Weekly Wrap-up: 10117

Posted: December 11, 2015 in Uncategorized
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10,117 words is what it took to complete Seeing Through the Veil. Yep, its done… Ok, I am just kidding on that. Kiana’s POV sections are done, including where a massive bolt of energy strikes the earth and everybody dies. Oops, spoiler warning. I finished the section today and it feels good, including the epilogue.

It feels weird being done with Kiana’s sections. Maybe, because starting tomorrow, I need to start writing from her sister Natalie’s POV and I am not as familiar with her. I have messing around with Kiana’s POV since May. While I wasn’t writing since then, she was held strongly in my head and thought through her reasoning and view. Natalie has gotten like a second glance and that is only because I finally had scenes with her in them with Kiana from Kiana’s POV.
Well, while I am done and celebrating about my accomplishment, I have work to do. I need to get a handle on Natalie’s voice and personality. I know her personality, I just need to find her voice now. Anyone have any ideas on how to write a perfectionist who doesn’t like thinks that don’t go her way or how she thinks the world should work? I am sure I will figure it out.

The best part is, this draft is currently at 129,278 words. My goal for this draft, is 170k. Yes, that is 170,000 words. This is as long as I want it to go. I am hoping it won’t get that long. I have 40,722 words until I hit that, so I am going to have to learn how to get what I want from a scene in as few word as possible. Thankfully, I did that in the last section so hopefully, I will be able to continue you that. Before I start writing Natalie’s scenes, I am going to condense fix her sections.

What does that mean? It means from the outline to scene list I cut a lot of her stuff out. I am going to put what I cut out back into the scene list for two reasons. First, to make sure I am using as much as her stuff as I can, and will learn if it is actually important to the story. Second, Natalie’s purpose to the story is really only one part right now. She is being used to get something the bad guys chasing after Kiana need and she is how they get it. After that, she becomes kind of a useless character for the rest of the book. I found a work around on that, which I will work into the next draft.

One last thing for this weeks Writing Wrap-up. I clearly made this new deadline for Kiana’s POV. December 27th, 2015, is sixteen days away. Not bad, and yes I am completely ignoring the fact I had to change the deadline twice. I don’t have a deadline for when Natalie’s POV sections need to be done. Since this last one was based one writing a scene a day, I will use that for hers. However, I need to fix her scenes before I can do that. Last time I did this when I picked the 27th for Kiana’s, I got around if not right on February 20th, 2016. I will know for sure by Monday. That’s all for today, I got some celebrating to do and then more work to prepare.


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