Week Writing Wrap-Up: And a half

Posted: April 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

This week has been crazy so far add on having a few nights where I either couldn’t get to sleep or woke up three hours after I went to bed. Work has been nuts. What do I have to show so far this week? Absolutely nothing. Not the best way to go when it is your first week on a schedule for writing. I’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s go back to last week.

From a productivity standpoint, last week was amazing. I accomplished almost everything I wanted to get done. I further developed Forbidden Realm History and got through chapter eight in Seeing Through the Veil. So far I have cut out over 8k words from the first draft. The next few chapters are going to be the testing grounds as I have a few chapters that have over two thousand words. One I believe is close to five thousand. If I can cut those chapters down and dramatically that will be great.

I even managed to figure out how to do update my new writing schedule. Last year around this time I made a schedule I would use when I could write full time. Then never followed it because I was only working two hours a day five days a week. I didn’t want to get on a schedule and then change it when I got a job. The schedule has been taped to my wall and has been bugging me ever since. I used Excel to develop it, but when I tried to go back and update it I couldn’t. My work hours change every week and I was not about to change it weekly.

So how do you make a schedule when something like work is going to change and cut into times you might schedule to be writing? I thought of a todo list, but changed my mind when I am more productive when I plug stuff into a time. Thank you modern technology. I opened up my calendar on my iMac, which I usually keep in monthly view and changed to daily. I went through my work schedule for the week plugged that in and then added everything around it. New Writing schedule.

Sadly, I am not following. Maybe next week when I only work two days will be a better time to give it a go. I can say this, that I am going to get this schedule to work. I need to. I can’t keep going weeks without writing new words. Yes. In all my productivity the one thing I didn’t get around to doing is writing more of Skylar Grant. That was one of the reasons for the schedule. It is a higher priority this week.

I can check one thing off my to-do list today, now that I finally got this blog done. Oh, that’s right, I got to go write tomorrow’s craft post. Yep, I still plan to get at least one post out on time this week. Check tomorrow for we start a new series on World Building. Please check it out. You can check back on Monday for a shorter four days writing wrap. That’s all I go today. Hope everyone’s writing week is going well.



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