Wow, this week went by fast. Didn’t I just write last weeks writing wrap-up? I am not even talking about the craft post a few days. That is what happens when your sick all week. Not having to work for four days thanks to being sick a week ago from Saturday. Then having time two days off for my birthday, and then not schedule Tuesday is great. Lucky, me tossing my cookies Saturday wasn’t the only a one time day. No, I didn’t get that sick. I got my seasonal allergies and boy they hit me hard Wednesday and still recovering since.

Progress this week, was limited. While I made some progress on my magic systems for Forbidden Realm. This was before I got sick. I got the basis down while doing laundry, as the sinus pressure started to build Wednesday. I think this is enough beating around the bush, and just say it. No, writing got done. Yep, another week, I thought about just not mentioning but I need to. I owe someone twenty dollars. So, I am pissed. At myself of course, and I could say I have an excuse, but I posted last week if I don’t hit a thousand words and didn’t leave any wiggle room. Now, who am I going to pay.

While, I got nothing story writing done. I have figured out my voice for Chronicles of Skylar Grant. That is good, and I will be starting that as soon as I finish this post. To ensure I write, I am making my pledge of paying someone a hundred dollars if I don’t write a thousand words this week. Since twenty dollars wasn’t enough, clearly I need a large amount, to encourage me. Progress, on Forbidden Realm, is going well. Beyond the magic systems that are ongoing, I have figured out my hook for the first book. Something, I really need to focus on when outlining. Not sure what happened, from working on Marks of Eilira and knowing to hook the reader and then writing Seeing Through the Veil back in May and forgetting the hook.

Guess that is what happens when you don’t write constantly, you forget what you have learned. Trying to remember my development of Seeing Through the Veil, as I go through this process for Forbidden Realm. It is fun, but damn I forgot how much work it is. However, I think I have figured out my next topic for the craft post after the conclusion of Character this Friday. I am debating between World Building and Magic Systems. Since I am doing both of those right now. I got a little less than two weeks to figure that out.

Being the middle of March already, my mind is also processing possible edits for the first draft of Seeing Through the Veil. Soon, I will be doing what a full-time author who doesn’t have a day job does, only I have one. I am excited. There were times, I never thought I would reach this point where I was trying to write, edit and develop another series, all the same, time. All while having to work. Maybe, some authors who work a day job might not do that, but I have to be one of them if I want to make the progress on all the stories I want to write.

That’s all for this week, expect a quick post later today or later this week once I hit a thousand words. I’ll also post a photo as proof that I have paid someone the twenty dollars. I am also going to try to start posting short post around Wednesday on articles I find about writing. The goal is to do this weekly, but I am going to do this as when I have an article to share. They maybe old posts but hopefully they will fresh and new not years. However, if the article has good information that can help, then who cares how old the post is. Hope everyone has a good writing week.



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