Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing Wrap-up, the first one in over three weeks, maybe four. I lost track of how many weeks it has been since my last one due to my move. If you are not up to date on our weekly craft post, the latest post in our sub-series on Inhabitants is Unique Races and how to create them. You can find all the posts in the sub-series here. For all the posts in the Worldbuilding series, you can find them by clicking on the link in the toolbar place your mouse over the Worldbuilding link to see all the sub-series.

This week is has been a very interesting week for me. I have been trying to finish the third section (was the fourth section in the first draft) in Seeing Through the Veil. Yesterday, I wrapped up the section writing just over ten thousand words for the week, and over five thousand for the day. It was a good week revising wise. However, I added words in this section bring my total words I have cut to somewhere in the 25k. I would have the exact numbers, but I am in the middle of watching Bourne Ultimatum and don’t feel like opening up my Excel doc to get them. I still have ten more sections to go and I am currently closing in on seventy thousand. I have 91k words left unedited.

I will be lucky to get this down to a 100k, but I know there are several sections where I will be able to cut many words. My gut feeling tells me I will end up somewhere around 120k. Right now, that is my goal for this draft. Unless I am able to cut over 30k in the next few sections, I will be sticking with that goal. I know that there are several scenes I will need to add in the later part of the book. It will probably be between 1500-3000 what I need to add.

Beyond finishing the second draft of Seeing Through of Veil by August 28th, it is finishing the scene list for the first book of Forbidden Realm Trilogy. So far the scene list is going along great. I still have a long way to go, but hopefully, that will be done by next week. Then it will be time to start writing it. I do need to finish the scene list for book 3, but I want to finish book 1 first so I can figure out where I can try to drop information that is clogging up the start of the third. There is a lot of information to give out, but I am sure I could break that up throughout the book if I really thought it through. Book 1 is the priority.

I have decided what project I will develop next, it will be the longest developing character ever. This story I have been developing even longer than Forbidden Realm because I could never lock down the story I wanted to tell. That will change when I start writing Forbidden Realm. It will not be a book series, it will be a screenplay. Yes, I am going to dive into screenwriting. I have tried before in the past but given up. No longer.I don’t care how shitty the script is, I want to write it. Now is the time.

I will keep you update, on all this. I am working on names for the first book for Forbidden Realm, no it isn’t Forbidden Realm that is book two. I will reveal the title when I start writing the book, hopefully. Maybe the title won’t come to me until after I write it, but I will have a working title by then.

That’s all I got this week. You can expect posts to hopefully post-midnight PST or 3am EST. Check back Friday for the latest post in the sub-series Inhabitants, which will be on Religion. It was going to be the wrap-up, but I thought I would add religion to it as it is because religions start somewhere. Sometime this week I will try to post a link to an article on writing, but I am in the middle of sending out resumes for jobs and that take priority. As always, Mondays for the Weekly Writing Wrap-up. Hope everyone has a good writing week.



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