It is day two of National Novel Writing Month. How is it going so far? Are you enjoying the writing? What is your word count? Still going strong? Do you want to give up and cry because you barely got 150 words yesterday and you don’t know how you’re going to get 50,000 by November 30th?
Hopefully, that last one isn’t you yet or at all. Today is my Craft Post and I wanted to focus on NaNoWriMo in more details and what is its purpose is, because while it is only day two I bet somewhere in the country people have already have given up. It is nice to be able to hit 50k in 30 days, it’s a really good feeling. I did it two years ago, and with any luck I will do it again this year as well. I don’t know the history of the Monthly Challenge, but I do know you probably find it on I do know the purpose behind it. The purpose is to write.
In our lives it can be hard to set time aside every day to write and get that story you have raging in your head out on paper. You might think, there is so much to do before I can write it. I need to develop world, and the characters and of course I am doing fantasy so I need to have kick ass magic system with an awesome map that I have no idea how to make… If you’re anything like me you do need those things, and that is what October is for. If you didn’t get time to do that, well do it now in your free moments. But first write that outline, get to writing.
The first thing you need to remember is that you are a writer and writers write. If you’re not writing, then you can’t call yourself a writer. This challenge is to get you to do some actually writing. Now that we have covered that part, let’s talk about the goal.

50,000 Words, A You

#*@( Kidding Me!!!!

        If you have never written 50k before that is a lot of words. If you have, you know that 50k is still a lot of words. I have written over a million, and that is still a lot of words to do in a month. Here’s what I tell everyone who are not use to writing a lot of words or writing a novel. Start SMALL! What is a big number to you, but you know you can do? That is you goal. If it 10,000 words in 30 days, make that your target. In December do it again, then in January up it by 5k. Maybe 25,000 you know you can hit, aim for that.
As nice as it is to win the challenge, if you can’t make and you believe you can’t make it, you won’t make it. Start small and if you hit your goal before the end of the month double it. The point of NaNo is to write and to write every day. Is that something you struggle with? I do/did/probably still do. It was only in the past three weeks I have been able to position myself in my own writing to write every day, even on days when I only write 235 words. National Novel Writing Month Challenge is for that reason alone.
For those who are worry that the words aren’t going to be any good. Unless you’re trying to write a second draft, which I don’t recommend. You words are going to suck anyway, it’s a first draft. More commonly called a dump draft. It were you go out into the outhouse and just take a stick dump. The only thing that will probably be worth keeping is that you will know your story better and your characters. If that is all, awesome, but if you’re lucky and have a sentence or a paragraph or even a whole chapter that is worth keeping. That is great.
This last part is for those NaNoWriMo haters or naysayers who bash the challenge because the words aren’t going to be good, or whatever the reason they don’t like it. Do everyone a favor and keep it to yourself. If you don’t like it that is fine, but you don’t need to drag down people who do enjoy it. Encourage your fellow writers and help answer questions. For those who come a cross one of these Negative Nancy’s not they are usually those who have already given up and watch others to fail to justify their failure or those who don’t have the balls to give it a shot. Only a handful will be snobs who think they have figured all there is to writing and going to look down on those who don’t to feel better about themselves. Ignore them and keep writing.



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