Weekly Writing Wrap-up: Whatever is shiny gets the attention

Posted: April 11, 2016 in Uncategorized
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This week started off on such a high note, and boy did it change quickly. Welcome to this week Writing Wrap-up. I got some work done this week, but not what I wanted to. I am not sure how it happened by I got distracted. Maybe, I should start the beginning. Sure, why not its is as good of a place as any. It was a cold March morning and I was two weeks… Wait, too far back.

Sorry, having a little fun since it is nearly four when I am starting to write this. Damn short bursts of sleep. The week started out good, I got some writing done, and even started to second draft of Seeing Through the Veil. Since I have so many words to cut, I decide to make that my number concern right now. I packed up printed out the first draft and took it to a local coffee place and read the first chapter and made notes on how to shrink it down. The next day, I sat down and made those corrections. Normally, I read through the whole draft before I do. I think because the ideas and changes were so strong in my mind I need to.

Well, it worked. I cut the chapter in half. Down from over 2400 to just slightly over 1200. I will have to go through and reread the chapter, but from what I got from it was more of what I wanted out the chapter. Quick to the point cutting the crap that can be used a backstory if I need it. Also, I added dairy sections before the chapter setting up the big reveal and the hook at the end. It is something I am trying this draft. They are short entries that are going to help with background with either in the chapter or giving some details that on the backstory.

Wednesday, I went right back to the coffee shop and started on chapter 2. The best part of that chapter the whole the first scene of two that is in that chapter is basically going to be the diary entry. Just slimmed down to the points. Also, it is getting rid of all the backstory that I believe is a little too soon to get out. Especially for what is going on. The second scene I figured out how to slim down greatly as well. How many words did I cut out of that chapter you ask? I’ll let you know when I make the changes. Yes, that is when the week took a turn to the distracted.

From Wednesday evening on, I was like a cat whose attention was caught by something shiny moving on the wall and couldn’t get away. After that, I got no writing done. Editing, new words, or developing. I just sat on my ass developing character designs for nothing. I just enjoy doing it, and I am sure at some point they will be used in one of my stories, but not any currently. Guess what, I don’t want to stop. I want to only do that at the moment.

I am fine, because I do enjoy it, but I have too much I need to get done. So, I have decided that I will allow myself to do it or anything I want if I get what I need to get done. Today, when I get back up after I go back to sleep, hopefully soon. My goal is to edit chapter two, write some words for Skylar Grant and get some development done on Forbidden Realm. Not much, just something. If I get all that done, then I can do whatever I want. The best part is, the faster I get it done I can get to it quicker. I may throw in read chapter 3, and most likely will. As I can’t read one day and edit the next as it will take forever for me to get through the draft. I think it is time to break out my weekly schedule update it and start using it since I am at the point where I am writing, editing and developing all at the same time.

I’ll keep you in the loop. Check back on Friday for my Penultament post in the Magic System Series before the wrap up next week. Yes, I already know what I am going to be doing for our next series. No, I am not going to give any hints. Hopefully, I will find an article to repost this week like I did about Scrivener iPad Beta starting this month. If I find some time between everything I need to get done I am going to start filling in some of the links on this blog. No promise I will get to it this week, but it is on the list to start doing. That’s all, hope everyone has a good writing week.



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