Wow! I am done. On time. Well, this time I am. Yep, I meet my third deadline for this book. Natalie’s sections are complete and thus is the draft. I had to write 2347 words today to get it done. However, I am done. Oh, you want to know how many words total the draft is? 179,299. I am not about to go into my states post. That will come in the next few days, possibly next weeks Weekly Wrap-up. However, I will tell you this. Usually when I keep track of my words the total words my excel worksheet says I have and what my writing software says are to different numbers. This is no different. However, I am happy to say that this time, they are only off by 1,314 words. Usually this is several thousands words. I am glad I did a better jobs keeping track.

What! You want one more stat to hold you over to my detail post. Okay, heres a number for you to chew on. My original word count goal or I should say my final word count goal for this book when I am complete done and ready to publish it is 85,000 words. To do that, I need to cut 94,299 words. Yeah, I know that’s a lot. It’s okay. There are a lot of areas I know I can tighten up in the next draft to cut this down by a lot. I have my work cut out for me, but I am happy to be done. It has been a long five months. Ops! Okay last one. Now I need to figure out what I am writing tomorrow, so I can’t celebrate yet.




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