Weekly Writing Wrap-up: I got Nothing!

Posted: June 13, 2016 in Weekly Writing Wrap-Up
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I got nothing. Yep, this past week I got jack squat done. That’s not fully true, I did do some editing on Seeing Through the Veil, but it was very little. Part of me think it is due to that fact the section has a lot of work needed to be done, beyond what I wrote in my notes. It is just something in my head. We will see, but I am putting a bounty on my head for this week. I need to work on the section all week long until it is finished. Only then can I take a break. Let me be clear on my terms for this, I mean at least one hour each day. I have done that today, the next two days are going to be the challenge as I work full shifts.

That’s all I got. I hoped everyone enjoyed my review on Aeon Timeline 2. It is a really cool program. I may take some time to do some video tutorials. You know, when I have time. I don’t want you feeling your time was wasted to find out that I didn’t do anything this past week so, here is a cool article on economic in fantasy. Click Here for Article.

Check back on Friday for the latest post in our ongoing Worldbuilding Series. Note, if you don’t care about maps, you can skip the post. Anything I say here will be posted in other posts later on, not that I am going to say much. Hope you all have a good writing week.



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