I saw last week a comic strip that broke down the weeks of NaNoWriMo based on how writers feel. I couldn’t find the strip so I am just going to have summarize it.
        Week 1: This is easy, why don’t I do this every years
        Week 2: Wasn’t this easy just a few days ago? What happened?
        Week 3: God Damn it, what is going on I’ve been writing for four hours and I only have “The” down.
        Week 4 to the end: I can’t do it. It is impossible. Why did I ever think I could write 50,000 words!

        The comic was better, but that basically breaks down the feeling most writers, especially those new to NaNo Challenge? Have you ever felt any of those? I have, I was on week 3 last year from day one. Not everyone feels this, but enough writers do. As the second week begins, I thought I would ask how everyone is feeling and how the words are flowing? If you’re liked me I am making my words, actually I am a head of todays 15000 goal by I think 4-5 hundred.
However, it clearly isn’t easy as it was when I started a week ago. The words flew off out me. Not as fast as I like at times, but I never really felt that I was struggling for words. I will say some of my scenes that I thought would be better and be excited about, but I am not. Not say I don’t think the scene bad, just not what I was expecting.
        That’s okay, to be honest it those scenes that I don’t really like or happy about after I write turn out to be far better then I thought they were. The reason I bring this mind frame that we go through in this challenge is because it isn’t just when we write for National Novel Writing Month we feel this way. It happens whenever we write. Ask any author about how easy it is to write and they can probably list several different books where the book practically wrote itself. Words flew of the page. They can also tell books that dragged and were a chore to write. J.K. Rowling said that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire nearly killed her to get done in a year. That is why they moved to a book every other year. That book is a 190,637 words, and she wrote it in a year. Were not talking just a first draft, were talking ready to be published.
        Just Imagine if you had to do that for your book you’re writing now but you only had 30 days. At some point in your writing career regardless if you get published or self publish or just write your books and never do anything with them. You will come across times where the words leap out of your head onto the screen and other you will bang you head against the keyboard wishing just a string of prose would come to you. The key is to keep writing, write anything. Even if it sucks and you know it sucks. There are some tricks to this, but I will post that next week. I’ll tell you one that seems to work well for many. This is assuming you have a scene list if not, make a scene list. Okay, I’ll tell you two. Jump to a different scene and come back to the scene you’re on when you are ready to write it.
        Never thought I would be able to do that, but I’m doing it now. In Seeing Through the Veil, the section I am writing is after huge events that is Kiana is apart of but it is not her POV we see them through and thus I have yet to write them. Everything from now on I am writing with not having written certain events. It is nagging me, but I am still writing. Sure there is some thoughts I will have to completely rewrite this all in draft two, but I am okay with that. If you’re struggling with writing where you move about. Even if you don’t have a scene list, but have an outline jump a few bullets and see what comes out. If you are organic writer or seat of your pants writer, sorry your screwed. Just kidding, but I am not going to be any help as I don’t know any tricks for you. Google it.
        That’s all this week, I am going to keep this series of NaNoWriMo posts going for the rest of the month as the Craft Post. Keep writing and stay focus.



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