Sorry for the late post, I have been busy this week and with the change of my posting schedule caught me off guard. Plus, I am changing up my method for craft posts. Instead of a random topic each week for my posts I am going to pick a topic or piece of writing and focus on that for the month. Campaign your Novel as this lovely post is start of it. This post is going to be short this week.

Wondering what I mean with a title of campaign your novel? It could mean many things, but anyone who plays D&D or Dungeons and Dragons should know, but more specifically Dungeon Masters. Yes, I am going super nerdy right now. Why? Good question, let me explain. A week ago, my friends and I sat down and played D&D for the first time. I always wanted to play, but never could figure it out on my own, mostly because I couldn’t figure it out in like ten minutes. I know what you might be thinking or even asking yourself, Tim what does this have to do with writing? Trust me, I am getting to it. My walk home after the game, I started to think about giving DMing (Dungeon Master) at try. I thought about my campaign would be. The Ultimate Treasure Hunt!

What?! I am sure this idea isn’t new in D&D, but it’s an idea I have had for a mod for the game Skyrim but my PC sucks and not powerful enough to do it. Anyway, this week as I thought about my story I wanted to tell and how to go about it. After searching online how to make a campaign I started to jot down key ideas. Just like how I write. Yep, developing a quest is very much like writing a novel. Only difference is that your story is going to be played out by actual people who can do basically anything they want, like go rogue and run in the opposite direction then you want.

Now I am not a master of D&D any of that, but I thought it was very interesting how much it was like writing a novel. There are many similarities but two caught my attention right of the bat, they are:

Story starts out like a normal and then the hook changes it
Before the hook and after the story can go anywhere

Most stories when you pick them up start with our main character normal life and something happens that draws from normal life into unordinary events. Now this doesn’t mean it turns out they are a wizard like in Harry Potter, just something that brings them away from what is normal. Another way to say this, we reach the hook. In the quest my friends played was one that came with the game and it started out with people being hired to escort goods to a town and then we are attacked by orcs and after we fight them we find a hidden trail with what looks like a body has been dragged through. Up until then all we know as players is that the story starts at the town we are heading to. Even after that we could ignore the trail and continue to the town. Which by the way really angers a first time DM.

The next few posts will be building your novel like a D&D campaign. I got my hands on some D&D DM books and going to use them in and compare them to writing a novel. You can see some of this by googling how to create a D&D Campaign to see what comes up.

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