Weekly Wrap-up End of the month

Posted: February 1, 2016 in Uncategorized
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This weeks writing wrap-up is going to be short. It was not an easy week of writing, from work, being tired and trying to off soda, I haven’t felt that good. However, I got through my writing. It was up to the last minute, but I got it done. One thing I am realizing as I write is that many scenes of Natalie seems pointless. I have already deleted a few. What I am finding is that in a chapter that has two scenes turns out only one is needed. I am really going to have to take a look at her scenes for the second draft. Ironically, I have also added a scene. What it is that I am learning more about the story, which is good. Oh so badly do I want to get this book done so I can start fixing it, I am trying to do my best to push through. I have sixteen days left to get this draft done and I have a lot of scenes to write. I may be delete more scenes. That will only be done if as I write two scenes are better as one.

That is all. Long day. Please check back on Friday as I start a new topic for the month of February on Characters.



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