Welcome to this week’s Writing Wrap-up. I hope everyone had a good writing week. The latest post in our ongoing series on World Building is up. We just started a new section with the working title Storyworld. The new post is called Planetary System. Due to how long this series is going to be, I put a link in the toolbar above where all the links are. This is so I don’t have to keep posting a lot of links. You can read the latest post, Planetary System. Let’s jump into the wrap-up as I got a lot to do today.

Are you wondering what the title 31,578-89 means? I hope so because those are two very important numbers. Being in the middle of editing draft one of Seeing Through the Veil and writing draft two, I have one major goal. Cut out 90,000 words. I didn’t think I would get close to that in this edit, but after finishings three sections. (Merging two of those sections into one). I am proud to announce that I have cut out 31,578 words.

When I compare sections 1,2, and 4 from the first draft to sections 1 and 2 of draft two, the 144 pages single spaced is now 89 pages. That is 51 pages less. I have been keeping track of how many words I have cut out from each scene but lost count when I tried to figure out how many words I really had cut out after adding new diary scenes at the beginning of each chapter in section 1. After section two only made it more confusing, so I stopped keeping track and waited until I was done with the new section 2 (merger of sections 2 and 4). Now I know.

Progress is being made. I am happy with the progress especially with the change in attitude I have. Near the end of (new) section 2, I was not happy how long it was taking me to read and make the edits. I had a vision for the section and I wanted to get it done. Plus, I was cutting a lot of scenes from (old) section 4 and wanted to know how many words I was cutting. What did I do? Guesses anyone? Yes. I read through the remaining chapters of (old) section 4 making notes and then went through and made the changes. I did all the changes in one day and that day was Thursday.

With the success of that, I have been spending the last few days reading section 3 and doing the same. I just completed the notes last night and will begin making the corrections today. I don’t know if I will get them all done today, but I will by tomorrow. If I keep this pace up, I will have the second draft completed by the end of this month. Actually, I just opened the printed out copy of draft one and opened to section five and it is about halfway through the manuscript. I am going to be making changes so that section will be section six, but glad to see I am half way done.

Beyond that, I am working on the timeline of events in Aeon Timeline 2. I will more than likely have a review of that software up this week, once I finish the changes to section 3. That is going along well. Something I need to get back on is developing Forbidden Realm. I hit a little snag in the scene list for book 3, so to get the ideas flowing again I will return to developing the history of the world. The goal is the same, to start writing book one by the start of July.

That’s all I got today. Keep writing. Check back for my review on Aeon Timeline 2 and the next post in our craft post on Friday’s called The Planet! Also, you can look forward to some changes on the blog, as I am going to spend sometime this week getting caught up on it.



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