It’s NaNoWriMo

Posted: November 1, 2015 in Uncategorized
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        It’s that time of the year, where the words start a flowing and everyone is a little bit crabbier. No, not Christmas, that’s another month away, though we will all get a taste after we shove our turkey down our gullets on Turkey Day before going to Black Friday shopping that starts on Thursday. No, it’s National Novel Writing Month, the first day of the 30 days to write 50k. I am doing it this year and plan on winning it, even though it is going to be a little different then past years. Why? I am pulling double duty. I am going be continuing my Seeing Through the Veil novel, while writing a novella on top of it. Seeing has priority so if I am too busy to write one twice then my The Fall of the God King story gets the boot.
        I’ll get more into NaNoWriMo tomorrow for my Craft post, this is this weeks Writing Wrap-up. It is going well, I made my week just barely. Normally, I get my 6k words around Wednesday and have two extra days to get bonus words. This week, not sure what was going on, but I wrote the bare minimum. I finished section five yesterday, and starting section seven today. It contains six scenes that are small so I am going to try to get them finished by tomorrow. Though I am maybe me making some changes to my scene list. Several scenes in section nine are really just part of a bigger scene and I am not sure why I didn’t group them together.
        Part of me wants to keep it as it is, but I feel it is dumb to when one of the scenes Kiana breaks her leg and the next she is moving through the cave again. (Yes, her legs gets fixed so she can walk on it. Now going to say how, that’s spoilers.) It will be a decision I will have to think about as it will modify how many total scenes I have in total and how many chapters. Chances are I will be making the changes, but keeping a copy of how it is just in case.
        Interesting note before I closed, since 10/10/15 when I started writing every day, I have written a total of 31,215 words. This is not counting today as I haven’t written yet today. Not bad, especially since all the dates before this from 8/27/15 I only wrote 16,991 words. Writing everyday is far more productive. Let’s hope my momentum continues. That’s all I got today check tomorrow for my Craft Post on NaNoWriMo and go into more details about it and a encouraging post to keep your fingers punching those keys or your hand scribbling if you writing your novel the old fashion way.



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