How’s everyone’s writing week going? Good I hope. Welcome to this weeks Craft Post, focusing on Personality. Like the title? Why did I choose that title? It popped into my head. Also, sometimes I think sometimes people don’t understand personality. Why? Well, the study of personality is still very all over the place. There are so many different theories out there on personality, and no one is closed to being proven. Myers-Briggs is the most known, but I have told by a few people who have studied this that it isn’t recognized as highly as it once was. So, you know, I am going to start off from the beginning, and go from there. What is a personality, well when you google it, the definition of is:

“The combination of characteristics or qualities that form

an individual’s distinctive character.”

Ever met someone that seems to have no personality? I have, it is horrible and hard to talk to people like this. Well, they do have personality, but it is just harder to find those characteristics. I like this definition as it ties very well into last weeks craft post on Character traits. Using just character traits you could easily build a personality, it would be hard or not. However, just having character traits are not enough. Sure once you play around with traits strengths you have conflict, but they it isn’t just enough.

A characters personality is something others experience, and this needs to be taken into consideration when crafting your characters personality. That is why I think making a personality out of just character traits is hard. There is no foundation. That, is why using things like Myers-Briggs or other personality theories. You have your base and you can build it up. I would use Myers-Briggs, but going through all the selections even though there are only sixteen, is hard. I have a Kindle book on them all and to really use Myers-Briggs you really have to study the ones you use. Also, if you don’t know which one would work best for your character and you decide to do a quiz, they are too long. Well, for character creation, at least for me. Until someone comes up with a Myers-Briggs quiz that that is like twenty questions, I am good.

Anyone who wants to use Myers-Briggs, more power to you. A good book to check out is Plot vs. Character by Jeff Gerke. He goes through his process starting with one of the personality types and building fully fleshed out characters. Learn more here. I do like Gerke method, but there is just too much knowledge I feel like I need to know to use it right now. For me, I use Enneagram. What is Enneagram? Good question, is a very cliche way to make characters. Wait, what? Why do I use a very cliche way to make characters?

“The name in Greek literally means “the nine diagram.”

The system is based on the fact that all human personalities

can be reduced to nine basic types.” – Typing Chimp.

I use a site called Typing Chimp, you can find it, here. It isn’t meant to take one of the nine diagram for a character. It gives you a base to start based on the nine, giving real life examples. When you get to the personality, area is gives you a selection from the nine. I am not going to go into how to use the site, you can play around with it. What I use it for is I select two or more diagram to, generate profiles and combined areas of the personalities from each diagram until I have one I think fits the character. Well, that is it until now. Now with the use of character traits, I add them in as part of a third step making a very unique personality. This is a very intuitive process for me, as I have feeling of my characters when I start building them up. I know when I hit gold.

Personality can be tricky, because everything you write must come through the writing. If you come up with a very unique and odd or crazy character, but don’t write that character like it then you’re not writing the character you created. It isn’t easy. For Seeing Through the Veil, that I just finished the first draft off I didn’t feel like I really captured one of my two POV characters very well. At times, I felt I did but not well. It is something I am going to have really going to have to look at in the next draft.

With practice, and playing around coming up with great characters can be fun and easy. Like everything else it takes time and energy. However, Personalities aren’t completely without another piece. How did your character personality develop the way it did? The character’s backstory is very important to how every character develops. We will cover backstory in next weeks Craft Post. Hope everyone has a good writing week. I would love to hear thoughts on personality or how you go about creating your characters down in the comments section.



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