Weekly Writing Wrap-Up, Going, Going, almost there

Posted: January 27, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Wow, I am really late on this post. Sorry about that, I have been really busy the last few days. I am behind on a few things at the moment and thought about not posting this week, but I found I had a few minutes this morning. Writing is going well. I clearly am going to have a lot of restructuring the to do in the second 2nd draft. I am okay with it, as it will cut the word count down greatly also strength the story. Something, I am starting to realize is that I am going to have to change my ending. Change my ending? What! Wondering what I mean?

I hope you are. No, I don’t have to come up with a whole new needing and redirect the story towards it. What I mean by a new ending, I mean is the ending as it is now is find, just who is part of it and why they are there instead of the current character. Any continuity fixing that will be needed will be part of the restructuring I need to do. I wish the ending I have now could work and I could force it, but I accidentally set myself up to do this while writing. So, what, why not just change in the second draft?

That is something I could do, but one thing I have learnt from writing over the ten years I have been seeking out publication is this simple truth. You can outline all you want, but as you sit down to write, if you did your job right in crafting great characters and a good story. When it comes time to write, and you are in the heart of writing, sometimes you make connections you never could while outlining. I have learnt more about my characters then I ever could when I created their character profiles. I know my story and something inside of me tells me this would be the better way.

Of course this is what I know for me. Some who need that outline and not change anything from that outline when writing or it will throw them off, keep doing what you do. I use to be like that, and I feel that I am more free by not doing that. This doesn’t mean others will. Know yourself, and how you need to go about writing and do it. If you know you truly know your story and characters that will be reflected in your writing.

Last thing, is I am approaching my February 16th, deadline for the manuscript and I am about half way there writing Natalie’s POV sections. I am really going to have to hamper down and write to meet his deadline. It is going good, but I am a little worried I might not make the deadline. I cannot extend it again. I have done it too many times already. Check back on Friday for the last post in the Campaign Your Novel series.



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