It’s backwards Week, Weekly Wrap-up

Posted: December 21, 2015 in Uncategorized
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What! Weekly Wrap-up on Monday, what the hell is going on? Like the title, it’s backwards week. I got so busy on Friday that I didn’t make my week until third minutes or so before midnight. Saturday was a lot of stuff going on. I got a few things to cover this post so lets get going.

First, my writing progress, is going. Writing Natalie’s scenes are hard as I am still trying to find her voice. I have it mostly I believe, but finding that motivation behind her is still on going. Kiana was easy as I started writing her back in May for a few weeks stopped, and she stayed with the whole summer while I worked mapping out the sequel Trilogy. When it came time to write, she was in my head ready to go. Natalie not so much, and part of it is her role is design to be small. New ideas that will be add in the second draft will make her more important. However, writing what I have, and what I added to her first section is kind of similar to Kiana’s but in a different way. Friday I had to write 2k works to make my week. Since I am having trouble I decided to bump my word count back down to 4k until I get that flow with Natalie.

Also, this is the first week I have not written all seven days. I wrote only 72 words Saturday and as I started to write a scene and went to check something and by the time I found what I needed it was already after midnight. Then came Sunday, and after dog sitting for some friends for the day and trying to get some work down I finally really started to make progress after the dog went home. By the time eleven role around, I was flying through what I was working on, that I decided it was more important to get this down then a few words I would get in an hour well in twenty minutes really. It feels weird not having written every day this past week, and I don’t think it will happen again.

You maybe asking what were you working on that was so important? Good question, and its called Forbidden Realm. My longest in development project dating back to 2001. It has taken many different forms but since then the story for the most part has remained the same. Somewhere around 2006 is when the real story emerged and only went back and forth. Anyway, after seeing Star Wars The Force Awakens, I got an idea that would completely change the story. What if my main character Rique was a girl instead? I started to follow that, and I got some interesting ideas. You know, the kind that once against completely reworks the whole story.

Then, I got another idea. I’m not going to into it right now, as I am still working on it. However, I have decided to go with this new idea for sure. To give you an idea of how much work is needed, I need to completely map out the whole story of events.You might be thinking that is because so I can make outlines and scene’s lists. Wrong! You are so very wrong. I need to know these details, because the new idea requires me to know this information so for the new idea I can come in and completely F*** it up. Yes, my new idea requires me to do twice the work. Basically two different timelines, for one story… I know I am insane. Some wouldn’t spend that much time doing it, but I need to. I need to know the old to help with the new. Also, maybe someday I will actually write the old to show why the new idea is awesome. Sure it would be great to do the old first and then do the new, but I’ll do it the way I am doing it now.

You might ask what about Long Live? Well, that is on hold for the moment. Usually when I work on Forbidden Realm, I make massive leaps like this for a few days and the inspiration dries up. I am counting on that to happen eventually, and will return to Long Live. However, if like what happened with The Veil this summer and I get completely engulfed in it and finish the development and have something to write, well this book will be my next book instead of Long Live.

Final thoughts for this week, well writing wise it was hard, but development on a long standing project well any other project is great. That project being Forbidden Realm is makes it just that much better. Not writing everyday this past week sucks, but since it is the first time in nine weeks. Not too bad, I thought for sure this would have happened around the fourth week. I am not surprised it happened on the first week writing for Natalie, and that makes me okay. However, I can’t let it happen again. No matter how great the inspiration is on something else. The novel is the priority, not development on my next project. That is all for now, you can check back Wednesday for my Craft Post on another author’s writing style. It will be on K.M. Weiland’s style. Check back then.



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