Campaign Wrap-up

Posted: January 29, 2016 in Craft Post
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Welcomes this weeks Craft Post. I am going to wrap up this months topic of Campaign your novel. This is going to be more of a conclusion then anything else, because I am not too please with how this series turned out. Part of it is, I don’t know D&D that well and should have waited until I knew more about the game before trying to relate it to writing. The other part was not having a topic ready to go for this month so I dove into what was in my head. While I do think there is some good relations from game to writing advice in the posts. Just not as good as it could have been. Maybe later after I have a better understanding of the game I will come back and revamp this series.

To complete this series, why look back on the topics. They were plan your novel as a Campaign, Characters in your Campaign and Novel Campaign. The whole point of this series was to try to get you to look beyond your novel as a simple steps of heres the next event and the next event and try to make it a little more fluent process. This is something I have found works best for me, and I think can work for others. I hope you give it a try, but you know yourself better then I do. As someone who needs to know where everything is going before I can write, the events of who we get there always open to change.

I have my outlines, and bullets of the plot points. Just like a DM has of their campaign. I know the beginning and the end and events in between. How those events I want to turn out I also know, and because I know my characters the events are setup so for the most part they will turn out that way. However, like in D&D a character or a player may go rogue and you need to figure out how handle that. I punish my characters, until they do what is needed or they die. I only force them to do what is needed, I don’t force them to do it how I want them. Though that would be easier. A full or round character will do things specific ways, not your way. Good characters are not chess pieces you get to manipulate.

A good story novel, TV show, movie or video game has good beginning, middle and end. I am not fond of the three act structure, but for helping explain structure in story it useful. Having something that grabs your attention and hooks you is always the best way to start. A great ending is just important, however the middle is probably more important. If what happens here isn’t good enough to keep the players or readers to keep going it doesn’t matter how awesome your ending is. If the ending is boring people stop reading/playing.

That’s all I got on this topic for now. I hope everyone got something from these series of posts. I do think allowing for more fluent construction in your preparations and outlining of your novels will help. Please check back next week for the start of a new topic. This time, I do have one I think I will be able to get across better. The topic will be characters. The post in this series on characters is what inspired it. I don’t have the details exactly what it is going to be on, but I am going to figure that out in the next few days. Come back Monday for the Weekly Writing Wrap-up.



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