Writing Wrap-up: Take three

Posted: March 7, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Wow, I can’t believe I am saying this, but three weeks since I last wrote words in a context of a story. In the past, when I tried to write every day, I would beat myself up badly on how I need to be writing. Only to go longer between writing spouts. Not doing that this time, partly because I realized something. When I finished the first draft of Seeing Through the Veil, I was burnt out. Working on something, for nearly five months straight, with the last four being every day is something new. Mentally, I have never done that and while it was a good thing, it was something that I was going to need to recover from.

I am recovering. Three weeks sounds good and I need to get back to writing. Forbidden Realm is no closer to being ready to get started on. It takes a lot to write out the magic forms and how to use them. Plus characters need to be developed, and scene lists. There is just so much to do. It is this time last year I started working on developing Seeing Through the Veil Series again. It was a few days before I finished the first draft. Seeing something I started working on a year ago make it so far in a years time is very satisfying.

While I am only week and a few days before a months time has past since finishing the first draft, I am most likely going to wait until April to start editing to give myself enough time be able to get my mind off it. To do that I need to start writing something. I have it, and I mentioned it in last weeks post. Chronicles of Skylar Grant. I was going to use the old outlines I had for his to free write the story, but found the new story and do enjoy the idea behind it. It just needs fixing. I am going to ignore the outline for the most part, and write it. I have a better understanding of what that story is heading now. I don’t have any plans for the series, other then to maybe use as a background for another one, but time will tell.

To make myself clear on my current goals, now until the end of March, my writing will be focused on Skylar Grant while I develop the Forbidden Realm world and characters. At that point I will start editing Seeing Through the Veil, and hopefully will have Forbidden Realm world developed enough to be able to start writing the first book in that series. If it is not ready to write, I will continue to develop and write Chronicles of Skylar Grant until it is. To make sure I do some writing this week, I am stating this it here. If I don’t write at least a thousand words this week I will pay someone Twenty Dollars, something I can’t really afford to do. Thus, the motivation as I have been told by indie author Randy Ingermanson who does this. Only his, amount is a hundred and I really can’t afford that or have it to pay someone. Twenty will work.

That is all for today. Check back on Friday for the last topic post in my Craft Post on Characters this Friday. I will be talking about Character motivations. I should clarify that it is the last post before the wrap-up and review post that will come next week before moving on to another topic. Hope everyones, past writing week was good and hope this week goes even better.



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