Welcome to this week’s Writing Wrap-up… Yes, you are reading the title correctly. I am posting this past Friday’s Craft Post today. Why? Great question. I took last week off. Yep, I did absolutely nothing and it was great. That would mean this wrap-up is pointless and since my schedule was crazy and didn’t get this post up in time on Friday I decided to do it today. For those who haven’t read any of the previous posts in this series, you can find them here (Intro to Series, Creation Accounts (Intro Cosmology), and Other Realms). This is my last post in the Cosmology subseries and it called The Laws. For those wondering, why Laws and not Rules like I have been saying for weeks. Well, Thanks to posting Other Realms first and taking this past week off, I got some better clarity on this post. Let’s jump in.

How familiar are you with the current struggle in Physics? Wait, what? Do you know what I am talking about? Here, in Physics, there are Four Fundamental Forces (Gravity, Electromagnetism, Weak Force and Strong Force). Electromagnetism, Weak and Strong Forces have all been able to be linked together, however, Physicists have not been able to link Gravity with them. Here’s another away of putting it. The problem is known as the General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics problem. Both are true yet our current understanding of Physics they don’t. General Relativity is large scale and Quantum Mechanics is on the super tiny scale.

I am not going into it any further if you would like to know more Click Here for a Google Results. I bring this up, as when I refer to Cosmology and the rules I talking about more about your worlds Laws of Physics. But Tim, why does this matter? I’ll tell you why. If you want Time Travel to be possible in your story then the Laws of Physics in your world must allow for it. Magic, gotta have it written in there somewhere.

Many writers like to rely on our Laws of Physics for their world, but let me tell you a little secret. Magic doesn’t exist in our world or does Time Travel. We have theories on how Time Travel could be possible, but it doesn’t exist yet. If you want it to be possible in your world, you need to think about this ahead of time. There are two approaches to this, I bet you can guess what they are.

General Relativity or Quantum Mechanics. In other words, large to small or small to large. However you want to approach it, is up to you. At this stage of world building, I would say go large to small. However, if you are doing this part later on then you can do small to large. Do you need to go all the way up to Galaxy size for this or down to how things work on the smallest scale? No! If you don’t care how large or small it can get then don’t do it. Do enough for your story.

I know what you’re thinking, I have been saying it is better to go bigger now in case you want to tell another story afterward and don’t have to make things up later. Very true and I do think that, but if you define your Laws ahead of time, if this happens you have a building off point. If what you want to do can’t happen with your current laws, it means you have to get creative. Unless the new ideas don’t contradict what you already have established in the first book then you can just make a new law.

The hard part with this is, with each new law, you have to figure out how they affect the other laws you have established. Some may only be minor effects while others will huge effects. The more of the work you do now, the better and easier it will be to do other stories as you will know what is capable of happening in your world and what isn’t.

That’s all for Cosmology. Friday, yes this Friday I will post the next intro to the next subseries in our World Building series. I haven’t even thought about what it might be. Check back on Friday and see what it will be. Next Monday I will have a Writing Wrap-up posted. As much fun as not having to do anything this week was I need to get back to work on Revision and Developing my many worlds. Hope everyone has a great writing week.



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