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Posted: April 4, 2016 in Uncategorized
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What day is it today? Oh ,it is Monday, crap. I think I should call this week’s post: Fly By 2: Another Week Gone. Is it just me or does that sound like a movie title to a bad B Romantic Comedy movie? Well, I got jack done this week. Thank you, work. Yes, I am blaming work even though it wasn’t that much. It was just spaced where I worked every other day it sure feels like it is a lot. If anything I got done this week that should be an achievement as I finished the drawings of my two main characters for Forbidden Realm. Yep, Emily and Taryn I now know what they look like. For years, I have known what they looked like but changed things as the story changed. It is just nice to know what they look like as I tried to do this back in January and couldn’t as I didn’t know what kind of outfit they would wear in their specific role.

I did get some writing done, not until yesterday and it was just over 700 words. The scene was something I had no clue what I wanted to do with it, as I was trying to avoid Skylar’s parents from finding out that he just slept with his girlfriend for the first time and was attacked by someone. After fighting off his assailant with the reveal of his power but blacks out after getting injected with a chemical to put him out. I was going to have him wake up in the hospital but then the parents would found out, so I avoid it. Since the chemical had little effect for several minutes the blacks out I decided to have his newly discover powers are more active than normal.

Skylar wakes up minutes after blacking out and being helped by EMT. The question was how do you get him out of going to the hospital. Well, the EMT are not actual EMT but part of the people who came for him. Skylar managed to overcome them and get the attention of the cops who were around. This is not only a better to get around going to the hospital, but also allows me to have Skylar meet an important character sooner rather than later. I think, with that troubling scene out of the way, I shouldn’t wait until the last day to write. I know what I want to write in the next one.

Friday marked the start of revisions on the first draft of Seeing Through the Veil. Well, it was supposed to, and unfortunately, it didn’t happen. I am three days removed and not one word has been read in that draft. That will change today. I am going get out of my apartment with my draft and notepad and read a chapter or two taking vigorous notes. I also plan to try to get one or two things knocked off my checklist for Forbidden Realm this week. There is a lot to do and I am working more this week then last so I can’t hesitate.

That’s all for this week, please check back Friday for the next post in the Magic System series. This week I will go over my experience developing my own systems and more recently the four I just wrapped up. I am going to try to post a link to an interesting article on writing sometime this week as I said wanted to start doing. Just gotta have the time to find one to post. Hope everyone’s writing week goes well.



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