Welcome to this week’s Craft post, we are going to be starting a new sub-series today so it is a good time to start reading if you are new. This is part of a larger series on Worldbuilding, and you can find the other sub-series in the series here. Or you can go to the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar.

Today we are going to start looking at the people who live in your storyworld. There is so much that can be fit into this topic, I am not sure how many posts will fit into this sub-series. Most likely just enough to cover the people living in the world and break some of the other topics like religion and government off into their own sub-series.

All right let’s pull out your map of your world… What, you don’t have one? I suggest you check out Storyworld Map post. It shows you how to make a map of your world. Okay, you don’t need a map of your storyworld. I do think you should, but that is my opinion and it will clearly help with this subseries. Why? If you look at the video I posted of me making a quick map sped up you can see where all the different climate zones are. That alone will come in handy later on. For this post, I have another reason for you to look at your map.

If you have a map or not just think about your inhabitants of your world. If you have a map or know what your world looks like just think of how the inhabitants are spread out throughout the world. Think about how your world looks during the time of your story, if you know. Is there seven billion of the dominate race like on earth? Or is there more a few million? How are the distributed throughout your world? Are there small villages because it is still early in the dominate race that rules the world? Are there vast cities? Now, I don’t want to go into the formation of cities, but I want you to get a feel of how the population of your world looks.

Think why is your inhabitants are placed where they are. Is two different races or groups of people separate only because of a vast mountain range or a giant river? Why did the people settle where they did? There are reasons why cities and villages form where they do. Why are they enemies of the tribe cross the grand lake? Is there a reason why the desert people are held in so high regard? Think through some of this stuff.

Well, that’s all I got today. I wanted this to be more of an intro to the topic of the people. Get you thinking about the people who live in your world. Next week post will deal with the topic of races. I do want to give everyone a heads up, that in two weeks there will be no Craft Post or wrap-up posts that week. I am moving on July 7th, and driving to Arizona and will be on the road that week. There is a chance the following week will be the same. Depending on how much time I have I may try to write out these posts and just set them to auto-post on those days, but I can’t promise that. Check back on Monday for this week’s Wrap-up post.


  1. One of my favorite parts of world building is race creation! I love getting into the psychology of the race and figuring out the “why” of what they do. Do you have any samples of races you have created?


    • I do, but they are from a series that is in massive revisions and reimagining. They were from when I was really just learning how to worldbuild, but for doing it for the first time and years of tweaking I think they were good. Now, I have a much better understanding of things, so I look forward to when I decide to go back and work on that series again. I may pull some examples in a later post.

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