God(s), who are they? … Oh and wrap-up on Inhabitants

Posted: July 29, 2016 in Craft Post, World Building
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Welcome to this weeks craft post, today was supposed to be the wrap-up to our sub-series on Inhabitants. That changed when I wrote last weeks writing wrap-up and decided to add another topic, religion to the series. Then today happened. I did a quick google search on fantasy religions and go a who slew of posts and realize just how big the topic was. Well, I knew, but I figured would try to get something on them for this sub-series. Well, I sorta changed my mind. Today’s post will be three things, talk on religion for your inhabitants and wrap-up the sub-series while doing an introduction to our next sub-series on religion.

Before I get too far along, if you are new, I would recommend start at the beginning. Either the start of the sub-series where you can find all the posts here, or if you want you can start from the beginning of this series. You can find that by clicking on the worldbuilding link in the toolbar above.

Let’s wrap this sub-series up. This series, we talked about the people who live in your world, either fantasy or science fiction. To start off I asked you to think about where your people were located any why? Part of knowing your people you create is knowing why they are where they are. This could be for some holy reason, think the Israelites and Muslims. Holy Land. Maybe they migrated from another location. Native Americans migrated over the land bridge in Alaska. Maybe it is where they were born and they have only move outwards from there.

There are reasons for this is important, and I covered that in How to create unique races. We will get to that in a second. Next was to think about how many races that lived in your world. I broke down race as:

“Race as different people of intelligence and sentience that do not share genetics.”

Unless you want all your races to be from one genetic pool that changed dramatically over thousands of years. However, for most fantasy races are seen as I could be wrong. However, I am taking in cross-breeds. Clearly if an elf and human had a child the half-breed child would be a descent of both races. It is up to you on how you want to define races, that is how I decided to define it for this series. With that, back to the question, how many races inhabit your world? How much land do they take up, are their separate factions that hate each other or interact on occasions  or separate but come together as a massive force when they must go to war?

That leads us to how to create unique races, I am not about to go over the steps and ideas here, but there are questions to ask yourself and ponder when doing that. You can find the created race I started to develop for that post here. Like when it comes to creating your races do you need to know everything? No, just enough for your story will be enough, however, I feel it is nice to know more than that so you can sprinkle the extra stuff in the background.

That’s what we covered in our Inhabitants sub-series. There is so much more that can go into a post on creating races, but those areas are also parts that need their own series or in our case sub-series. So, let us move onto Religion.

Gods, who are they?

Well, that’s all for this weeks post? Okay, I’m just kidding. Though that would be a great way to lead into religion. Leave you questioning about gods. Anyway, for those of you who have been reading this series on Worldbuilding from the beginning, should know I talked this a little at the very beginning. Sorta. The whole creation of your world, through science or act of god. Now when I talk about Gods here I am not actually talking about those gods if you created them. I am just talking about gods for the people in your world, regardless if they actually exist or not. However, if you did create gods at the cosmic level this is a good time to flesh out their religion or proof they exist. Wel, if you haven’t already.

Gods can be many different things, just people who were born with great power. By people either a race on their own, which you should then flesh out like a normal inhabitant. They could be one of the first members of the race of people who found great power and changed their appearance enough so their family and friends didn’t recognize them. It could be another race of people who are more advanced than they are and saw them as gods. Think Ancient Aliens. Or, the gods actually don’t exist and someone that a hallucination thought they saw something and told people about it. Or even worst, someone with a huge ego and wanted to live forever and claimed they were a god or saw god and gave parts of themselves to describe god.

The list goes on and on of what gods could be. I could do a whole sub-series on gods, there is so much to mine with them. However, the focus of this is religion and gods is a starting point. Gods could be just nature itself. Good old mother nature.  Think about it. Next week we will dive into two areas, Gods how many and structure of religion.

Seriously, this time, that is all I got. Hope you are enjoyed the sub-series on Inhabitants, and that your writing weeks is going well. Check back on Monday for this week’s Writing Wrap-up. Until next time.


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