Welcome to this week’s Writing Wrap-up, before I get to the details of my very productive week that I posted a preview of yesterday. Sorry about the whole confusion of the Craft Post. I schedule the craft post to post on minute after midnight. When I get them done earlier in the week. It didn’t even catch my eye that it didn’t post when I posted last week’s wrap-up. Well, Last week’s post is up and I’ll continue with it this week. On to the wrap-up.

If you haven’t read my preview post, then you don’t know that after two days of labor I have not only cracked the story for book two of my longest developing series ever, fourteen years. I completed its scenes list that consists of a hundred and ninety-seven scenes. Yep. I mentioned last weeks post I may try to set a day aside to see if I could crack the story. I had ideas in my head, but nothing really locked. Well, I can’t say that I knew how the book was going to end and a rough idea of a few scenes that all made it onto the list. I just didn’t know how to go about it.

This series was to be two trilogies, but not anymore. When I sat down I was going to see if I could figure out a way to make the story fit into three books even if they were an epic length. Originally, when I tried this back in December and January I couldn’t there were too many old ideas I was still holding onto. Now, I can. It was very easy really. Ironically, the story is the same story it was years ago when I locked the plot. This before I decide to make the sequel series I as thinking about was part of the overall story.

I added two more series to tell this story. This was when I was still developing as an Anime/Manage series. The story I locked wasn’t missing the final piece. I have it now and while I was going to start developing ideas for the third book yesterday, I decided not to due to work. Oh, and lack of sleep. I finished the scene list at 3am yesterday morning. I am going to try to crank out the bullets for the book today.

This all would have been done Friday, but my iMac has been lagging lately so I decide to delete it and install a clean copy of OS X. That took all day. I got nothing done. Oh well. As for the rest of my week, I got a lot of revisions done. I am up to 13k in words cut, but that is without taking into account for diary entries at the start of each chapter.  Wednesday was the most productive day I had and it is why I was able to focus all Thursday on Forbidden Realm. I will be back to revisions today as I need to get this done. I am not going to hit June’s deadline to get it done, especially not with how many hours I am going to be working the next two weeks.

I completed writing on my short story, which is up to 8k now. I am not sure how much longer is going to be but I think it could end up being anywhere from 10-15k before I am done and then there is editing to get it down. Not to mention revisions. I like, it but I am not sure how good it is. Time will tell. That’s all for this week. There will be a new Craft Post this Friday, not one that didn’t post when it should have. Also, I will try to get a repost of another writing article. Other than that, I hope everyone had a good weekend and their writing is going well.



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