Writing Wrap-up: Take Five

Posted: March 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

Who wants a hundred dollars? Yes, Five weeks in a row I have yet to write… Gotta Ya. I am just kidding. I got so wrapped up this week I never got around to publishing. Monday, after I finished my post I sat down and wrote 2300 words. Again, I wrote an additional 1700 I think Wednesday, maybe it was Thursday. But I wrote something, and I like what I wrote. I will probably post a sample later today after I get back from work. It feels good to get back to typing words out in story form. Still gotta get that writing groove back, but you know after four weeks of not writing and not writing something new, I am okay with it.

This week my goal is to keep the juices flowing and hit my 6000 words weekly goal and write at least three days. No, I am not giving away money if I don’t. I am too poor. However, I do have to mail that check to my buddy the Twenty Dollars for not writing the week before. The only way I am giving money away is if I don’t write at all. I think the hundred dollars works well to motivate me.

It is the 21st of March, eleven days left until revisions start on the first Draft of Seeing Through the Veil. I actually printed it out and boy is it thick. See for yourself.



Yep, over a hundred seventy thousand words, printed front and back with one-inch margins and size twelve font with one and a half line spacing. It is 531 pages, can you only imagine how many pages it would be if it was double spaced? Well, I get to start revising it by reading through it taking more notes than what I already wrote while writing. Yes, I printed those out as well. From there, I figure out what new scenes I need to add to make the changes I want to make the changes. I revise my scene list and go through plug the new scenes into and move scenes around. From there I start cutting the fat. Yep, the official second draft. Got over 90k to cut if I want to hit 85k by the final draft. I think I can do it.

Last time wrote the second draft, it took me only a month. That was writing time, not the probably additional month to read through the draft and take notes. June-July is my goal to complete the second draft. We will see, this draft is far longer than the last draft I rewrote.

That is all for this week. I hope everyone’s writing will go well and I will not fall back into not writing. Check back Fridays for my Craft post as we start a new series, and it will be on. (Pretend you head a drumroll)… Magic Systems. Yes, I decided to go with magic systems. Mostly, because that is what I have been hard at work on for the past two months with Forbidden Realm. I am not sure how long the series will be, but the number three is floating around in my head at the moment. Don’t hold me to it. If the last series taught me anything is that when I think I am about done, I will remember something important to add.


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