Welcome to this late edition of Weekly Writing Wrap-up. I am going to get right to the post as I have a lot to get done today. Like the title, what could it mean? This is how my writing week started and finished. After the week before having got nothing done, I needed a good week and it started out well and ended horribly. A week and a day ago I started out well, and then moved on to Tuesday had a fantastic day for my editing Seeing Through the Veil first draft and then nothing.

When I start reading through the sections making all of my notes on the changes I thought I could easily get the draft finished by the 30th. Now two weeks later I am still in section 3 and still have many more sections to get to. I need to section 3 done this week if not today. The problem is I have other things going on that I like doing that is distracting me. One thing I have decided and I may have mentioned before, but on my weeks regardless if I work if I do some writing I can do whatever I want on my weekends. That is going to be where I do some of this other stuff.

Another thing I have gotten away from is scheduling my days out so I can get this stuff done. I got so much done when I was doing this and I will get back to that. Part of the stuff I haven’t gotten a lot done is Forbidden Realm. Part of this trying to get my Timeline for the series going. I have a new goal for Forbidden Realm and is to get the scene list for book one done so I can start writing it. I know where the series is going  and as I write the first book the scene list will change for book 2 and 3 afterward. So I need to focus on getting that book ready to start writing.

Finally, I got a great idea for my Dragon Nations series. I have been trying to redevelop this series since this time last year. From making the map to the world and getting some ideas for the first book. I am currently going through Brent Weeks Night Angel Trilogy and it helped me come up with some ideas for this series and two other series. I only mentioning this now, but I will rarely mention again. My World of Five Worlds ongoing storyline. I have a great idea to further cement these five worlds together more. I think what I am going to do is write each series in the World of Five Worlds with a different series in between. I don’t want this overarching series to end until I have had other series written as well.

With that, I am done with this post and need to get cracking on my writing. Check back on Friday for the start of a new sub-series and I have no clue where I am going with it. I have to do some reading on worldbuilding to figure this out. I prefer to tease the topic, but I am so crazy in my head I have to sit down and think about it today.



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