Damn, this week went by fast. After I posted last week wrap up, the next thing I knew it was Thursday. I am not sure what, I did, but something distracted the hell out of me. Yes, I did write this week I think was around 1200 words. No, I didn’t write three days. Kind of pissed about that. However, other than that I have had a productive week on the development side. Before I get to that, let me do something I completely forgot to do last week. I had a spot to insert the pick of my check to my buddy for not writing.


There you have it. The check, that I am sending out tomorrow. Mostly because I lost the other one and then found it when I cleaned my room.

Now that is taken care of, I can say that I am done with my Magic System. When I say magic system I mean the one I was working on. I still have a few more to go, but they aren’t even close to the complexity as the last few. However, knowing me, I will probably turn it into something far more complex as I write it. Beyond that, I have updated the origin of the idea section in the project bible as it has been two years since I did that. Yes, I like to keep track of how I came up with the ideas for my projects. Part of it is for myself, the other part is if I ever publish the project bible people can see how I came up with the ideas.

This week is going to be another week that I can see flying by. I have four days left before I start revising the first draft of Seeing Through the Veil. It starts with the read through, that will probably take a month though that is how long it took me to read through Marks of Eilira first draft back in 2012. That draft was far shorter so maybe it will take two months. Hopefully, it won’t. I got to balance revising, writing and developing all at the same time. That is probably the part I am the most excited for as that is how it will from now until the day I stop writing. To start figuring out how to handle that process is going to very interesting.

There eighteen different things left on my list to complete my world building, well the revising the world for Forbidden Realm. Then I have about a dozen character profiles to write out not to mention the scene list for the first book. It doesn’t seem like much looking at the list, but some of this stuff are going to take a while. Stuff like the world history will probably be continuing to develop long into writing the books. I don’t need a complete timeline like I thought I did, but I do need to know all the ones that involved the main story. I won’t be surprised if some of the events will come up as I write.

Oh and there is getting the gym and working out. I got into it twice last week, so I need to get back in at least three times this week. Of course, I have a job I have to work, but that seems like a waste of time since they aren’t giving many hours. Hell, it gives me more time to work on what I need to. That is all I got for this week Writing Wrap-up. Check back on Friday for the next post in the Magic Systems series, I will be covering the last two of Sanderson Law of magic systems. Hope everyone has a great writing week.



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