It’s Monday… Have I ever told you I hate Mondays? No! Really? That’s a surprised, well I have now. Just to clarify I really, really, really, hate Mondays. Why? They are the start of the week. I know our calendars say Sunday is the start of the week, but common. We all know Monday’s are the start of the week. Anyway. Welcome to another addition of Weekly Writing Wrap-Up. For anyone who hasn’t read one of these before, this is my weekly post where I bitch and complain about why I didn’t get what I wanted to get done. Actually, it where I review my progress for the past week. Though there are some weeks when I do bitch about not getting it done.

This week is not one of them, so you picked a good one to start reading. Two weeks ago I started a new writing schedule, one that is built each week around my working hours. Week one, total screw up. Week two, awesome. I got a lot done. Almost all my goals for the week were met. The only one I didn’t get done was write three times this week. I got two. Was going to do it yesterday before work, but thanks to waking up at 3 am and not getting back to sleep until 4:30 am I slept to noon. That one is one me as I forgot to set an alarm.

Other than that, I made a lot of progress on my novel revisions. I  have three chapters left in section one. I have cut out just shy of 10k words, hoping to get close to 12k by the end of it. I worked out three times, develop more of Forbidden Realm history not as much, but more on that in a second. Read three nights before going to bed. Overall, it was a good week.

That leads me to Forbidden Realm. I made progress on the developing that series, but not as much as I would like. So this week, that is going to be more of a priority. Revisions have top priority right now, then will have Developing. I will write three days this week as that is number three to do.

Well, that’s all I got. These wrap-ups are a lot shorter when I get my work done then the weeks I complain about not getting stuff done. Oh well. Check back Friday for the next entry in our ongoing Craft Post Series on World Building. The topic will be one of two either rules or something else. I will be trying to post a link to another article on writing sometime this week as well. Other then that best wishes and hope everyone writing is coming along great.



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