrote one scene a day I would finish Kiana’s section by this date. This isn’t counting Natalie’s sections. I think it would be sometime in February. So that is when it will be due.
        I am not rushing this, as I need to make sure I am writing every day, which is why I am close to adding write seven days a week to my make my week. I know there will be days when I write more then one scene and if I am writing daily, then I will finish that up way before 12/27/2015. I am only 22,228 words from making my 85k word count goal for the draft so that isn’t a concern. I am not happy with pushing off my deadline, but I need to be realistic about this. Until I am able to write for a living I am not going to be able to spend all day long writing like I would like to.
        Sunday will mark seven days until the start of NaNoWriMo and I if you are doing I hope you are getting your novel ready. Sign up for it at website and you can keep track of your words as you progress towards th 50k to win. A lot of cool prize for those who win and participate. I would love to do this, but I am less then likely. Tuesday I will be giving a plotting/scene list seminary at the Creative Writing Club on SUNY Oneonta. I am actually getting together all my tools I use such as my Excel Word Count tracking document and others. I spent most of today writing a guide so they know how to use it.
        That is all, check on Monday for my Craft Post on Fantasy Maps. Well its more then just that, but I use Fantasy Maps as example for my discussion.


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