This has been a good week… Well for writing. Sorry this post is coming late. I would not be upset with myself if it was because I was writing. It wasn’t. I have been fighting a cold this week. A slow moving cold that seemed like it was going to go away only to not to. I am slacking today, as I have yet to write today. For this week for I have written 16,910 so far. Sadly 10k of that is for NaNoWriMo not for Seeing Through the Veil. I not sure if it is the cold or writing two different novels at one time is draining my desire to write. Being a having already met the 10k words written by yesterday on Thursday I just wrote for the Veil yesterday and it was very little just to write so I could make my week. It was not a good day for writing.
        Oh well, what are you going to do? I meet 6k weekly word count Thursday as well. One thing that I noticed yesterday while writing I started the section 7 and new chapter/scene in third person when it was supposed to be in first. Thankfully, I caught it with only a paragraph in or I would have been pissed if I wrote more then that. Writing in third person for NaNo is slipping into other writing apparently. One thin I need to change next week is I need to write the Veil first as I have been writing Fall of the God King first. It is new and it is exciting writing something new then writing something for the last few months. I need to get back on track with what is important. That will be me my goal this week. Another goal tomorrow is to do a writing binge writing, something I planned to do to day, but I got working on a character design while I finished listening to Hero of Ages audio book. It took a lot longer then I thought and I was more in the mood to work on art then write.
        Last bit of news is in their today or tomorrow, most likely tomorrow I will hit my 85k word count goal for Seeing Through the Veil. With much more to write. It is nice to succeed in a goal, now I just need to finish the book. Yesterday in my writing the new section is a different part of the book. My second POV character, whose scenes I haven’t written yet, met up with Kiana in Section 6, which is through Natalie’s POV. I am writing everything after important events that happened that I haven’t written yet. I have a feeling that this section may be completely rewritten in the second draft. I hope not, but you never know. That’s all for this week check on Monday for my Craft Post. The topic I haven’t decided on.


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