Weekly Wrap-up: Final Stretch

Posted: December 4, 2015 in Uncategorized
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        Good Friday afternoon, I can’t believe it is Friday already. I swear last week dragged and dragged. As of this moment, I have yet to making my writing week. I am 1635 words away. I have to admit, that I am barely writing more then a few hundred words. The last two days have been good, Wednesday I was just shy of 2k and I hit 1500 yesterday. I know why it is being hard, getting use to my new job, adjusting my sleeping schedule and fitting my workouts in. It’s all part of a process. As little writing I have been doing somedays, I am only fourteen scenes left of Kiana’s POV sections.
        Based on my estimated words per each scene, I have about 13750 words left to write. In reality, it is probably another 20,000. I think I have only hit a few of my actual estimates this whole time. In the sections 12 and 13 I had a few scenes that were less then the words estimates. Not by a few words by like a hundred or two. I was pretty happy about that. Guessing how long these scenes are going to be is going to take a long time before I grasp a full understanding of. That’s okay, because it means I have to keep writing and doing it to get better at it.
        Besides writing, I am trying to select my next series to write after Seeing Through the Veil. I need to put some space between me and it when I finish it sometime in February. I thinking I am going to take my Epic, Long Live and write that. If you’re not familiar with Long Live, it s the book I started three years ago for NaNoWriMo. I was only going to work on that during that month, but I think I am changing my mind. It is probably one of the further books developed. Mostly because it is one book and not a series.
        I am trying to patch the book back together as I loss the last several bullets of each section last year when I broke the book down into six sections from three. In my stupidity, I didn’t let the new file update on my laptop, before I went to a writing retreat that had no internet. I wrote, very little and when I got back I let it update losing my outline. My mind is like a steal trap, the bullets are there somewhere and, with my old outline with not names just terms to represent people like King, Queen, former queen, etc. I will piece this together. Then I will completely revise the book from start to finish. Making sure everything is pointing in the direction of the end even if it doesn’t seem like it is. I’ll admit that I am considering making this another series, but I really like the idea of this huge story being in one book. Time will tell, when I get the outline done.
        That is all for today. Check back on Monday for Craft Post on the Elevator Pitch. Until then, have a good weekend.



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