Friday is here, and it finally feels like spring outside, well here in upstate New York. Today is the final entry or the wrap up of our series on Magic Systems. Don’t let the title fool you, there is far more to magic systems than what we have covered. Our first two posts

Being a very intelligent person, I like to know how things work. It is one of the reasons why I agree with authors that say magic should have rules, like Brandon Sanderson. Even if they are going to be more mysterious. I believe that even if you decide that you want your magic to be more mysterious and wonderful, you still need to know what it can and can’t do. This way you don’t fall into the trap using magic to bail yourself out of a situation that you can’t see a way out of. If you want to do that, you need to make sure you foreshadow it long before it happens in your story.

If there is anything I have learnt from reading on how to make Magic Systems is that you need to foreshadow any big twist with your magic. It is almost more important that you foreshadow the twist with magic far more than a big character reveal. This is most likely from hundreds of fantasy novels over the years where authors used magic to get themselves out of a jam. I am not about to say for them it is lazy writing. It is part of the advancement of fantasy, however, today it is considered lazy writing as we know better or should know better.

Sanderson Laws are a great starting point, and can help you figure out some things you need to know about your magic. Just because Sanderson or other authors or even because I know everything my magic system can do that will probably never make into my stories doesn’t mean you do. I recommend know as much as you can this way if you are writing a stand-alone novel and decide to do a sequel someday and you have shown everything your magic can do in the first book, you will have to build on it and that isn’t always the easiest to do. Some people can do it while others can’t. The changes could come as forced added to continue the story. You don’t want that feeling.

As I have said throughout this series is there are many resources out there on this topic, and you should take the time to use them. The biggest help for me was to two things, find fantasy worlds that have good magic systems and read them to see how they construct their rules or in the case of those that don’t tell the readers the rules, see if you can figure out what the rules could be. This will get you thinking along these lines. I can’t tell you all the times I have gone to Wikia page on different novel series or anime series to see how they go about their magic rules. I visited Naruto Wikia probably over a thousand times as the magic in my system was more of what you would find in anime, like Naruto or Dragon Ball Z.

Second read lots of fantasy or in my case since I am very busy audiobooks and reading or listening to the novel the magic is in will not only help you with crafting your magic but also show you how to write scenes on how to talk about magic so it doesn’t become just information dumps. If you are a writer you should be reading anyways, so why not read what you like or write.

Before I wrap up, just please don’t let this talk on the need for rules and what you should do. This is all opinion and while it is opinion there is a reason why lots of people hold to these opinions. Don’t let thinking of all of this. First and foremost if you have an idea for magic system forget all that I have said and other say and write down your ideas and when you can’t write any more down use the tools I provide and the other tools out there on the internet to help you take what you got and expand it into what you want it to be. You might find what you originally wanted is nothing close to what it can be. Your magic is only a piece of your story, and while it does need to time to be crafted, it should take up all of you time or the rest of your story will suffer.

That’s wraps our series on magic systems. Next week we start a brand new series and I believe will be a longer series than usual. It will be World Building and I really want to dive into that topic so I might break that series into sections. I’ll know more after this weekend. Check back on Monday for my weekly Writing Wrap-up. Hope  everyones writing week is going well.





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