Welcome to this week’s Craft Post, the second entry in our new series on World Building. I am going to be trying something different, today’s post is going to serve as intro and a post. What do I mean? Well, last week’s post was the official intro to the series, by the way, if you haven’t read it, you can find it Here.  Were are going to be covering Cosmology and it is going to be the topic for the new three posts, today included. So, think of today’s post as the intro to Cosmology but also the first post. Yeah, that makes sense.

What is Cosmology? Well, you can think about it as a top-down approach to worldbuilding. You start as high up as you possibly can, this will be more of the way the world came into existence. I’ll go more into this part in a second as that is part of the post part of this blog. Beyond the creation of your world, it is also where you figure out the mechanics of your world. This can be how the entire universe works or your world (planet) in general. For the sakes of this series, I am going to cover three areas of Cosmology: Creation, Realms, and Rules. We will cover these areas, but necessarily in that order. Today, we will cover Creation.


Every culture in the world has an account of how the world came into being. Most of these accounts are more religious based such as the Judeo/Christian creation account in Genesis 1 where the world is created in six days and God rests on the seventh. Greek creation account starts with chaos and the formation of Gia and Uranus having the titans, who eventually overthrew Uranus. Zeus would eventually do the same to his father Cronos and then would create man. Today, we have our creation that is through science that says the universe didn’t exist and then did after the Big Bang. While this based in science and has all kind of evidence, we still can’t completely prove it as there is so much we still don’t know. It just the best option thus far. I am not saying this as an argument if the Big Bang Theory is real or not. I am just looking at it through the idea creation accounts.

When you are creating your world you need to know how your world was created. If your story takes place in a world like ours for a science fiction story, then you don’t really need to do much here as you are going to be accepting our current model of how the universe came into being. Unless your story is about finding the answer to how the universe was created, you won’t have much to do. However, if you are doing a science fiction story in a different universe, you might want to come up with this answer. Having a universe that was created by aliens from another universe could be an very interesting idea and be a great piece to discuss themes of aliens advance enough to create a universe as gods or just a race of people far more advanced than those who live in it.

For Fantasy stories, I would know how your world was created, even if it isn’t actually how the world was created but the belief of the people in your story. It may not have anything to do with your story, but you might want to have your characters come across a people or religion that have strong beliefs in how the world was created. How you do the creation, is more on your style and where you fall on the line of worldbuilding I talked about in the first post. If you want to build based on what will suit your story, then having a creation for a religion will work for you. If you are like me, then you want to know how it actually was created, even if it will never be mentioned in your story.

Does creation of your world have to be created as a result of science and or by a god? No. There can be other ways, you just have to think of them and whatever you choose, needs to make sense to and the readers, no matter how unlikely it is. Why not have a creation account combined with science and a god? Spend some time thinking about this and research different creation myths, from our world and other storyworlds.

That’s all for today’s post. Check back next week, when I will most like talk about rules, but realms could be the topic. It all depends on which one ideas flow into my mind throughout the week. Check back on Monday for this week’s Writing Wrap-up post. That’s all for now.


PS. This was supposed to post automatically last week, but since a screw up on my part having it post in June 6th, instead of May 6th it is posting now. I was going to post a second craft post, but after seeing this my motivations are gone. Maybe later today or tomorrow they will be back. So, enjoy last weeks post as this weeks. Sorry for not catching it sooner.

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