Week 2 Nano Review

Posted: November 13, 2015 in Uncategorized
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        Not counting today, we are two days until the end of the second week of NaNoWriMo. How is it going for all of you who are participating? Are your words still flowing? Are you still thrilled that you decided to take up the challenge? For me, I am doing great. Oh, not for NaNoWriMo, I haven’t touched the book since Sunday. I am doing great for Seeing Through the Veil. Yes, unfortunately I am thriving like I was last week on the Fall of the God King. I have no clue why I had no desire to write that this week, but I haven’t. Maybe I am starting to see the plot holes in the story and I need to plug them. Trust me there are a lot of them.
        No, I am not giving up on winning this year. I will win, and nothing will stop me. Even if half my words make no sense, and no I don’t mean I am just going to type every word I know until I hit 50k. That’s cheap, I just mean I will force myself to write regardless. One of the reasons I am not writing as I have been enjoying doing character designs for the novel, which takes time and when I finish one instead of writing like I should I start another one and another one. It is an endless cycle. Not really, this desire to get out what I see in my head come and go in spurts and I am sure in the next few days maybe week this one will pass as well. However, if I do want to win I need to catch up.
        Thanks to being a head on Monday of the total word count on Monday I am only 6568 words behind. If I write 7k today I will be all caught up. Awesome, writing marathon… Oh, drat, I can’t since I start work today at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Oh, wait, that’s only a four hour shift, mini writing marathon. With no distractions and a one track mind, I could probably get all caught up today even with four hour work shift. However, my days of writing all day are in the past. (You know the days when I just wrote and didn’t care about how awful my words were regardless of the draft I was on.) I know those days will come again, but I need to focus on just writing everyday now how long I write.
        Good news is I am way a head of schedule for Seeing Through the Veil on finishing Kiana’s POV sections well before December 27th. I have three to four more scenes in the 9th section leaving only three sections left. A few of them are long, but not as long as they were before I went and tidy them up and last week. Yep, I gave into my urge to merge scenes into chapters. Now the second half is far more balanced and the first half is way out of balance where scenes need to be merged into other chapters. Fun stuff, anyway that is all for today. I got some writing to do. Hope NaNoWriMo is going well for you all and keep writing.



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