Sorry for the late post, I am being very forgetful lately. I need to emember to write these in adavance and and schedule them to post. I am will be posting a writing wrap up this week. It will be posted probably tomorrow or Wednesday. You’re understand why when I post it. Witht that, I am going to jump writing into this/last weeks craft post. Continuing the new series on characters.

What is first character that comes to mind, when you think about characters? This can be any character from movies to books even videogames. So, who is it? Mine, is Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Why? Johnny Depp plays that character so well that you can’t not remember him. Ever wished you could come up with a character that stands out like the one you thought of? I do.

You can, you just need to know what makes that character tick. Take Sparrow, he is so rememberable because of his odd appearance, out there mannerisms, is unique ability to talk his way out of almost every situation. Those whose he can’t, he finds other ways around it. That isn’t the only reason why, is while Jack is a pirate, a pofession that shouldn’t be that pleasing. Think about what Pirates do, go a head. I’ll wait…

Thought about it? Good. They steal, kill, rape, all for their own greed. Jack has done this, and yet we can’t get enough of him? Why? Beyond everything I have listed, he has his own code. Trust is important to him, even though he doesn’t do it much. If he trust you and you backstab him, he will come for you. Violence is not the answer, and will only fight if his life is on th eline or he has no choice. We like him because while he has done and will most likely do bad things again, we see what kind of person he is and can be.

To write characters people will think of when asked about their favorite character, you need to make sure they come across as Jack does. We see who they can be. Remember, characters don’t have lie be liked. They need to capture the reader so they will root for them.

Exercise: Pick three to five characters, different from each other and try to figure out why you remember. Look at who they are, see if you can find profiles for them online and read them. Take what you learn and apply it to your own characters.


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