Weekly Writing Wrap-up: Mass Chaos

Posted: April 18, 2016 in Uncategorized
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This past week was very busy and full of chaos. Looks like my plans to pick up and move this September may be on hold. A possible job opportunity in my field has popped up that would require me to stick around until this time next year. I was going to pass it up, but it seems too good experience wise. I only bring this up as I spent Thursday through Saturday working on a proposal. This cut into my productivity some. Also, sleep. I couldn’t get to sleep after a meeting on the project and filming another. I will be submitting my proposal soon, and hopefully it will be accepted.

If I get this project as my proposal, I will have a lot of free time come this fall. I will not have to work more than a few hours additionally for a part time job. I won’t be able to if I want to get the project done. This will give me a far more freeing schedule for writing. I will be able to pick when I want to work on the project other than specific dates to shoot. Well, enough about non-writing stuff.

This week, I manage to get more revising on draft 2 of Seeing Through the Veil. I had to split a chapter into two, change where the scene breaks were in another. More importantly, I was able to cut more words out of the draft. Out of three chapters from the first draft, I have four chapters edited. (This includes the new chapter that the back half of chapter 3 became). Out of this I have cut 2985 words. This is a great start as I have over 90k to cut, and will probably not get that much cut in this draft but time will tell. Hell getting even half of that cut from this draft would be a huge improvement.

Besides editing, I started working on the history of Forbidden Realm. Got a good starting point and I just watched Star Wars The Force Awakens last night and has got me excited all over again. Incase you didn’t know, after watching it in theatres in Decemeber I started reworking my longest running project of fifteen years, sixteen come August. Since then, I have revamped the story into six books, one outlined, a scene list in the works. The two main characters profiles completed with character designs done and I have reworked five magic systems in the series. Not bad. I am going to get back to working on the history and try to get more of the scene list done as I would love to have a first draft completed of the first book come August.

Beyond that, nothing else got done. Skylar Grant has suffered writing for the past two weeks. I’m still trying to get myself on a schedule and it isn’t easy when I have other stuff like proposals to write to get out to people so I can stop having to work stupid retail jobs. While I am not writing anything new, I still count I am writing for editing. Though this week I plan to get some words written in Skylar Grant. It will not be easy, thanks to stupid Inventory at Dick’s Sporting Goods today and tomorrow. I have given up all hope of doing anything today. We will see how tired I am tomorrow as I work until midnight preparing for inventory and then have to be back at the store at 8:45 to 4.

That is all I got today. Hopefully, I will get everything I want to write this week. Keep an eye out for a writing article repost this week. Also, Friday I will wrap up my current Craft Post on Magic Systems and the following week will start a new series. I am not saying what it is, though I may have mentioned it in the last craft post. Everyone have a good writing week.


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