Welcome to this weeks Craft post, we are in the middle of an extended Worldbuilding series. Since Worldbuilding is huge I am breaking this down into sub-series. Right now we are in a sub-series on the Inhabitants of your world. Last week I talked about Races. You can find that post and all the other posts in this sub-series here. If you are new you can find the whole series under the Worldbuilding link in the toolbar or you could just click here. Before we jump into the topic of today’s post, sorry for the delay this post didn’t post as it was supposed to.

Let’s jump into it, but before we do, you might want to pull out that map of your world if you have one.

mapRemember this map? It is the map I made and sped up in the Storyworld Map post, (you can find the post here.) You may have noticed something different as there is a small red circle on the map. Click the map to get a larger image. I put that there as that is the location of the culture of people I am going to work on today.

I want to make a desert culture, as to get you thinking. I could have just said pick anywhere on your map, but I think selecting a specific place is a good way to make two points.

First, it is a visual of where these people live and what resources they have around them. Second, I think it shows why you should have a map of your world, even if you never release it. It comes in handy.

Let’s get started. The second map is a piece of the whole so we can better see what we are looking at. The people who live here are in a desert but sort of on the edge of it and a lake. Now that we know where to begin, the question that often comes to mind is where to start? Remember, where each race in your world lives is going to affect everything about them. Looks, beliefs, food, wardrobe, etc.map2

Before we go any further, the people I am going to start developing here are mine. Please feel free to take some of my ideas and use them in developing your own culture, but anything of detail is mine. Also, I am not going to be developing a whole culture today, as there is a lot to do and takes a lot of time to do so. I will start the process so you can see how I go about it and will give you questions to think about so you can keep going.

The easiest way to develop new cultures is to take from the different cultures in our own world and mix them together. Lately, I have been fascinated the Amazons. Not sure why maybe it has a little to do with Wonder Woman movie coming out. Who knows, but I like the idea an all women society. However, I am going to mix this up some. Amazon’s are beefy and no I do not mean fat. They are tall and muscular. Something that could fit in grace, due to the food supply. However, this race lives on the edge of a desert and lake. I am going, that is going to limit a good portion of food. Fish and other creatures found in the lake as well anything they find crawling or slithering through the sands as the main food supply.

I think I need a name for this race, so I am going to call them Trarush and other people in this world are going to know them as the Legendary Trarush Sand Warriors. Now that we have a name, I am going take a few more cultures to add to this. Let’s take Spartan, Japanese (Samurai and Ninja), and bees. What, bees, they are animals. I know, but I have a reason for this. Let me give a little description of the Trarush that I have in my head. (Sidenote, my description was a lot longer than I planned so to help keep the post shorter I made the description its own page, which you can read here)

I got a little carried away, with the description but part of it I cover several areas you need to look at when developing a culture. I would read the description before continuing. Without even looking at my questions to answer, I answered several of them, as in the kind of food the Trarush ate, the kind of culture they are as in warriors. I touched on mating and the roles of men in the Trarush people. (Do you see why I choose bees as influences). Some may take offense that men are at the head of mostly woman society, but I quickly showed they are only there for mating. We have an idea of what the women of Trarush use to look like and now look like. There are mentions of religious beliefs based on the rare eye colors and there is a look at what life is like for children.

In my description, at the time of this posting, I didn’t mention anything about training or how the cultures of Japanese Samurai and Ninja cultures play into the Trarush. Spartan you can take the whole training their children from when they are young and the styles of training depend on if they train as warriors or individual assassins. Moving on, if you do a search on Google, you can find many different pages on questions or help to develop your cultures. I am using two at the moment. Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions and Starting a Fictional Culture.

Where to begin with these pages? Depends on what you have? For me and how much I had developed in just writing this post, I would start by fleshing out some of the areas a little more. Such as training for children and adults. Clothing for the Trarush people such as what they wear above ground as opposed to underground. Weapons and armor they use. Develop more of the physical traits of the Trarush. In my head, I think the Trarush have conflicted opinions on beauty. They are naturally beautiful, but when it comes to young they see it as a crook, but later in life, they see it as an asset to be used as another skill set. Especially when dealing with men of other races.

If you are just starting working on a culture for a race and don’t know where to begin, I would go to Starting a Fictional Culture page and scroll a quarter of the way down to Set Culture Priorities. This part it gives you two opposing traits. Example the first one is Individuals or Groups. Go through them and feel free to mix them up, if they are individuals doesn’t mean you have to pick things that go with that, they could be courtesy over clarity, etc. This will give you a good starting point. From there I would flesh out what you have a little, maybe pick some cultures from earth you like to use and then jump over to Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions. There pick one of the topics and answer the questions.

To give you some ideas on what you will find on these pages here are the categories the questions fall under. (You will need to visit the pages for the actual questions.)

  • General
  • Customs
  • Eating
  • Greeting and Meeting
  • Gestures
  • Visits
  • Language
  • Ethics and Values
  • Religion and the Gods
  • Population
  • Economics
  • Isolation
  • War
  • Migration
  • Taboos

As I said before there are many pages out there that have suggestions. Note, that I don’t dive into economics much or in my example completely on government as I will cover those this in a different sub-series. I hope this helps, you get started. Maybe at a later time, I will do a full series on cultures and create from scratch. Time will tell. As for right now, I believe next week will be a wrap-up of this sub-series. Unless I come up with something new in the next few days.

Before I finish I promised some examples of my own work, so I will post one of the people from my Marks of Eilira Series. Just another reminder I own this information steal ideas from me and make it your own, but don’t just take it and use as is.


Tall leaky people with beautiful complexions, their skin color from whitish yellow to a mid yellowish tan orange. They had piercing blue, purple, and light green eyes. Their hair is long shoulder length dark brown to black, and they let their hair grow down to their shoulders or between their shoulder blades. The heads are also long ovals.

Life Span

Average Height

Shortest: 190 Average: 300 Longest 600


Home Realm




Main Ability

Secondary Ability

Long Life

Accelerated Healing

For my first time trying to develop new races it was good, but not much there. This will be changing when I eventually go back to Marks of Eilira. That’s all for this week, check back on Monday for my first Weekly Wrap-up in weeks. I will try to post a link to a writing article again this week, but with trying to get job resumes out I am not sure I will. I will try. Enjoy your writing and hope it is going well.


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