Welcome to the 26th Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Since I started to write these weekly I have only posted 26 of them. Probably one or two more but not all of them are labeled that so I counted anyone based on the title that seemed like it could fall under one. This week was not a good week… If you compare it to last week. If you don’t then it was good. Let’s break it down by what I want to go over, there is: Daily Writing, Seeing Through the Veil Revisions, Forbidden Realm Development, and Aeon Timeline. It may seem a lot but it isn’t. Let’s jump in.

My short story I have been writing for a few weeks now is going well. I wrote three days, this week and coming along. I know how it is going to end and trying to get there, but I am learning more of what I need to cover to do so. By the time I finish it I doubt it will be a short story. What I am thinking about doing is when I am done is go through it and make a scene list both stuff I cover and say and decide what is most important and what isn’t. Then rewrite it and flesh out the scenes more as it is more telling than showing right now. I should get the word count down by doing that as well.

Seeing through the Veil Revisions are chugging along, but I didn’t get as many done I would have liked. The process is getting old and my mind is wandering for something new. Probably because I am making such progress on Forbidden Realm’s story. I will push through until I am done and then will take a break again as I pass it on to some beta readers or someone else to get a second opinion on it. Once I finish the section I am on, I am going to sit down and set a hard deadline for it. I think that is one of the reasons I am not as far along as I would like.

Forbidden Realm has progressed in big strides. Compared to last week where I cracked the story for Book 2 and then completed the outline, not that big. I did crack the story for book 3 and it is long. Just shy of a hundred bullets. I did start on the scene list, but my second section is twenty scenes long and it right now all it is, is an info dump on what really is going on. I think some of it will have to be given in the other books. Or once I get the scene list done I may be able to figure out where some of the information can be pushed later in the book. That is going to be my priority for development part of my this next week. Hopefully, I will get to post sometime this week that I have finished the scene list. Though, I still need to complete book one scene list.

Lastly, I want to talk about some software I found today. I have actually talked about this software on my old blog years ago. Today, I rediscovered it only because I learned that version 2 had released in April. I bought it and boy is there improvements visually. It looks so much better than the first version. Aeon Timeline 2 is awesome, though still a pain in the ass to learn. There still is no multiple calendar options, in case you are dealing with two different worlds their calendars are different. It seems like we may get that eventually as Aeon Timeline is not aiming for just writers now, but everyone from legal, screenwriters, to historians. That feature would be extremely helpful to a historian who is dealing with different calendars.

Anyway, I have been spending the day working with it and starting to make progress. I am starting with The Veil and having it all events show up within their own world. My goal is to have all the history of the five worlds lined up. We will see. I will be taking at least one day a week to work on learning Aeon Timeline better. I will be posting a review later this week when I have had more time to play with it and see if it is easier then I think it is to use. It is still new and only found one really person who as posted three videos on how to use it and they aren’t that good. Seeing what she did within the program is awesome, but when going over how to do them at times she is helpful while others she starts something and moves on and never actually showed how to do it.

That’s all. See not as much as it looked. Check back for my review on Aeon Timeline 2, and the next post in the Worldbuilding Series topic Cosmology, roughly titled Rules. I think you will be surprised on my take on that post. Since I didn’t post a writing article this past week, I will this week. Other than that, I hope everyone had a good writing week and continue to. iSight-2016-03-28-03-57


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