Weekly Wrap-Up: NaNoWriMo Winner

Posted: November 27, 2015 in Uncategorized
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        Weekly Wrap-up, this week and I am done with NaNoWriMo. I have won. I’ll admit that I combined 15k from the Veil to win. Which, you can do, the point the of NaNo is to write 50k in the month and I over did that, actually I did that about last week. My goal was to try to do it in one book, but thanks to my new job I was not going to do it. This week, has been a long week and I am still have yet to make my week. I am still just under 3k to reach my 6k word count. There were a very few days I almost didn’t write anything. I forced my self to write 200 words. Yeah, it was a mistake to try to continue writing two novels once I started another job. However, it was very interesting experience and I will continue to work on Fall of the God King. I am going to into my Craft Post on Monday about Writing multiple books and setting up a schedule to accomplish this. I’ll also go into why writing two novels for NaNoWriMo was not a mistake or a failure.
        I want to focus on my writing very little this week. I already talked about starting a new job as one of the reasons, I am still getting use to being on my feet for more then two hours at a time. Working out in the morning then work either in the morning around 10 or 5:30. Depending my hours at Dick’s and I usually write somewhere between 11-2pm, or 8-11pm. Now I have been doing it around 10-11 after work and I am tired just need to get some words down. To be honest, I think this was exactly what I needed. I was writing a few important scenes and writing only parts of the scene over a few days helped me flesh out those scenes better. I just revealed what the villains are up to and it was nice to write it. There needs so more hints that the characters who know this now are hiding it, but that will be in the next draft. I only have twenty of Kiana’s POV scenes left I am going to have some fun and will finish them well before my 12/27 deadline.
        One thing I did earlier is write content from a scene later on and now that scene I don’t need. It is nice, as I feel like there were too many scenes and needed to get ride of them and try to put other scenes into others. When I realized this I was shocked and my first thought was just write it again, but that was under the old thought pattern just write it as it is and chance in the next draft. I am not, it just a wast of time to write the same scene again just in a different way. If I wasn’t happy with scene already written sure, but I am happy with it. I am going to try to get through Kiana’s scenes by 12/15/15.
        That is all, for today. I need to get writing before I have to go to work. Check back on Monday for my Craft Post on setting up a Writing Schedule.



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